Rockman X7 [Walkthrough]

Rockman X7

          /---    /---  /---  --  -  /-  /--      -      /-  -\r
      ----||-||----||-||--||----||-/---|--/- |-----/ -----|  -||----
         ||_||    || ||  ||    ||/    ||  /||    / -   --|| ||-
         || \    || ||  ||    |      || / ||   / /- -  ||   |
         ||  \   || ||  ||    ||    ||  --||--/ /---   ||   |
          ||   \  || ||  ||  --|| ---||--  || / /       ||   |
          ||    \----/-----  --  -  --    -- -         - --   --

                                  /      ------
                                 /            /
                                /            /
                                /           /
                               /           /
                              /           /

This is a non-official FAQ/Walkthrough for:
Game: Rockman X7 or RockMan X7 (just select what you prefer freely, the last one
may seem more stylish, but my school never taught me that).
Language: Korean, but the voice is still in Japanese just like the previous
Platform: Windows.
Spoiler note:
This FAQ/Walkthrough contains a few comments about some part of the storyline
that (I think) should confuse common folks, and all technical informations. If
this means spoiler to you, then do NOT read this document.
This document is best viewed with the original display on the net, or with a
word processor using fixed-width font style, such as courrier series or lucida
console. Using some other font styles will make the tables/maps displayed
Rockman/RockMan X7 was made 6 years ago and even me still remember that the
local newspaper dedicated a full page for this game. But, Gamefaqs rating is
rather surprising because they only give this game a fairly low rating (The
lowest from all main series) because they do not like MegaMan games in 3D. With
years pass by and the "next-gens" strike, I think that many people, even those
who were delighted with the great sensation have already forgotten now.
With the crisis news is heard anywhere (around here only?) and the next gens are
getting old (although many in the net said that they were just 1 year old), they
may have bored with the next gens, let alone a six-years-old PS2 games.. right?
What I see from this game is the Audio Visual aspect, especially the visual
aspect increases. I remember that the newspaper said that this game is fully in
3D (that"s why I am kinda lazy to buy PS2 earlier instead of the tght.bdgt.)
and now I find that it"s WRONG. The walkthrough will speak about the details of
this aspect.
So, we can conclude that public opinion towards MegaMan X7 are varied:
1. Many in the net does not like it because of the 3D gameplay, the camera
control (and even more controlling matters), the voice acting (the Japanese
version is fine IMHO), and more.
2. Bossy people liked it because of the shiny graphics, but they should forget
about it right now because there are many new games that are shinier.
3. But still, there are some in the net that think that this game is great along
with X8. They said: "You will like 3D games when you are used to it."
This is the reason this document is made. 3D games surely are heavier, but it
means improvement, and I will support improvement when I have got the chance.
And if you somehow find this document, hopefully you can enjoy this improvement
Lastly, some legal notice: This document is protected by copyright law and
international copyright treaties. Do not post it as your own, do not sell it for
profit, do not distribute without the author"s consent,.....
Ver. 1.00 -- 5/5/2009
Ver. 1.02 -- 11/5/2009
Ver. 1.03 -- 29/6/2009
Ver. 1.04 -- 10/7/2009
Just minor updates and fixes.
PROLOGUE. MegaMan Series Note (up until this game)
A. Menu
B. Rules
C. General Tips
D. Walkthrough
E. Enemy List
F. Chip Item and Glide Armor
H. Special Thanks
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /\r
 X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / \r

I add this section for anybody interested about MegaMan long history. This note
is supposed to be objective, but there may be a few subjective comments here and
there. In the end, I hope it will satisfy some of you guys.
Here are some known MegaMan game releases. The --recommended-- sign means the
game is recommended to be played/completed first before playing this game to
increase your playing enjoyment and/or knowledge about this game.
1. MegaMan (NES 1987) --lightly recommended--
2. MegaMan 2 (NES 1988) --lightly recommended--
3. MegaMan 3 (NES 1990) --lightly recommended--
4. MegaMan 4 (NES 1991) --lightly recommended--
5. MegaMan 5 (NES 1992) --recommended--
6. MegaMan 6 (NES 1994) --recommended--
7. Wily and Right no Rock Board: That"s Paradise (J) (NES 1993)
8. MegaMan (DOS 1990)
9. MegaMan 3 (DOS 1992)
10. MegaMan (GB 1991)
11. MegaMan 2 (GB 1992)
12. MegaMan 3 (GB 1993)
13. MegaMan 4 (GB 1993)
14. MegaMan 5 (GBC 1994)
15. MegaMan: The Wily Wars (GEN 1994)
16. MegaMan 7 (SNES 1995) --lightly recommended--
17. MegaMan Soccer (SNES 1994)
18. MegaMan X (SNES/DOS 1993) --lightly recommended--
19. MegaMan X2 (SNES 1994) --lightly recommended--
20. MegaMan X3 (Win/SNES/PS1/SAT 1995) --lightly recommended--
21. MegaMan: The Power Battle (ARC 1995)
22. MegaMan 2: The Power Fighters (ARC 1996)
23. Rockman Battle & Fighters (J) (NGPC 2000)
24. Rockman 1-6 Complete Works (J) (PS1 1999) --lightly recommended--
25. MegaMan 8 (PS1/SAT 1998) --lightly recommended--
26. MegaMan Legends (PS1/Win 1998)
27. MegaMan Legends 2 (PS1/Win 2000)
-> The Windows version is still unconfirmed yet.
28. MegaMan 64 (N64 2000)
-> Very similar to MegaMan Legends.
29. Rockman & Forte (J) (SNES 1998) --lightly recommended--
30. MegaMan & Bass (GBA 2001)
-> Official english translation for Rockman and Forte (SNES).
31. Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousen Sa (J) (WS 1999)
32. MegaMan Battle and Chase (PS1 1997) --lightly recommended--
33. Super Adventure Rockman (J) (PS1/SAT 1998)
34. MegaMan X4 (PS1/Win/SAT 1997) --lightly recommended--
35. MegaMan X5 (PS1/Win 2000) --lightly recommended--
36. MegaMan X6 (PS1/Win 2001) --lightly recommended--
37. MegaMan Xtreme (GBC 2000)
38. MegaMan Xtreme 2 (GBC 2001)
39. Rockman Strategy (C) (Win 2001)
-> This release may be a joke. I found it has many severe bugs.
40. MegaMan Battle Network (GBA 2001) --lightly recommended--
41. MegaMan Battle Network 2 (GBA 2001)
42. MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue/White (GBA 2002)
43. MegaMan Battlechip Challenge (GBA 2003)
44. Rockman EXE WS (J) (WSC 2003)
45. Rockman EXE N1 Battle (J) (WSC 2003)
46. MegaMan Zero (GBA 2002)
47. MegaMan Zero 2 (GBA 2003)
48. MegaMan Network Transmission (Gamecube 2003) --recommended?--
48 (Forty Eight Only) game releases prove that MegaMan has gone through many
struggles for saving the "world" and thus, making him a legend.
There are also some MegaMan non-official releases for Windows that I think
deserve to be mentioned. They are funnier overall than the official releases
ones because they [deviate in funny way] the original MegaMan idea. Some of them
are even better than the official releases (I think....), especially when they
are compared to the some of the non-translated releases.
They also can be easily divided into sub-series:
1. The Original Series (20XX).
MegaMan Original Series is the original MegaMan: Imagines a world with robot
fighters. The early titles have classic feel which has some kind of childish
impression (like kid"s toys).
2. X Series (21XX).
Everything inside the original series has been improved in X series. The
storyline goes deeper and the childish impression surely has gone especially
for later titles. But still, adult-like-people seem to keep some distance from
this kind of games (While ANY video games shouldn"t be suitable for oldies
--I think--).
3. Battle Network Series (200X).
MegaMan shows up with a totally different atmosphere! I think it"s interesting
to think about how a childish game can be grown so that it can describe various
imaginary worlds. Great!
4. Zero Series.
MegaMan X"s buddy, Zero, splits up with his own series! This continues X series
and lets us to play MegaMan games as Zero! I see that many people like this
series while me do not like it very much (The ranking system is somewhat
5. Legends Series (along with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne).
Not a robot or a reploid or a net navi, you play MegaMan in this series as a
HUMAN. You also get a brand new environment well known outside as "3D" (Would
you mind if I call it: Racing Perspective?). Legends series also has got a more
complicated storyline. It was designed as realistic as possible in accordance
with modern video game development to make video games become
[Real Life Simulator]s.
a "3D" game like this is heavier to complete, more details about this is below
at section C. General Tips.
While we can see some time order, but I still can"t be sure about the correct
one. Maybe with the development of the series (and also the correct support), I
can add something about it at the next update.
Last, I find that there are some links connecting some of the earlier and later
titles, but those seem to be not very firmly connected.
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /\r
 X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / \r

Main Menu Options:
1. Game Start
2. Continue
3. Options
1. Game Settings
2. Button Settings
3. Back to Main Menu
Game Settings:
1. Game Level: Normal(Default)/Hard
2. Auto Charge: Off(Default)/On
= Auto charge your weapon.
3. Auto Repeat: Off(Default)/On
= Enable rapid fire.
4. Default
= Restore default.
5. Back
= Back to Options.
= Controlling matter is VERY important in 3D games because you have to use all
your fingers (at least for me it is). The problem is this game does not seem to
accept any kind of controllers, except the keyboard. I have seen some people who
are good with keyboard, but if you used to play with gamepad (like me), you
should find some tool to enable the gamepad function because this game is not
really easy until you have to give away some big handicap.
1. Dash: Spacebar(Default)
2. Jump: V(Default)
3. Normal Attack: B(Default)
4. Special Attack: C(Default)
5. Move Camera Right: X(Default)
6. Move Camera Left: S(Default)
7. Toggle Lock-On: G(Default)
8. Change Player: F(Default)
9. Default
10. Back
11. Esc: Communicate with Alia, Cancel
12. F9: Quit to title screen. Quit to windows if you are in title screen (Alt+F4
    can do this also, but only quit to windows)
13. Spacebar: Select and confirm
Set them well because you will need all of them to be properly configured which
I think is really hard to do (don"t you think so?). In this case, me will
sacrifice the toggle lock-on and change player buttons. (How about foot
You can perform dash and jump in 3D as long as the environment supports 3D
gameplay. Dash can be performed by pressing the same directional button twice.
Axl can roll by pressing dash twice as well as the same directional button 4x,
but you have to press it really quickly.
I think these two aspects need to explain particularly:
1. Move camera left/right.
          Left               ^
            ^               /
           /          -----/-------------
           |         /    /            /
              CAM---/----HERO---->     /
           |       /    /            /
                 /    /            /
             V   -----/-------------
          Right      /        V
This graphics probably is too simple to explain the real situation, so please
Assuming the viewpoint is rear, the camera is always straightly behind the hero.
If you move the camera to the left, you will make the hero facing right and vice
2. Toggle lock-on.
This will be explained in 3D overview in section D. Walkthrough - Some Note
About 3D (Search the words downward once).
World Map:
S=Rescue List
Save=Save options to a save file, this also save the game.
Load=Load options from a save file.
Options=Enter options menu.
In-game weapon menu bottom options from left to right:
1. Button Settings=Changes button configuration.
2. Return=Returns to game from weapon select screen.
3. This is always skipped. I wonder what it"s supposed to do.
4. Escape=Quit stages that have already been completed.
Losing Menu (Please look at screenshot &ndash7 at Gamefaqs image section):
1. Retry
2. Stage Select
3. Save
4. Quit to Title Screen
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /\r
 X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / \r

To tell you the truth, when I play this game the first time after some
old-school Rockman/RockMan games, I wonder: "Is this really a Rockman/RockMan
game I used to play?"
I saw some in the net looked like hating this game, saying that they can"t play
it longer than one minute and even worse. But what I see is a more smooth and
realistic 3D-rendered characters and environment.
But once the wonder is over, I can say that this game has the old-school as the
basic. So, here goes the rules:
1. Once all your lifes have gone, you can continue your adventure unlimited
times from a Continue Point, except for the Intro Stage.
2. The same with the old-school Rockman/RockMan titles, you may get random
prizes after defeating an enemy: A small/big weapon or life pellet or an extra
life. But the looks is different.
Weapon pellet -- blue.
Life/energy pellet -- yellow.
Extra life -- blue purplish.
3. You can enter a defeated stage and quit anytime you want.
4. The enemy will re-spawn after you leave the screen long enough.
5. The tanks" energy will remain even after you save and quit the game.
6. Although things go more realistic here, but there is still this weird rule
brought from the predecessors: Your health is decreased when you touch the
enemy, except a Beeblader in intro stage Continue Point 4.
7. The bosses have temporary invincibility after being hit (just like the
8. Energy balancer is auto-activated.
9. All weapon energy are refilled if you lose life.
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /\r
 X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / \r

1. WARNING: This game has 3D gameplay inside with various viewpoints and it
makes things more complicated (especially the controlling).
2. Choose the controller which is the best fit to you and set all the buttons
3. Recognize all the Continue Points and estimate the sub-tank need accordingly
(especially for hard mode).
4. This is probably rather silly to tell: You need to read this document from
up to down for a better explanation. (Grasp the basic first)
5. The game (and Alia) will tell you something here and there. You had better
pay attention (although a few are confusing IMO).
6. For strategic purpose: When the gameplay is in 3D, you have more place to
run. You have big benefit if you can use it well.
7. You"d better at least try to complete all the previous X series for the sake
of the gameplay (not storyline). And original series too for even better
8. Now that you can change players, you should choose your player wisely.
9. If you used to play console games, you"ll know that there are MANY secrets
inside, this also holds true in this game. For this, you either need to be
informed or curious or careful or experienced. Having "SocialLife" is also
helpful (as far as I know).
 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /\r
 X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / \r

1. The enemy names I use here are at section E. Enemy List. Please refer there.
2. Difficulty rating are made based on Normal difficulty.
3. You will NOT get anything by rescuing all 128 reploids (only bragging rights
perhaps), but this walkthrough will tell you all their locations. Rescuing half
of them will unlock the main hero of the series, Rockman/RockMan X.
(Note that inability to play X from the start also got critics. But this time, I
am kinda disagree with them)
4. There is no strategy in this walkthrough due to social issues in this place,
but you still can foresee all the game"s fact and build the strategy by
yourself. If you stuck somewhere in the game, you may mail me. As long as the
support is still, I will reply you back.
Look also the e-mail policy written in my "Akumajou Dracula(X68000)"
FAQ/Walkthrough for the best understanding. Thank you.
5. The screenshots are available at Gamefaqs image section. Consider downloading
them also as supplements.
First, the hardware check:
->This game needs some good enough (multimedia) processing power, I think it"s
about the same with PS2"s capability (Although some write that it is ~400MHz,
you can"t grab a 400 MHz (written) CPU to play this game.......)  *____*
Running 3D games like this inside people"s impression is even a heavier task for
the CPU.
->Luckily, this game doesn"t eat many of your CPU"s RAM. Shouldn"t be a problem.
->This game can"t be run under DOS.
Finish? Then, insert the CD into your CD ROM and launch launcher.exe. Then, 
agree the agreement I can"t read ^__^, select the installation destination etc.
Install the DirectX also if necessary.
Then, a big problem occurs.
I find that this game does NOT work. I can"t imagine if somebody kindly purchase
this game and find that it does not work. Some people I know expect sooo much
even for pirated games.
So, this is why this FAQ/Walkthrough is made for. When myself was kinda
frustrated to solve this problem and may it"s better if you do not face the same
with me.
There are several (possible) fixes for this:
1. Execute the original EXE file with DOS command prompt INSIDE windows.
2. Install the DirectX the game provides you with (untested). If you already
   have higher version then install lower version, then........? I think it will
   be useless.
3. If all above can"t be done, then you should find a patch for this game. The
   (seemingly) official patch from Kokocapcom does NOT work (for English
   Windows only or for particular version of DirectX only?). And even the site
   has R.I.P right now for an unknown reason (for me).
   So, what should we do? You should find a patch named RMX7Patch2 (the previous
   one was named RMX7Patch1) and extract it, inside you will find a brand new
   EXE file and use it to execute the game.
After you are done with executing EXE file, then let the game run the intro FMV.
Different with previous RockMan/Rockman games you ever see, this intro FMV has
the REAL gameplay inside, it is like how the real character play their "life"
themselves. (how very original!)
(As a comparison, the older Rockman/RockMan games only play an intro story or
a mix between Rockman/RockMan anime and FMVs inside the game)
The song is in Japanese and my Japanese is not very good, so..... I can"t do
anything for you in this case.
After seeing the great intro, press Enter and Start a new game. But before that,
make sure you have configured the game properly because a decent single player
game needs that very much.
Hard Mode gives you more boss HP and more damaging boss" attack, as well as
other minor differences. Warning: It does not give you anything for your extra
Then, another problem may occur. I think there won"t be many people seeing this
document because of the language barrier (besides...maybe the age of this game).
If you do not understand Korean, you may search for English patch or purchase
the PlayStation2(R) and purchase English MegaMan X7(TM) PS2 DVD (I think they
should be about the same).
The patch I know is not very perfect though, including inappropriate
translations, instructions, and abnormal voices.
This game"s gameplay is not fully in 3D. It mixes the classic 2D and 3D
altogether (This got heavy critics). The camera placements are varied too. Some
of them are the best that a 3D game can offer... I think (but without the
rotate-following function). I will mention all the camera locations for each
Continue Point in the walkthrough below.
As for the others:
1. The 3D environment is already available since early games like Rockman/
RockMan 6 for NES. But, it"s still in a simple format.
2. 3D gameplay is already available in many early video games, like TMNT2 (NES).
3. 3D gameplay should require 3D hardwares too, like monitor (seems hard to
reach) and controllers (should be what is called by "analog controller", but not
tested yet).
Gosh, can you imagine the problem to play with NOSY devices like these?! Digital
controller (2D) will only reach x and y axis, but 3D spherical controller will
reach all x,y, and z axis.
Example: a gunman G can shoot a bird B2 with digital controller, but he can"t
shoot B1. With digital controller, he will need to move to the same z coordinate
with B1, then he can shoot it (You may think that this diagram is too simple,
but I think this is what this format can handle).

                        z axis
              y axis   /        B1
                ^     /        /|
                |    ---------/-|----------
                |   /        /  |   B2   /
                |  /        /       |   /
                | /        /        |  /
                |/____G___/_________|_/ -----> x axis

But, if you only have digital controller with you, everything won"t end yet (at
least in this game it is).
You have to use the Toggle lock-on. And NO, you do not exactly use it in this
game, because the game will automatically toggle the lock-on for you when the
enemy is inside reach distance and width, i.e. you can"t lock on enemies behind
you (the same with Dash series).
But, this system has a weakness. Because what you are doing is cooperating with
the "enemy", so the enemy can lock-on you also. (In this game, this is not a
heavy problem because you can dash)
                    y axis
           reach    / |
        distance  /  |
                 /   |   z axis
                 /    |  ^
                /     | /
               /     |/
              / |-> reach width 
             A---------    -> x axis
Above is messier graphics ^___^ What I try to do is explaining more complicated
situation in 3D that this format can"t define well (I can"t submit anything
more than this format yet, so please understand).
(Reach distance)square = (x axis coordinate)square + (y axis coordinate)square +
(z axis coordinate)square
Reach width is the angle between the x axis line and reach distance line.
Lastly, the camera terminology.
                        y axis
                C2        C3         C4
                         |         /
                         |        /
                         |       /
                    /    |     /       /
                   /     V    /       /
          C1  -------->  HERO->       /
                 /       /           /
                ----C6--/------------   --> x axis
                    |  /
                    | /
                 z axis
C= Camera.
C1= Rear. (Example: Dash series)
C2= Up-Rear.
C3= Up.
C4= Up-Front.
C5= Side. (Example: RMX1-X6)
C6= Up-Side.
C7= Down-Side.
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
???"s Note (Who is this ??? ?) (Press Spacebar in between messages):
1. A security laser?  No problem. Attack when it locks on to the closest target
and turns yellow.  When the laser is off you can get through.
2. You must turn both security lasers off. You can switch the lock-on with the
[Toggle lock-on] button.
3. You must hurry, so dash past the lasers while they"re off. Push the
directional button twice, or use the [Dash] button.
4. Uh-oh.  You"ll have to take out the main security laser.
Use hover: Push and hold the [Jump] button.
This is like a tutorial stage for Axl.
Axl is a brand NEW character of RockMan/Rockman series.
If you have played the earlier X titles, the storyline connection seems to be
rather troubled. And probably you remember some some Reploid named very similar
with Axl in X5 (Plus he has some Red trifles behind). But no, he is not what
this game"s talking about.
Just hit Esc. button and follow the explanation from ??? and the problem will
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data:
1. Runnerbomb -> Runnerbomb form.
   -No wall climbing
   -No dashing
   -Invincible to bomb
   -Special attack: Squat bomb
2. Radardroyd -> one shot shield.
Rescue List: None
Items: None
???"s Note:
1. Is that a Runnerbomb? Press the [Special attack] button and use A-Trance
(actually, Copy Shot) to steal its ability and render it harmless.
2. A Radardroyd! These creeps reflect my attacks.
3. The final security door. To open it, you need to attack the core while it"s
red.  If you fail, it"ll close. Use the [Toggle lock-on] button to toggle the
lock-on, and hit it directly.
You should look the final security door carefully and hence, choose the
correct target with [Toggle lock-on] button (tapped repeatedly) and fire. There
is a sound sign you can hear when one of the cores is red. Do NOT fire madly,
you may attack the wrong core.
The corresponding image is screenshot &ndash5. Can you recognize the difference?
Difficulty: 5/10
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
DNA data: N/A
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Note from the game: None
Yes, it"s the same Zero you knew in X1-X6.
Unfortunately, he is not as powerful as he was in the last game.....I think
(again) *sigh*. The saber"s range has decreased rather significantly and his
jump slash move is really **** now.
But now, the Z-Saber can reflect any shot back to the shooter (Great!).
(If you pay attention to the trend, it fluctuates from X in X4, Zero in X6, and
now it is back to X again)
One of Zero"s quote here: "I can"t believe I"m back here again. What the heck
has happened? They really made a mess."
Who do you think this they refer to? This quote looks like an important link to
Real Life (TM) (isn"t it?), but for me right now, it has to be explained much
much more... or it"s just a missing link with the previous game.
Difficulty: 5/10
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Rear, not rotatable, get nearer later
DNA data: N/A
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Note from the game: None
You are fine if you touch the Beeblader in this stage, I don"t know why.
You can"t fall from the road, but the road will be broken at the half-end of
this stage since the appearance of that Beeblader. That will make you lost life.
Difficulty: 6/10
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Note from the game: None
Although it now looks more realistic, but this trap actually is the traditional
RockMan/Rockman X trap, no?
The camera will automatically moves to the right. And the same with the past,
you shouldn"t be squished by the camera and a platform, that will mean instant
- Scorpio fires a trio of energy blasts from his tail. Zero can deflect them
  with his Z-Saber.
- This move occurs should you destroy its claws only. Scorpio creates a massive
  energy circle wave on the ground.
- This move occurs should you destroy its tail only. Scorpio snaps you with
  its claw 2 times swiftly making you fall if you climb up the wall.
- This move occurs should you destroy its tails and all claws. Scorpio rushes
  melee-style across the ground.
The weakness actually is its head. You have to target it manually.
After defeating it, a cutscene follows. It"s rather long, just press enter if
you gonna skip it (but you will lose the storyline...). Use spacebar to continue
to the next sessions and/or messages.
Then, eight irregulars will be introduced. The same with all the previous X
series, you can"t go anywhere you like because of your little health bar. You
have to make some plan if you want to clear them all.
You should know this: In all original Rockman/RockMan and X games, a boss has
weakness to one (or more) weapons you got from bosses. As the games develop,
the weapon will paralyze him for a while. But in this game, that weapon does not
always inflict the most damage.
This walkthrough offer you order for advanced players or Normal Mode (more 3D
experience), otherwise you can choose Deep Forest first for Hard Mode (for
patient players). There are some other orders that can be used too depends on
your fighting style.
The world map is back again (and now it"s in 3D). I think it should be the same
with this world map. So, I"ll try a revolutionary move: it"s to predict where
the stages are in this world. Some of them are pretty hard to analyze, so please
don"t mind mistakes. ^__^
Go back to stage select from character choosing is possible, use Esc. button to
do this.
Location: South America? If it is, then it"s should be Brazil.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, auto rotate
::The camera will slightly move to the left until certain degrees when you turn
  right. You can"t view things at your back.
::The camera is auto-rotate at certain location, so you just need to move
  slowly when cornering.
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data: Runnerbomb -> Runnerbomb form.
Rescue List:
1. Otis: First left door. Approach to open as well as the other doors in this
2. Graham: Main path.
3. Dan (Life Up): Main path.
4. Fay (Chip): Second left door.
Items: None
Alia"s Note: Looks like an underground weapons factory. Ride Armor is available
in certain locations. If you find open Ride Armor, jump to get inside. Use the
F button to eject in emergencies!
Rapid Fire is automatically enabled inside the Ride Armor. The unbreakable
obstacles inside this stage can be destroyed by the armor"s special attack.
Like X6, Life Up and Weapon Up will be obtained for a character who rescued the
corresponding reploid only, but Chip item is not.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, rotatable
::The camera will move to the left when you turn right. (Annoyingsome....right?)
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data: Runnerbomb -> Runnerbomb form.
Rescue List:
1. Michael (Chip): Right-hand path.
2. Al (Weapon Up): Green liquid.
3. Jules: Middle platform.
4. Walter: Green liquid.
5. Ken: Left-hand path via higher platform. 
Items: None
Alia"s Note: We"re picking up a strong energy source below you. You don"t want
to fall down there without Ride Armor protection. Be careful!
You can climb the walls until certain height just like the previous X games.
There is another Ride Armor at higher left platform. This Red Armor"s punch can
destroy Megatortoise"s shell.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data: Pest Gunner -> shot speed up
Rescue List:
1. Oliver: Main path.
2. Carlos: Downside from entrance.
3. Lee (1 Up): Main path.
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data: Pest Gunner -> shot speed up
Rescue List:
1. Eric: Lying around the left of the entrance.
2. Gordon: Lying around.
3. Duane (Weapon Up): Up on the pillar.
4. Keith: Near Sub Tank.
Items: Heart Tank, Sub Tank
Alia"s Note: We"re picking up lots of Ride Armor. You"ll just have to face them
head-on! There"s no other way in!
All the items are on one of the pillars. There is another Red Armor lying
When there are 5 Plot Rides left to destroy, a message will appear on the
bottom-right of the screen.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, rotatable
Difficulty: 7/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
If you save an armor ride for the boss, it will be available in full health!
Armor Attacks:
- Dash Punch.
- Bigger explosion that shields attacks.
- Several jumping punch followed by an uppercut.
- Flying kick from far. Quite damaging, hear (and notice) the announcement to
- Like Explosion, but travels faster.
- Explosions. But this one can"t be destroyed.
- Jumping around (Does this count?)
After your "business" is done, you will get weapons as always. Explosion for
X/Axl, Hadangeki for Zero, G-Launcher for Axl. Defeating an irregular will give
you 1x Life Up and 1x Weapon Up for whoever gives him the finishing "touch".
+Explosion: Creates an energy shot that slowly travels forward and acts as a
(weak) shield. Wait, where is the explosion??
If you wonder why the name is explosion then, because it will explode if you
fire Soldier Stonekong (only) with it. ^___^
This puny attack will eat a lot of your weapon energy. The most I have seen so
far (after Zero"s "giga attack"). G-Launcher replaces Axl"s pistol when
+Charged explosion: next ver.
+Hadangeki: Press [Special Attack] while standing still.
Then, you will be showed some rank (like X5). But I don"t see any difference if
you get it high or not. Getting a high rank is difficult IMO, just be satisfied
with your rank, whatever it is.
Then, you can upgrade your characters ability with the chip from rescuees. One
chip for one upgrade. Please see details at section F. Chip Item section.
Location: Africa. More precisely: Algeria?
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 3/10
DNA data:
1. Ruinsman -> Ruinsman form.
   -Wall climbing enabled
   -No dashing
   -Invincible to stone
   -Invincible to spikes
   -No special attack
2. Kiyun -> Speed up
3. (White) Blockape -> Life recover
Rescue List:
1. Alex: First reploid in sight. Don"t attack the Ruinsman nearby.
2. Ben: Second reploid in sight. Under Blockapes" threat.
3. Charly: Third reploid in sight. Under several Kiyuns" threat.
4. Dave (Chip): Fourth reploid in sight. Quick save him from Rolling Boulder.
5. Fred: Tree trunk high above to the left of first Apestone.
Items: None
Alia"s Note: We"re getting a DNA Core reading. It seems to be emanating from
There is a 1-up at your left, your view is (wickedly) covered by a tree, but you
actually can see it if you are careful enough. (Look at screenshot &ndash8)
Now you know that the rescuees won"t get hurt by your attack, but one enemy
attack is sufficient to end their lives.
Dimension: 2D
1. Side, not rotatable
2. Rear but following from the back right, not rotatable
Difficulty: 8/10
DNA data:
1. Ruinsman -> Ruinsman form.
2. Kiyun -> Speed up
3. (White) Blockape -> Life recover
Rescue List:
1. Luise (Weapon Up): Above an Apestone.
2. Mick: Above a higher Apestone.
3. Jack: To the right above of last Apestone before camera switches.
4. Nick: Main path.
5. Simon (Chip): To the far left of first spikes. Above an Apestone.
6. Roger (Weapon Up): Just around where Simon is.
7. Huey (Life Up): Near the spikes after Alia"s information.
8. Isaac (1 Up): High near spikes.
9. Edie: The next reploid is on the spikes (Yikes!)
10. Kevin: Directly above a pit after Ruinsman II.
11. Tom: Main path before bosses.
Items: Heart Tank, Glide Armor Leg Part, EX item
Alia"s Note: There are spikes just below you! You"ll take too much damage from
them, unless you are Ruinsman.
2D Rear viewpoint like this is new and should be rare. That can be cool stuff,
but not for passing spikes ahead.
The heart tank is revealed by destroying an Apestone on the ground (between
Luise and Mick).
When you see Kevin, the leg part is on the tree trunk to the left of piling up
Count two Apestones to the right from here. High above it is the floating EX
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 2/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
Before the boss is 8 Apestones flying around in a circular arc.
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 4/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
- Stonekong tosses Gaea Shield that rotates around the circular platform until
  it comes back to its owner.
- Two gigantic Gaea Shields rotating around while Soldier Stonekong is clinging
  to the center pillar.
- Stonekong swings the gigantic sword of his.
Although he does not attack often, but his attacks deal some big damage.
Gaea Shield and Gokumonken are obtained for finishing this part.
+Gaea Shield: Forms a shield in front that blocks most attack for a short time.
+Charged gaea shield: next ver.
+Gokumonken: Hold [Normal Attack] button. This forms a shield and if connected
to enemy"s BODY, it will start to counterattack. The shield does not defend
against anything though. Zero"s feet and back are not covered as well.
Location: Japan? or Taiwan?
Dimension: 2D, 3D
Camera: Side, rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List:
1. Rita: First on the main path.
2. Tracy (1 Up): Second.
3. Lily (Chip): Third.
4. Betty: Fourth.
5. Cate: Fifth.
6. Alison (Life Up): Sixth.
7. Julia (Weapon Up): Seventh.
Items: None
Alia"s Note:
1. Be careful! We"re getting strong energy readings! You"re very close, you
should be able to see it! I"ll look for the giant Mechaniloid"s weak point!
You find a good approach point!
2. Analysis complete! His head is his weak point! Concentrate firepower there!
All the reploids are under enemy"s threat.
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data:
Bounding -> Bounding form.
-Activate barrier when standing
-No special attack
-No dashing
-Must jump to attack
Rescue List:
1. Lucie: First on the main path.
2. Berinda: First pit.
3. Cindy (Weapon Up): Main path.
4. Emi: Behind Cindy.
5. Holy: Behind Emi.
6. June: Next on the main path.
7. Keiko (Chip): After June. Many batontons nearby!
8. Marian: Main path.
9. Janis: Behind Marian.
Items: Heart Tank
Alia"s Note:
1. Head for the top of that tower! We"re getting an even stronger reading than
the last one!
2. You"ll need to use Bounding. What a pain. When he stops, his barrier blocks
all attacks. As soon as he moves, attack!
The heart tank is inside the second vanishing block.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Rear, rotatable
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
- Tonion performs spin dance and move towards you. Connecting with this move
  will send you flying spinning high and then get slammed down into the ground.
- Dancing like above, shedding his onion peels and sending them in a circular
  wave attack. He is invincible because he is protected by the hurricane.
- All of his petals form a straight wall.
- All of his petals form a straight line that wipes from side to side, just like
  a windshield wiper.
You can"t damage him when he is still protected with the petals. Wait until some
of them are peeled.
The problem does not come from Tonion only IMHO, the rotate-following camera is
also very annoying (this also applies to all rotatable camera in this game).
*Sigh* But who am I to complain?
So, in this case you have to make adaptation. The good thing is there is no
lethal pits around because to rotate the camera, you"ll need to walk (The wall
around damages you though).
Pressing the / button makes the camera rotate to the left slower.
Pressing the -> button makes the camera rotate to the left at moderate speed.
Pressing the  button makes the camera rotate to the left faster.
The opposite side is the same.
In order to avoid confusion, use [Up] and [Down] buttons only to move, and do
not use the [Move camera] button. Does that work?
Volt Tornado for X/Axl, Raijinshou for Zero and Ray Gun for Axl are obtained for
finishing this part.
+Volt Tornado: Tornado that moves forward to the direction you are facing. Ray
 Gun replaces Axl"s pistol when selected.
+Charged volt tornado: Energy shield surrounds X that will drop small life
 pellet upon contact with enemy.
+Raijinshou: Dash and press [Special Attack] button.
Location: North Pacific Ocean.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Side, rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data:
1. Runnerbomb -> Runnerbomb form.
2. Mettool-S -> one shot shield
Rescue List:
1. Markus (Weapon Up): Main path (down side).
2. Anthony: Main path.
3. Ian: Floating. Should be noticable easily.
Items: None
Alia"s Note:
1. The old battleship is their headquarters: looks like they move in a convoy.
2. It"s like carpet-bombing - you can"t dodge that! If only you had the power
of a Runnerbomb...
You can"t go to the upper high platform. All the Runnerbombs can only be
attacked by long range attacks.
Big ocean is around you, but you can"t fall from the ship.
The battle with Gunbird may show you the advantage of 3D gameplay. Although it
fires everywhere but connecting percentage is low. Can you imagine how this
battle will be if the field is 2D?
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data:
1. Runnerbomb -> Runnerbomb form.
2. Mettool-S -> one shot shield
Rescue List:
1. Robert: Main path. You can see him immediately.
2. Joe: Behind a crate around the field center.
3. Peter (Chip): Main path.
4. Chris (1Up): Surrounded by fire on left side.
5. Todd: Behind a left side crate.
Items: Sub Tank
Alia"s Note: The Runnerbombs are destroying the battleship?! They intend to take
you with them!!
The sub tank is behind a crate near where Todd is. If you stand behind a crate,
you still can see yourself because the camera has X-Ray auto equipped.
Don"t touch the fire around the ship because it damages you.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data:
1. Runnerbomb -> Runnerbomb form.
2. Mettool-S -> one shot shield
Rescue List:
1. Rick (Chip): Behind a crate on the left side.
2. Phil: Main path.
3. Mauro: Main path.
4. Bob: Main path.
Items: Heart Tank
Alia"s Note: None
The heart tank is behind a crate near Phil.
Dimension: 2D
Camera: ~30 degrees from side and ~60 degrees from rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 5/10
DNA data: Kiyun -> Speed up.
Rescue List:
1. Andy: Main path. Kiyuns are nearby.
2. Henly (Weapon Up): Floating under the brown platform.
3. Bill (Life Up): Main path.
4. Frank: Next reploid on the main path (floating).
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
This stage is beautiful, isn"t it?
This time don"t fall to the ocean, because you"ll sink and die.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
- Warfly wields his lance for a variety of assault moves, including forward
  thrusts, stabbing maneuvers, and twirling baton-style attacks.
- Splash Laser (you will get this attack).
- Warfly stabs the ground, resulting in Geyser pops up out of the water, then
  sends two or four homing missiles towards you.
- Running around.
The camera is the same with when fighting Tonion, but now you have lethal "pits"
around you. So, walking around to rotate the camera is not a good choice, no?
Splash Laser for X/Axl, Suiretusen and D-Glaive for Zero are obtained for
finishing this part.
+Splash Laser: Fire repeatedly for further range.
+Charged splash laser: next ver.
+Suiretusen: Select Suiretusen from weapon menu and press [Special Attack]
button. When you select Suiretusen, D-Glaive is automatically equiped. D-Glaive
has slightly more range, but is heavier.
Location: Africa. Cameroon?
Dimension: 2D
Camera: Side, not rotatable
Difficulty: 7/10
DNA data:
1. Flyer -> Flyer form.
-No wall climbing
-No dashing
-Can fly by holding [Jump] button, but only at constant height and only for
 limited amount of time (Is this fair enough?!)
-No special attack
-Invincible from Flyer"s shot
2. Mettool-S -> one shot shield
Rescue List:
1. Rovin: Main path. Under time bomb"s threat.
2. Roy: Main path. Under Red Guardian"s threat.
3. Tony (Weapon Up): High above a gateway.
4. B.J. (1Up): Floating high ahead from Tony.
5. Tim (Chip): Under the platform with the bomb. Hovering won"t avoid the bomb
   from exploding, and it"s the same for the next two.
6. Bruce: Under the next platform from Tim with the bomb.
7. Leon: Under the next platform from Bruce with several bombs.
8. Steve: Under a platform after the first Dragon Blaster.
9. Jim: Main path. Quick before Dragon Blaster kill him.
10. Alan: Above exit teleport.
Items: Glide Armor Arm Part
Alia"s Note:
1. This Factory refines energy from lava. Watch out! You"ll melt if you touch
that molten rock!
2. There"s a time bomb next to the target! You must complete the rescue before
the bomb explodes!
3. We have a reading for the DNA Core! It"s coming from that winged Reploid!
Glide Armor arm part is under a platform between Steve and Jim. There is also a
1 Up on the left side of the capsule.
You can"t get the items from different z axis coordinate because the gameplay is
in 2D. Glide Armor should be able to pick them up.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data:
1. Flyer -> Flyer form.
2. Mettool-S -> one shot shield
Rescue List:
1. Chuck: Behind two Guard Sensors.
2. Paul: On an isolated platform behind 2 Dragon Blasters. Mettool-S is nearby!
3. Matthew (Chip): On a single platform near the Heart Tank.
4. Gary (Life Up): On a single isolated platform near 2 Red Guardians.
5. Guy: On a dead-end pass more Guard Sensors and a Full Life pellet.
6. Trevor (Weapon Up): On a platform where many Flyers are.
Items: Heart Tank
Alia"s Note: There should be a transporter that warps to the factory core. Darn!
The heat is blocking our search.
If you follow the path without Flyer"s ability, the first narrow pipe-like
platform has the Heart Tank.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 7/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: There must be a weak point on that Mechaniloid... Okay, it"s his
leg joints! Hit them to slow him down!
- Hyenard clones hurl fireballs at you. On the horse, the trio travels around
  you and do this attack constantly.
- Missiles fire up from the back of the horse and rain down on your location.
  Quite difficult to dodge, but they deal little damage.
- If you try to go anywhere out from the mecha-horse without paralyzing the real
  Hyenard, the trio Hyenards will bum-rush you. while it doesn"t do damage, it
  leaves you open to the missile attack as well as other harmful stuff.
- The trio rush-attack you simultaneously. It"s only be done if you fail to
  paralyze the real Hyenard long enough when they are circling you.
You have to climb up to the mecha-horse body and face the Real Hyenard. The duo
on the bottom can"t be damaged, but they can damage you!
Once you have succesfully arrived on top, on the body, the Real Hyenard will
call his clones to attack you and you have to notice where the Real Hyenard is.
If you try to go to mechaniloid"s "neck" or back side, the Real Hyenard will be
on its head attacking you with the slow moving fireball.
While you are on top of the horse"s body, you probably notice that you are
pushed back constantly. How is the horse"s movement so that it can create such a
reaction? It does not make sense, I think. Do you agree?
Knowing this fact, you should watch your step. The worst risk is falling to the
lava below.
Circle Blaze for X/Axl, Bakuenjin for Zero and Double Bullet for Axl are
obtained for finishing this part.
+Circle Blaze: Short-range fireball that creates a wide sphere of flame upon
contact with an enemy. This doubles the Axl"s pistol when it"s selected.
+Charged circle blaze: Bigger circle blaze with bigger explode radius and longer
explode time.
+Bakuenjin: Press the [Toggle lock-on] button. This "Giga Attack" is really
expensive, but it"s really ****
Location: Near tunnel base.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 7/10
DNA data: N/A
Rescue List:
1. Dean: Right in front of you at start.
2. Vinnie: Right in front of you at start.
3. Dolf (Weapon Up): Main path.
4. Black: Main path.
5. Rudi: Just before Weapon Tank.
6. Rock (Chip): Around Weapon Tank.
7. Mario (Life Up): Around Weapon Tank.
8. Joey: Main path after tunnel.
9. Sid: Main path.
10. Scott (1Up): A lone reploid after a turn.
11. Rob: After the large pit section. Right path.
12. Sam (Weapon Up): Left path after the pit. It"s VERY hard to get Rob and Sam
    at the same time.
13. Elton: Shortly after Sam.
14. Kato: Around Deceleration Zone.
15. Luke: Around Deceleration Zone. Just after Heart Tank.
16. Tanaka (Chip): If you race slowly, you can see this one after Luke.
Items: Weapon Tank and Heart Tank
Alia"s Note: Oh no! A time-bomb has been set on the course! You know how to use
a Ride Chaser, right? Use the [Jump] button to speed up, and the [Normal Attack]
button to use the Buster. There"s no time! Hurry!
This stage is just...weird.
And this is REALLY can"t be called a race at all because you have to collect all
20 bombs scattered around the short course. The Runnerbombs and exploding crates
just make everything even worse.
The Ride Chaser is not what it used to be. If you notice the turbo stuff, isn"t
it similar to Skull Machine"s in RockMan/Rockman Battle and Chase?
I bet it"s definitely more convenient for the heroes to just get off that stupid
car and walk their lazy asses to pick the bombs.
The items are just scattered on the road. The Heart Tank I think is slightly
harder to find. It"s on the right side of the road with the Deceleration Zone
and exploding crates section. When you see Kato, you know that you are near and
need to slow down.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up, rotatable
Difficulty: 6/10
DNA data: Runnerbomb, but how do you get it?
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
- Boarski rides in circle and the wheels seem to loose from his machine probably
  because of the mad ride. But I don"t know how he can still run afterwards.
- Moving Wheel Charged version. Sometimes there are six wheels.
- Boarski summons some sort of electric comes from the center, divides into 3
  and rotates.
- This powerful dash of his doesn"t inflict damage, but the intent is to grab
  you and shove you into the electrified walls. His front is invincible while
  doing this.
There are five Runnerbombs around the arena to give you bombs, they are
damagable, but will be respawned over time.
Moving Wheel for X/Axl and Zankourin for Zero are obtained for finishing this
+Moving Wheel: Rolls a wheel forward.
+Charged moving wheel: Rolls three wheels, like the boss does above.
+Zankourin: Press [Special Attack] button while walking.
Location: India...right?
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 3/10
DNA data:
1. Mushaloid -> Mushaloid form.
-Can perform dash and attack the enemy with it
-No special attack
-Can walk through yellow cyber wall
-Invincible from Mushaloid attacks
-Slow and heavy
2. Kiyun -> speed up
Rescue List:
1. Rin (Chip): First dead-end to the right. Beware the Kiyuns!
2. Daniel (Weapon Up): Through first yellow cyber wall.
3. Su: Through third cyber wall you find.
4. Rosetta: Around Su.
Items: None
Alia"s Note:
1. What a strange place... Terrib...r Transmissions,...oo... Our data...n"t
tell us much...  You"re on your own...
2. We"ve located the DNA Core energy... Former generation...samurai...Axl... Go
through the wall...
While suffered from some controlling issue, this stage is actually my favorite
in the game, with its decent music and the somewhat underrated RockMan/Rockman
EXE style.
And if you can get the Windows version (and the correct guide), you may think
the same with me.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 7/10
DNA data:
1. Mushaloid -> Mushaloid form.
2. Kiyun -> speed up
Rescue List, this can get tough to explain so I put them inside the walkthrough:
1. Doug.
2. Marry.
3. Cliff.
4. Brian.
5. Jelly (Weapon Up).
6. Richie.
7. Malibe (Chip).
8. Marc.
9. Don (1Up).
10. Hide.
11. Colin.
12. Ted (Life Up).
Items: Glide Armor Head Part and Heart tank
Alia"s Note:...I"ve info!  Looks like you"ve been transported to a
zero gravity...ronment... The floating switches...can send ... to the rear
This one is quite similar to Gravityman stage from Rockman/RockMan 5 (Hopefully
you have played it and still remember).
The differences are now it"s in 3D and the jumbled reverse. Completing this
stage needs stronger imagination of yours than when you were playing 2D.
There are some controlling issue in this stage, so please pay attention to
this somewhat mathematical diagram. Some of you who has ever gone to school will
probably know this already, this is just a reminder.
           y axis (+)
              |    z axis (+)
              |   /
              |  /
              | /
              |-----------> x axis (+)
        z axis (-)
What is reversed when you touch the floating orange switch is the y axis and z
After thinking for so long, I can conclude that what happen is: You are warped
to back side of the ground.
                   -------/------    \r
                  /      /     /     |
                 / G R O U N D/    Warped Into
                --------------       |
                         ^          /
If you are confused with the button configuration (like me), you can reverse
[Up] and [Down] button. (Actually you do not need this much, except if you want
to get all the items and rescue all reploids, otherwise you only need to know
the game fact)
There are two colored cyber tiles inside: blue and orange (Showed clearly in
screenshot &ndash11).
The orange tile is where the floating "switches" located. Now, you need to count
the switches you find and name them based from the order you find them:
The ground switches AND the ceiling switches.
This text format can"t handle anything more detailed than this, so please
Besides the orange tile with switches and yellow wall, there are also
transparent orange walls that can"t be passed.
You can"t fall down to the "bottomless pit" around, just like EXE series,
even if there is no wall.
Here goes the walkthrough, this walkthrough assume the z axis does NOT change
when you are warping to avoid more confusion:
The first orange tile you see transfer you to Doug. Go to positive x, y, and
z coordinates upon arriving to find him.
There is nothing else around because of the orange wall, so warp back.
When you see the second orange tile, you can see a yellow wall nearby, you may
pass it with Musaloid form to find Marry.
Warp the second switch, the orange tile directly above you will warp back to
the area near where you warped previously. The orange tile on the screen left
goes to the heart tank and NOTHING else. Walking to negative x, y, and z
coordinates results in finding Cliff.
Ignore the third orange tile.
You should see Brian and Jelly and two orange tiles. Compare the size and take
the small one.
You should see Richie immediately. Take the only warp ahead.
Back to normal status again, you can"t go back to previous areas upon arriving
here. On the way, you should see Malibe. There are two orange tiles nearby: left
(dead-end) and right, and one more further to the right side to go to the boss
via straightforward path.
You also can see the last yellow wall and Marc inside. If you happen to enter
there, quit quickly, except if you really love this cyber field.....
Take the right warp (not the one that goes to the boss).
I think you can be puzzled with the complex graphics, but actually there are
only two ways you can go, the upper path and the downer path. The nearest orange
tile sends you back. When you stand on it, you can see a needing-rescue-reploid
at screen bottom (=Colin).
The downer path leads to Don and a big orange tile. Taking the floating "switch"
goes to Hide and Dr. Right"s capsule only.
If you go to the upper path, you can see Ted on the end and an orange tile that
can be ignored.
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 7/10
DNA data: None
Rescue List: None
Items: None
Alia"s Note: None
- Anteator sends a couple of rotating winds (isn"t it?)
- Anteator sends soldier ants that acts like time bomb.
- Sniper Missile(s). As you damaging him until certain degree, he will send
  these continuously.
- Antetaor sends several laser pods to hunt you continuously as his halfway mark
  reached. You can"t do anything but dodge them.
This battle is as tricky as his stage, don"t you think? This battle takes place
in a (horizontal?) pipe-like platform, and like an ant, Anteator can walk on the
down part of the pipe, but you can"t. When he is on the down part, nothing you
can do to inflict damage to him, even the Moving Wheel.
Sniper Missile for X/Axl and Hiejin for Zero are obtained for finishing this
+Sniper Missile: Homing missile which fires a target within range.
+Charged sniper missile: next ver.
+Hiejin: Press [Special Attack] button while jumping.
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Dimension: 3D
Camera: Up-Rear, not rotatable
Difficulty: 10/10 (This could be easier if the camera was Up-Side, and rotatable
for the best result)
DNA data: Flyer -> Flyer form.
Rescue List:
1. Derek: Main path. You should see him if you are careful enough.
2. Neil: The next reploid is behind an Apeloid on a left side plane.
3. Nigel (Life Up): Left plane after series of inclining planes.
4. Ray: Wavery red plane.
5. Harold: To the rear-left of the above plane.
6. Jeff: Main path. Under apeloid and flyer"s threat.
Items: Heart tank
Alia"s Note: Do you copy? This is a dangerous mission. Walk along the jets to
reach the mothership. They"ll have to ease up on attacks to avoid hitting their
friends. Don"t worry, I know you can do it!
This is the most difficult stage I think....., at least Alia also said that this
is a dangerous mission. Nothing you can do at the moment, but to be patient and
keep trying if you fall down.
And what do you think of this stage? Is it realistic enough? They do it well
on the plane"s inclination (a little coincidental dash can cause an easy doom),
our heroes must be having a very well body balance because they do not budge
when the plane inclines to the left and right.
But I think that the planes must be stationary in the air because the heroes can
jump forward normally, but the engine and the moving clouds say that they are
Shortly after Nigel, you will see a wavery red plane ahead which will fall down
after you get on it. There is Ray floating around and a heart tank floating in
a very difficult place. You will have chance to survive only if you "borrow"