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905: The Killing Moon.

904: Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?

903: Love The Way You Lie.

902: In The Room Where You Sleep.

901: Know This, We’ve Noticed.

822: This Is My House, This Is My Home.

821: Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

820: The Main Who Sailed Around His Soul.

819: Where Not To Look For Freedom.

818: Quiet Little Voices.

817: The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get.

816: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.

815: Valentine’s Day Is Over.]814: Holding Out For A Hero.[/url]

813: The Other Half of Me.

812: The Drinks We Drank Last Night.

811: Darkness on the Edge of Town.

810: Lists, Plans.

809: Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace.

808: Mouthful of Diamonds.

807: Luck Be A Lady.

806: Not Afraid.

805: Nobody Taught Us To Quit & Life Unexpected 205: Music Faced.

804: We All Fall Down.

803: The Space In Between.

802: I Can’t See You, But I Know You’re There.

801: Asleep At Heaven's Gate.

722: Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You.

721: What's in the Ground Belongs to You.

720: Learning to Fall.

719: Every Picture Tells a Story.

718: The Last Day of Our Acquaintance.

717: At the Bottom of Everything.

716: My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good.

715: Don't You Forget About Me.

714: Family Affair.

713: Weeks Go By Like Days.

712: Some Roads Lead Nowhere.

711: You Know I Love You, Don't You?

710: You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son.

709: Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun.

708: (I Just) Died In Your Arms.

707: I and Love and You

706: Deep Ocean Vast Sea

705: Your Cheatin' Heart

704: Believe Me, I'm Lying

703: Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered

702: What Are You Willing To Lose

701: "4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)"

624: Remember Me As a Time Of Day

623: Forever and Almost Always

622: Show Me How to Live

621: A Kiss To Build a Dream On

620: I Would For You

619: Letting Go

618: Searching For a Former Clarity

617: You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight

616: Screenwriter's Blues

615: We Change, We Wait

614: A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene

613: Things a Mama Don't Know

612: You've Got To Be Joking (Anatomy of a Devil's Brain)

611: We Three (My Echo, Shadow, and Me)

610: Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous

609: Sympathy For the Devil

608: Our Life is Not a Movie Or Maybe

607: Messin' With the Kid

606: Choosing My Own Way of Life

605: You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It

604: Bridge Over Troubled Water

603: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

602: One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

601: Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1

518: What Comes After the Blues

517: Hate is Safer Than Love

516: Crying Won't Help You Now

515: Life is Short

514: What Do You Go Home To?

513: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

512: Hundred

511: You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

510: Running To Stand Still

509: You're Only Here To Know

508: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

507: In Da Club

506: Don't Dream It's Over

505: I Forgot To Remember To Forget

504: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

503: My Way Home is Through You

501&502: 4 Months, 6 Days, 2 Days/Racing Like a Pro

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1st - Ashmeister88 (Ash) and openyourheart (Natasha)
2nd - TVgirl2011
7th - Poupa (Sally)
9th - Sassyjoy[Sil] and mint chip (Loren)
10th - lil souljah
12th - dicey (Becks)
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22nd - sort of beautiful (Tezza)
23rd - fairytale_gone_bad (Sandra)
24th - Etheliel (Jas)
25th - ky16 (Kyla)
28th - -Caitlin- (Caitlin/Cait)
29th - Karma Police (Paula)
30th - TreeHillLove (Courtney)

5th - Miss_Mars (Andy)
6th - keep the starlight (Linds) and tepieStar (Tepie)
7th - TutorGurlTigger
7th - shoots up a flare (Krystal)
19th - addiee (Addie)
20th - oth4eva (Sarah)
21st - egyptian_pixie (Diane)
22nd - martini1188 (Lynette)
27th - LovinLafferty_23 and

1st - Alessia20 (Nikki)
4th - UnsettleMyHeart (Stephanie)
6th - hearts that kill (Caroline), MusicofNight07 (Callie), & candyycircus (Sami)
7th - Nele scott[Nele]
10th - cmba310 (Becky)
11th - CB&G (Chelsea) and LHScott (Jess)
13th - paradisecity (Kat)
15th - SweetSymphony (Jane) and OneTreeHillQT
20th - earthling47(Mala)
23rd - kaityy (Kaity)
25th - snowfalkes11 (Toni)
28th - JamieScott (Jamie) and aintshecool (Liz)
30th - carraboo (Caroline)
31st - kat_657

1st - shellyw9
2nd - Bethany Joy:birthday:
2nd - othalwaysandforever (Kara)
3rd - ~Acid Faeries~, felizabeth20, & Ms. (Julie)
6th - KaosChikNC(Vanessa) & Mandyklynn[Miranda]
8th - DiaMOoNDa (Ruby)
10th - queenOfhearts[Niki]
11th - Chareey (Charlotte)
13th - Li_Campos[Li]
16th - tara is music (Tara)
17th - mela23 [Mela]
20th - Powerfulluv23 (Kimberly) and kissed by starlight (Sarah)
21st - Vivianaley23
22rd - ComeAwayWithMe
23rd - HaleyJamesFan (Chrissy)
25th - same old story (Brit)
27th - killed the lights (Shanna) and NaleyNaley (Emma)
30th - joie_fully (Vanessa)

1st - ‘ChelsღChina (Rachel)
2nd - mylittlefaith (Els) and Sweet_Carolina (Stephanie)
6th - Morgan_T (Morgan)
7th - othfan628 (Adie)
9th - bluewaves (Ella)
13th - Khleoswife (Lena) & james+lily (Roisin)
15th - KaLiPinAy23 and dancing in the rain (Rayyan)
16th - SnarkySarcastic (Doris)
18th - Sami42
24th - AmeliaBeck
25th - pinkpretzel[Elise]
28th - DET (Daga)
30th - SomethingFamiliar (Elena)

1st - Redrac & {Melody} (Ezgi)
3rd - haleyispretty (Jay)
4th - music_junkierules
5th - laffytaffy4life (Sarah)
6th - Elizabeth_88 (Lizie)
8th - Renata M.
9th - mandz28 and babybee (Ananda)
14th - DUHsoTK (TK) and sera rocks (Sera)
16th - cartiergurl01 (Mikela)
17th - Rhody617(Amanda), ~Phoenix~ (Emma) and metal heart (Lexi)
20th - wag1000 (Bernadette)
21st - catch0621 (Catch)
22nd - Naleylicious (Courtney)
27th - beautifulgarbage
29th - eiluvial (Emily) & Burning Up A Sun (Ashley)

3rd - QuinCess (Medine)
3rd - UnspokenHope (Pamela)
3rd - Pattt (Pat)
5th - B.Clam (Blanca)
6th - anything but simple
8th - miSStakentriSh
9th - nerdybarbie789 (Trisha)
15th - crisp
16th - zanessatroygabriellalover (Harley)
17th - g1nandjuic3
20th - glory fades[Tara] and malzie89 (Malena)
22nd - bibbysbaby (Jes)
22nd - Hermione Weasley (Lisa)
23rd - Whitney2 & fear x less[Faith]
23rd - lulu-144
24th - alian_87 (Nay)
26th - watchingmewatchingyou (Bex)
28th - M_J_23
29th - Callalily (Calla)
30th - ash492 (Ashley)
31st - girl wonder (Gem)

1st - shayesta
2nd- avril02
2nd - terresita[Teresa]
2nd - sweet_era (Era)
4th - *Deni*
4th - Zee
5th - Michi77[Michelle]
10th- flash502 (Ashley)
11th - ~Schari~
12th - WildcatNaleyFan (Shachar) and RNaley (Rita)
16th - Nastaja (Taja)
17th - K.Corinne (Kristen) and xAlwaysLovex23 (Liz)
22nd - strawberrylicious
23rd - BrucasBL (Katy)
25th - sexydidi16 (Didi)
27th - lilaznangel_17 and Kelsi Nielsen (Blige)
29th - Stenz (Caroline)
30th - toxxic

4th - my foolish heart (Kylie) & musicismylightandlife (Christine)
7th - Jlaigle (Jaclyn)
8th - LoveBethany & x3nerd (Caroline)
9th - shane+mandy (Vicki)
16th - lafs1684 (Laura)
18th - Dreamer 4 Ever
20th - missviolet (Jo)
21st - courtney921 (Courtney)
23rd - clauddd (Claudia)
25th - -Tasha- and KellyFan4James (Michelle), Delerial (Tsvety) & klovesnaley (Kristen)
26th - hereivefallen[Emma]
28th - Rolinee (Roline)

3rd - Foxxy03 [Carrie]
6th - xoBrucasFan4everxo (Holly)
8th - mjgchick (Lena)
12th - _tangledhearts (Tiffany) and ReeseHolden (Maggie)
13th - bjgfan13 (Christina)
14th - Always Choose You (Ashley)
15th - anaoj
17th - lorilozz (Lori)
20th - JoyIsLove (Katie)
23rd - centrino2310 (Centrino) and - Tinkerbell - (Jen)
27th - hotforjames & Numbley Breaking (Ashley)
27th - Chattia (Anna)

6th - stephdizzle13
7th - hkitty6
10th - tric (Charlotte)
15th - GracesAngel (Sam)
16th - janeanne
20th - sprinkle13181
21st - -wait for it- (Kush)
22nd - fly me to the moon (Steph)
24th - HisGirlFriday(Brittany) & ..:*babi_gurl311*:..(Tammy)
27th - xkellyx (Kelly)
28th - moni8
29th - missnic1129 and BrunieGrl

1st - Reni
2nd - -Beautiful Disaster- (Sam) & Scheming Star (Raddy) & babygirl23 (Bianca)
3rd - then you must kiss me (Ellie)
7th - SarMil23 (Sarah)
10th - Lysee (Rinaye)
12th - Lexipedia - (Haylie)
13th - snowqueen1213 (Natalie)
15th - starryeyed15 (Jill)
17th - justlikeheaven.
20th - OneTreeHillSweetie (Jess)
21st - IluvChad18 (Melissa)
22nd - Haley James Scott (Heidi)
27th - chase the memories (Ha)
28th - ~Maz~
30th - catc20 (Cath)

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