Chalene Johnson TurboFire Workout Intense Cardio Conditioning

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Chalene Johnson TurboFire Workout Intense Cardio Conditioning (2010)
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Language: English
Original title: Chalene Johnson: TurboFire Workout, Intense Cardio Conditioning
Director / Broadcaster: Beachbody
Year: 2010
Genre: Video tutorials, fitness

"The new version of the integrated training of Chalene Johnson by occupation. There are explanations of how to execute each move correctly, so forget about the excuses and the gym. Now the hottest sessions of Southern California come to your house. TurboFire Training Chalene Johnson include 12 workouts for 11 DVD-ROM "

In the distribution there are training plans, rips from DVD discs, plans and advice on nutrition, supplementary literature

Time: from 00:11:59 to 00:54:22

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Get Fired Up - Chalene guides you through the program to help you get the best results. Length: 0:11

Fire 30 Class / Stretch 10 Class - Throw smoking-hot hooks and make big leaps to the bass of "Give Up the Funk." Length: 0:32

HIIT 15 Class / Stretch 10 Class - Dial it up for your first High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. Length: 0:17

Fire 55 EZ Class / Stretch 10 Class - Don't let EZ fool you, because you'll be sweating to "Dazzey Dukes." Length: 0:54

Core 20 Class / Stretch 40 Class / Stretch 10 Class - Chalene's most popular class targets your tummy with moves that deliver incredible abs. Length: 0:20, 0:42

Fire 45 Class / Stretch 10 Class - Kick, dance, and punch your way into shape to the beat of "Wiggle It." Length: 0:45

HIIT 20 Class / Stretch 10 Class - "Turn This Mutha Out" with seven sizzling fire drills in 20 minutes. Length: 0:20

Fire 45 EZ Class / Stretch 10 Class - Take a break from the fire drills, but not the fire, as you sweat to "In the Ayer." Length: 0:45

Fire 45 EZ Class
HIIT 25 Class / Stretch 10 Class - Here are 25 minutes of your most intense fire drills yet with Chalene. Length: 0:25

Sculpt 30 Class / Tone 1930 Class - Develop shapely muscles with Chalene's challenging resistance classes. Length: 0:29, 0:31

Stretch 40 Class / Stretch 10 Class - Increase your flexibility and lengthen your muscles for a long, lean look.

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