Battle For Troy [Cheat]

Battle For Troy

Free troops:
Submitted by: Haspa 
Have a barracks, then create a troop. When the sword logo is complete
on the barracks screen, cancel the troop. If timed correctly, your 
money will be given back and a soldier will be sent out. This is useful
if you have no money, but it is slow to do.

Cheat Build anywhere:
Submitted by: Budda de silva
When playing Battle for troy, press "CTRL"+"F6" key while in the game 
to reveal the whole map. This will allow you to build buildings any ware
in the map.

Submitted by: Budda
While in the game, Press [Ctrl]+[F6] and you can build barracks any ware 
on map.

Extra troops - Bestarmy:
Submitted by: rahul and darshan
when you are playing the game battle for troy type cheat "bestarmy" and 
you will get 20archers,20swordsman,20spearman,25healers.

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