Chandragupta Maurya actress Sneha Wagh dons a new look for the historical show

Leaves us spellbound with her traditional getup!

Chandragupta Maurya, the historical saga on Sony Entertainment Television has managed to grab audience’ attention week after week. The show is all set for a 5-year leap, where the viewers will witness a grown-up Chandragupta, and this character will be essayed by Faisal Khan. Along with him the other lead characters like Sneha Wagh will be seen going under transformation while many new characters will also be introduced in the show.

Actress Sneha Wagh aka Mura - mother of Chandragupta Maurya will be seen in a non-glam avatar, post the leap. Sneha will be seen dressed up as a Sadhavi/Sanyasi to confuse Dhananand so that he is not able to identify them easily.

The actress shares “Yes, the show is on its high point where audience can see too many changes in terms of characters and looks. I went through 4-5 different look tests to achieve the final get-up while keeping the makeup as minimal as possible. It takes me just 15 minutes to get into the character however shooting in extreme weather is difficult. Especially during these hot summer months, shooting in the open becomes difficult but the cast and crew takes care of each other and makes sure everyone is hydrated and energetic on the set.”

Well, with a caring team like that work is fun, and when work is fun it shows on the screen. Don't you think so?Also let us know how authentic is Sneha's Sadhvi getup. Head to the comments below to let us know....

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