[Country] Merle Haggard - Untamed Hawk The Early Recordings (5 CD Box 1995)

Merle Haggard - Untamed Hawk The Early Recordings (5 CD Box 1995)

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1-1 Sing A Sad Song
1-2 You Don't Even Try
1-3 Life In Prison (False Start)
1-4 Life In Prison
1-5 You Don't Have Far To Go
1-6 Sam Hill
1-7 Sam Hill
1-8 Please Mr. DJ
1-9 I'd Trade All My Tomorrows
1-10 (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
1-11 Slowly But Surely
1-12 Just Between The Two Of Us
1-13 So Much For Me So Much For You
1-14 Falling For You
1-15 I Wanta Live Again
1-16 A House Without Love Is Not A Home
1-17 Walking The Floor Over You
1-18 The Worst Is Yet To Come
1-19 Piedras Negras (Go Home)
1-20 Singin' My Heart Out
1-21 Skid Row
1-22 Falling For You (Without String Overdub)
1-23 I'd Trade All My Tomorrows (Without String Overdub)
1-24 If I Had Left It Up To You
1-25 I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can
1-26 Stranger In My Arms
1-27 If I Could Be Him
1-28 Shade Tree (Fix-It-Man)
1-29 This Town's Not Big Enough

2-1 I'll Take A Chance
2-2 Our Hearts Are Holding Hands
2-3 Too Used To Being With You
2-4 That Makes Two Of Us
2-5 Forever And Ever
2-6 Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
2-7 Swinging Doors
2-8 Swinging Doors (Alt)
2-9 The Girl Turned Ripe
2-10 I Threw Away The Rose
2-11 The Fugitive
2-12 Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive
2-13 Someone Told My Story
2-14 I Threw Away The Rose
2-15 Hang Up My Gloves
2-16 The Longer You Wait
2-17 The Bottle Let Me Down
2-18 I Can't Stand Me
2-19 Someone Else You've Known
2-20 High On A Hilltop
2-21 I'll Look Over You
2-22 No More You And Me
2-23 Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart
2-24 I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
2-25 Life In Prison
2-26 House Of Memories
2-27 All Of Me Belongs To You

3-1 Mary's Mine
3-2 If You Want To Be My Woman
3-3 Someone Told My Story
3-4 Piedras Negras (Go Home)
3-5 Whatever Happened To Me
3-6 Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive
3-7 Skid Row
3-8 Drink Up And Be Somebody
3-9 Gone Crazy
3-10 I Threw Away The Rose
3-11 Some Of Us Never Learn
3-12 Branded Man
3-13 You Don't Have Very Far To Go
3-14 Wine Take Me Away
3-15 If You See My Baby
3-16 Somewhere Between
3-17 Don't Get Married
3-18 My Hand Are Tied
3-19 I Made The Prison Band
3-20 Look Over Me
3-21 Long Black Limousine
3-22 I'll Leave The Bottle On The Bar
3-23 Sing Me Back Home
3-24 The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp
3-25 Seeing Eye Dog
3-26 Will You Visit Me On Sundays
3-27 Home Is Where A Kid Grows Up

4-1 Where Does The Good Times Go
4-2 Good Times
4-3 News Breaks
4-4 My Past Is Present
4-5 Mom And Dad's Waltz
4-6 My Ramona
4-7 Because You Can't Be Mine
4-8 The Train Never Stops
4-9 You Still Have A Place In My Heart
4-10 Money Tree
4-11 A Picture From Two Sides Of Life
4-12 The Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde
4-13 I Started Loving You Again
4-14 Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
4-15 Fool's Castle
4-16 Is This The Beginning Of The End?
4-17 The Sunny Side Of My Life
4-18 Run 'Em Off
4-19 I'll Always Know
4-20 You'll Never Love Me Now
4-21 Mama Tried
4-22 In The Good Old Days (When Time Were Bad)
4-23 Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
4-24 Teach Me To Forget
4-25 Lookin' For My Mind (Takes 1-2)
4-26 Lookin' For My Mind (Takes 3-5)
4-27 Lookin' For My Mind (Take 6)

5-1 Green Green Grass Of Home
5-2 I Could Have Gone Right
5-3 The Day The Rains Came
5-4 I Think We're Livin' In The Good Old Days
5-5 Somewhere On Skid Row
5-6 Who Do I Know In Dallas
5-7 Folsom Prison Blues
5-8 Too Many Bridges To Cross Over
5-9 You're Not Home Yet
5-10 I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
5-11 I Just Want To Look At You One More Time
5-12 I'm Bringin' Home Good News
5-13 Keep Me From Cryin' Today
5-14 I Can't Hold Myself In Line
5-15 I'm Free
5-16 It Meant Goodbye To Me When You Said Hello To Him
5-17 Who'll Buy The Wine
5-18 She Thinks I Still Care
5-19 What's Wrong With Stayin' Home
5-20 When No Flowers Grow
5-21 Every Fool Has A Rainbow
5-22 Hungry Eyes
5-23 Silver Wings



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