The Office: A survival guide by Jo Hoare-P2P

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Whether it’s how to style out a crippling hangover, behave at the Christmas party or identify the resident perv, The Office: A Survival Guide has got your back when it comes to anything work related.

Is the daily grind getting you down? Does the thought of another day spent staring at a screen while your colleagues bore you to tears with tales of what their cat had for breakfast make you want to scream? Unfortunately, going to work is a necessary evil that we all have to face. But fear not, because help is at hand with The Office: A Survival Guide. Starting with The Rules, you will learn how to become a master of the passive aggressive email, what’s acceptable in the world of office fashion, or knowing what subjects to talk about without making everyone think you’re annoying.

Next, discover how to identify certain types of colleague, like the illness martyr who spends evey day shouting how brave they are for coming in when they feel so terrible, or the one everyone fancies – an average-looking person who people lust after in the office but wouldn’t look twice at in the street. A chapter on The Events will guide you through the pitfalls of away days, business trips and important presentations and the brilliant How To… section is packed full of inspiration for slackers, with tips on how to look extremely busy while doing very little, how to suck up to the boss and how to appear “on the level” despite the fact you necked eight pints and three cocktails just hours previously. Accompanied by lively illustrations throughout, this hilarious guide will mean you’ll never look at going to work in the same way again.

The Office: A survival guide by Jo Hoare-P2P
English | October 8th, 2015 | ASIN: B01NA0IFGM, ISBN: 1909313769 | 128 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 4.4 MB/8.6 MB
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