Stephen & Mavi #11 ''My daughter adores Fan Art-Stephen Amell."

Stephen & Mavi
Cutest Father/Daughter ever







New picture (3-24-18)

stephenamellWife, Kid, TV Wife. #marchforourlives

New Picturees :) (3-19-18)

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New Picture :) (3-18-18)

stephenamell When my kid wants to watch Hamilton videos on YouTube, we watch Hamilton videos on YouTube.

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Cr. StephenAmell

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stephenamellDad... I’m losing my patience...

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stephenamell “Dad... you’re not saving anybody because we’re FaceTiming.”

New Picture 2-18-18

StephenAmell Family Sunday’s ������

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stephenamell: I didn’t ask for these powers...

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S t e p h e n | A m e l l | D a i l y

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My daughter has blue eyes, her blonde hair is coming in and she likes exposing her midriff. What's the easiest way to buy a BUNCH OF GUNS!?!
Taught my daughter the fist-bump / blow it up combo this afternoon. She loves it.
Going to an interview for my daughters potential preschool this afternoon. Going to take the morning and weep in a corner by myself.
My daughter faces forward in her car seat now. I'll be unreachable until March.
My daughter drank 32 ounces of cold pressed green juice yesterday. She might be a superhero.
When do I start being uncomfortable with the fact my daughter looks EXACTLY like Jude Law?
Baby shoes are the best

My daughter has started to sass me when I ask her for 10 - 30 kisses. She does it with a smile on her face. I'm so screwed.
Fight scenes are Mavi's favorite.
My daughter is a year and a half today. Which means we can finally stop measuring her age by the month.
My daughter is a year and a half and I’ve already lost the main TV to animated films.
My daughter high-fived Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello & Michelangelo today. Danced for April O'Neil too. Mostly cause it was Thursday.
My daughter drinks out of a bottle each morning that's longer than her torso.
My daughter just sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and insisted on holding the phone during our FaceTime. Skipping Comic-Con. Drinking alone.
My daughter thinks I play for the @BlueJays. I'm prepared to facilitate this belief for several years.

Made my daughter waffles this morning because I aspire to be a kind and considerate parent whose daughter loves him way more than her mom.
Want to congratulate my wife. Always thought I'd be the first one to accidentally teach our daughter her first curse word.
That first time your daughter sneaks away, climbs in the shower, turns it on and scares the s h i t out of herself is awesome.
-"Girl on Guy" podcast with Stephen, he says when Mavi gets sick, he will get sick, because he kisses her a lot
-Was out with friends when my daughter purposefully kissed me today. Had to excuse myself to*pee. *-Cry alone in the restroom.
-Just spent 6 minutes putting on my daughters converse sneakers. She's 4 months old and can't walk.
-Hey!! Let's get our daughter the pants with the pockets!!-Me(Stephen)
-My daughter just sat and watched Ace Ventura for 35 minutes. That's 9 hours in infant time.
-Daughter said Dada this morning, Brian may explode.
-"I'm just going to come right out and say that my daughter is the greatest 1 year old climber in history. Plus she can do a chin up. ‪#‎Parkour‬"
-My daughter is walking. If anyone needs me, I'll be drinking a half rum half egg nog pint glass outside were nobody can find me.
-Stephen Amell: Dad... DAD!! This is lame...
-Cassandrapants: Christmas starts today.
-Stephen Amell I’m not comfortable with how much she’s grown.
-cassandrapants A family that tans together wins vacation together.
-The only guy she’ll ever need.
-I consider myself a shrewd negotiator, bu the ''you read me a storybook three times & I'll give you one kiss'' offer was too good.
-I just faked a heart attack when my kid appeared in a bridesmaid dress. She Totally Bought It!
-My friend just sent video of my daughter encountering Princess dresses for the first time & having -what appeared to be- a full seizure.
-We didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose us.
-Stephen Amell
My daughter is a year and a half today. Which means we can finally stop measuring her age by the month.
Anyone needs me I'll be sobbing in a parked car.
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood
Tough to be bothered when your daughter spends 25 minutes meticulously arranging a nap for her 11 favorite stuffed animals.
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood
With all due respect to @CassandraPants, my daughter and I are on a solo adventure trip and its been the greatest weekend of my life by far
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood ·
My daughter is having pancakes and bacon for dinner tonight because weekends with dad
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood
Aliens could land on earth, anoint me their leader and I wouldn't be as surprised as my daughter was at the site of Donald Duck just now.
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood
Happy Sunday. Did you slow dance with your Daughter to Knockin On Heavens Door? I did. Calibrate accordingly.
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood
My daughter takes great pride in waking me up. Early results would suggest it's her superpower.
-Stephen Amell ‏@amellywood
Nobody could stop my daughter from wearing a Queen Elsa dress to the beach today. Replete with a crown that lights up. ������������������
-Stephen Amell ‏@StephenAmell ·
Watching a stage production of Beauty & The Beast with my kiddo. She thinks it's real. We had to retreat.
-Stephen Amell ‏@StephenAmell
When my daughter says "my family" she pronounces it "my FLAMily". Pretty soon she'll say on properly. I'm already depressed about this
--Dad... Will you give me dream kisses? (That's how my daughter asks if I'll give her a kiss when I get home from work.)
-"I am being attacked by a giant toddler. Send help."¸
- My kids favorite Princess Bride character is Inigo Montoya. So basically, I'm in the top 1% of Dads.
-I've always been my kids favorite. Then... @Team_Barrowman sang her the soundtrack of Wicked.-Stephen Amell
‏Additionally, my daughter has been terrified of theaters for two solid years. She saw & loved Moana. Coincidence @Lin_Manuel scored it? No.-Stephen Amell
My daughter and I switched toques and personalities for this photo-Stephen Amell
I probably just need to accept that my daughter will be painting my toe nails for the next 5 - 7 year-Stephen Amell
"Huge thanks to the NHL for making All Star Weekend such a wonderful time. Our kid met 11 mascots-SA
And then my kid decided to become someone else... something else.-Stephen Amell
Me: May I please have hugs & kisses? Mavi: No. Me: Why? Mavi: I'm only into girls today.
Mavi: Dad, you smell like peppers and that isn't a good smell. I smell like yummy cupcakes.
Missed my workout this morning because my kid woke up early and wanted to name the toilet. We settled on Terry.
Really enjoying my kids hair right now. Does it occasionally look like Jeff Daniels hair in Dumb & Dumber? Yup. But I love that movie.
My kid just walked into the room in a new bikini she decided to call zucchini. I'm moving my entire family to an uninhabited mountain range.
My kid, totally enthralled with a wedding. I'm in a tremendous amount of trouble
One night in LA between early May & early September. Home cooking. Family. Princess dresses. Making it count.
''Dad... I love this Christmas tree, please give me a smooch.”

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