[Rock] ZZ Top - The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 (10CD Box-Set)

ZZ Top - The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 (10CD Box-Set)

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ZZ Top's First Album:

01:(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree [Gibbons] (2:32)
02:Brown Sugar [Gibbons] (5:22)
03:Squank [Gibbons, Ham, Hill] (2:46)
04:Goin' Down To Mexico [Gibbons, Ham, Hill] (3:26)
05:Old Man [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:23)
06:Neighbor, Neighbor [Gibbons] (2:18)
07:Certified Blues [Beard, Gibbons, Ham] (3:25)
08:Bedroom Thang [Gibbons] (4:37)
09:Just Got Back Ffrom Baby's [Gibbons, Ham] (4:07)
10:Backdoor Love Affair [Gibbons, Ham] (3:20)

Rio Grande Mud:

01:Francine [Cordray, Gibbons, Perron] (3:33)
02:Just Got Paid [Gibbons, Ham] (4:49)
03:Mushmouth Shoutin' [Gibbons, Ham] (3:41)
04:Ko Ko Blue [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (4:56)
05:Chevrolet [Gibbons] (3:47)
06:Apologies To Pearly [Beard, Gibbons, Ham, Hill] (2:39)
07:Bar-B-Q [Gibbons, Ham] (3:34)
08:Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell [Gibbons] (7:39)
09:Whiskey'n Mama [Beard, Gibbons, Ham, Hill] (3:20)
10:Down Brownie [Gibbons] (2:53)

Tres Hombres:

01:Waitin' For The Bus [Gibbons, Hill] (2:59)
02:Jesus Just Left Chicago [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (3:30)
03:Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (3:23)
04:Master Of Sparks [Gibbons] (3:33)
05:Hot, Blue And Righteous [Gibbons] (3:14)
06:Move Me On Down The Line [Gibbons, Hill] (2:32)
07:Precious And Grace [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (3:09)
08:La Grange [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (3:52)
09:Shiek [Gibbons, Hill] (4:05)
10:Have You Heard? [Gibbons, Hill] (3:15)


01:Thunderbird [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (2:49)
02:Jailhouse Rock [Leiber, Stoller] (1:56)
03:Backdoor Medley: Backdoor Love Affair/Mellow Down Easy/Back Door Love Affair No.2/Long Distance Boogie [Beard/Gibbons/Dixon/Ham/Hill] (9:51)
04:Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (2:42)
05:Blue Jean Blues [Gibbons, Hill, Beard]] (4:42)
06:Balinese [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (2:36)
07:Mexican Blackbird [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (3:05)
08:Heard It On The X [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (2:24)
09:Tush [Gibbons, Hill, Beard] (2:16)


01:It's Only Love [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (4:22)
02:Arrested For Driving While Blind [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:089
03:El Diablo [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (4:22)
04:Snappy Kakkie [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (2:58)
05:Enjoy And Get It On [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:26)
06:Ten Dollar Man [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:41)
07:Pan Am Highway Blues [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:14)
08:Avalon Hideaway ([Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:07)
09:She's A Heartbreaker [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:01)
10:Asleep In The Desert [Gibbons] (3:24)


01:I Thank You [Isaac Hayes, David Porter] (3:23)
02:She Loves My Automobile [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (2:23)
03:I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (4:45)
04:A Fool For Your Stockings [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (4:15)
05:Manic Mechanic [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (2:36)
06:Dust My Broom (Elmore James) (3:06)
07:Lowdown In The Street [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (2:49)
08:Hi Fi Mama [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (2:22)
09:Cheap Sunglasses [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (4:46)
10:Esther Be The One [Beard, Gibbons, Hill] (3:30)

El Loco:

01:Tube Snake Boogie (3:02)
02:I Wanna Drive You Home (4:44)
03:Ten Foot Pole (4:19)
04:Leila (3:13)
05:Don't Tease Me (4:19)
06:It's So Hard (5:12)
07:Pearl Necklace (4:01)
08:Groovy Little Hippie Pad (2:40)
09:Heaven, Hell Or Houston (2:31)
10:Party On The Patio (2:48)
(all tracks by Gibbons/Hill/Beard)


01:Gimme All Your Lovin' (4:03)
02:Got Me Under Pressure (4:02)
03:Sharp Dressed Man (4:18)
04:I Need You Tonight (6:16)
05:I Got The Six (2:54)
06:Legs (4:31)
07:Thug (4:19)
08:TV Dinners (3:50)
09:Dirty Dog (4:06)
10:If I Could Only Flag Her Down (3:39)
11:Bad Girl (3:16)
(all tracks by Gibbons/Hill/Beard)


01:Sleeping Bag (4:02)
02:Stages (3:32)
03:Woke Up With Wood (3:45)
04:Rough Boy (4:50)
05:Can't Stop Rockin' (3:01)
06:Planet Of Women (4:04)
07:I Got the Message (3:27)
08:Velcro Fly (3:29)
09:Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury) (3:11)
10:Delirious (3:41)
(all tracks by Gibbons/Hill/Beard)


01:Concrete And Steel (3:45)
02:Lovething (3:20)
03:Penthouse Eyes (3:49)
04:Tell It (4:39)
05:My Head's In Mississippi (4:25)
06:Decision or Collision (3:59)
07:Give It Up (3:24)
08:2000 Blues (4:37)
09:Burger Man (3:18)
10:Doubleback (3:53)
(all tracks by Gibbons/Hill/Beard)