Fallout - New Vegas [Walkthrough]

Fallout - New Vegas

Fallout:  New Vegas  Walkthrough and FAQ
Written by: Nick Bartosic
This file is Copyright (c)2010 Nick Bartosic. All rights reserved.
				Table of Contents
1.  About Me
2.  The Guide
3.  The Game
4.  Fallout:  New Vegas Tips
5.  Walkthrough
	5.1  Ain"t that a Kick in the Head
	5.2  Back in the Saddle
	5.3  By a Campfire on the Trail
	5.4  They Went That-A-Way
	5.5  Ring-a-Ding-Ding
	Mr. House
	5.6  The House Always Wins (Parts I-VII) 
	5.7  All or Nothing  
	5.8  Things That Go Boom
	5.9  King"s Gambit
	5.10  For the Republic, Part 2
	5.11  You"ll Know it When it Happens
	5.12  Eureka!
	5.13  Render Unto Caesar  
	5.14  Et Tumor, Brute?  
	5.15  Arizona Killer  
	5.16  Veni, Vidi, Vici  
	Independant New Vegas  
	5.17  Wild Card:  Ace in the Hole 
	5.18  Wild Card:  Change in Management  
	5.19  Wild Card:  Side Bets  
	5.20  Wild Card:  You and What Army? 
	5.21  Wild Card:  Finishing Touch 
	5.22  No Gods, No Masters  
6.  Optional Quests
	6.1  Ghost Town Gunfight
	6.2  My Kind of Town
	6.3  ED-E My Love
	6.4  Can you Find it in your Heart?
	6.5  Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
	6.6  Heartache by the Number
	6.7  Cold, Cold Heart
	6.8  Booted
	6.9  Come Fly With Me
	6.10  One for my Baby
	6.11  Back in your own Backyard
	6.12  That Lucky Old Sun
	6.13  Boulder City Showdown
	6.14  Guess Who I Saw Today
	6.15  Unfriendly Persuasion
	6.16  G.I. Blues
	6.17  Nothin" but a Hound Dog
	6.18  Debt Collector
	6.19  Wang Dang Atomic Tango
	6.20  Birds of a Feather
	6.21  You Can Depend on Me
	6.22  Still in the Dark
	6.23  Volare!
	6.24  Ant Misbehavin"
	6.25  Sunshine Boogie
	6.26  Pressing Matters
	6.27  Young Hearts
	6.28  Beyond the Beef   
	6.29  I Hear You Knocking  
	6.30  The Finger of Suspicion   
	6.31  I Could Make You Care
	6.32  Hard Luck Blues
	6.33  There Stands the Grass
	6.34  I Forgot to Remember to Forget
	6.35  For Auld Lang Syne
	6.36  Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
	6.37  Eyesight to the Blind
	6.38  This Old Ghoul
	6.39  I Don"t Hurt Anymore
	6.40  Don"t Make a Beggar Out of Me
	6.41  Why Can"t We Be Friends?
	6.42  Oh My Papa
	6.43  Aba Daba Honeymoon
	6.44  Cry Me a River
	6.45  How Little We Know 
	6.46  High Times 
	6.47  Bye Bye Love
	6.48  Left My Heart
	6.49  Anywhere I Wander
	6.50  Climb Ev"ry Mountain
	6.51  No, Not Much
	6.52  Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues
	6.53  Flags of Our Foul-Ups
	6.54  Medical Mystery	
	6.55  Restoring Hope
	6.56  I Put a Spell on You
	6.57  Three-Card Bounty
	6.58  Return to Sender
	6.59  The Coyotes
	6.60  The White Wash
	6.61  We Will All Go Together
	6.62  Eye for an Eye
	6.63  Wheel of Fortune
7.  Freeform Quests 
	7.1  Fixing Trudy"s Radio  
	7.2  Barton Thorn"s Plea
	7.3  The McBride Mystery
	7.4  Helping Ranger Andy
	7.5  You be the Leader!
	7.6  Torres"s Trouble
	7.7  Virus Alert
	7.8  Boomer History
	7.9  For the Kids
	7.10  Paging Dr. Courier
	7.11  Supplies for the Boomers
	7.12  Camp Guardian
	7.13  Ranger Station Charlie
	7.14  Snuffles Wuffles
	7.15  Deathclaws-a-Plenty
	7.16  You Have to Break a Few Eggs
	7.17  I Have the Power!
	7.18  Khan Chems
	7.19  Chems for the Followers
	7.20  NCR Dogtags
	7.21  Legion-Ears
	7.22  Sing for Me
	7.23  Wheelin" and Dealin"
	7.24  Mr. Anders
	7.25  NCR Missing Weapons
	7.26  A Mess in the Mess Hall
	7.27  Burying the Dead
8.  Exploring for Fun and Profit
9.  Party Members
10.  Schematics
11.  Snow Gloves
12.  Equipment
13.  FAQ
14.  Credits
15.  Copyright Notice
16.  Contact Information
				About Me
This is my fourth FAQ/Walkthrough of any kind on GameFaqs. I also wrote the 
Thieves Guild and Mage"s Guild FAQs for Oblivion, and a FAQ for Fallout 3.  I
know it would seem I"m a bit of a Bethesda fanboy considering Bethesda made 
both new Fallouts and Oblivion, but I"ve been a Fallout fan for many years, 
since the original games came out over 10 years ago.  So I was waiting for
a new Fallout game for a very, very long time.  Aside from playing Fallout 1 
and 2, I also played Fallout:  Tactics and Fallout:  Brotherhood of Steel, 
although I didn"t play the later extensively.  I may have received some
criticism for not going past 98% completion on the Fallout 3 guide, however
with good reason I decided to quit because another writer was clearly
plagurising from other sources without citing anything, and I felt that
continuing was pointless.
				This Guide
Version 0.2
October 19, 2010
	Began writing introductions
	Added Contact and Copyright information
	Added early quests
Version 0.3
October 20, 2010
	Added some optional quests and Exploring for Fun and Profit
Version 0.4
October 23, 2010
	Added some more quest info and began compiling weapon and armor info
Version 0.5
	Added even more quests
Version 0.6
	Hey, more Optional Quests!
Version 0.65
	This game sure has a lot of Optional Quests
Version 0.90
February 23, 2011
	Big update, and a long time coming.  Filled out the main quests
	section, finished a ton of Optional Quests and Freeform quests.
				This Game
Version 1.0
October 19, 2010
	Bethesda releases Fallout:  New Vegas for the PC, PS3, X-Box 360
October 20, 2010
	Update released by Bethesda, fixed 200 different quests and scripts
October 21, 2010
	Fixed some bugs with the Quick and Auto Save functions from Steam
November 10, 2010
	Fixed some crashing issues and issues with companions and menus
December 14, 2010
	Fixed numerous, unknown issues
February 21, 2011
	Current version
				Fallout:  New Vegas Tips
The first tip I have is, by far, the most important.  Make sure you learn it 
if you haven"t already.  Save, Save, SAVE!  This means save frequently, and 
save using more than 1 file!  I can"t TELL you how many times I"ll get e-mails 
from people that have gotten stuck on something, or they run into a bug (Which 
can be expected with a new game).  Often times by reloading to your last save, 
or a previous save (Provided your last fresh save file isn"t over 15 hours 
old) you can fix a problem.  This can help you get out of many jams.  Some of 
you will consider this "cheating" by some stretch of the imagination, but 
Bethesda encourages frequent saving as well.  With a new game like this, do 
yourself a favor and just do it to avoid yourself some headache, if you want a 
challenge run the difficulty bar up and get to higher levels...
X-Box 360 users, I don"t know if this applies to Fallout, but in Oblivion 
I"ve been told that your cache memory will often screw with quests if you run 
into a bug, so not only will you need to reload to a previous save when you 
encounter a bug, you have to make sure to restart your console and clear your 
cache, this will fix problems many times.
First learn rule numba 1 =)
If you"re looking for an answer to a particular question, try using the Find 
command by hitting Ctrl + F.  Often times by putting in a keyword or two you 
can find good info pretty quickly.
If you run into a bug, and you have the X-Box version of the game, you should 
try to clear your cache as previously stated.  To do this, you need to reset 
your system, and hold the "A" button till the Bethesda logo shows up on your 
screen.  This should clear everything, and help to bypass bugs.  Thanks to 
phill0037 for info on how to do this, as I don"t have an X-Box =)
If you find yourself under heavy fire, look for cover immediately.  This 
should probably go without saying, but if you find you"re being hit from 
multiple sides by Super Mutants with Assault Rifles, sitting there and eating 
lead is not always the best option!  Maybe later you can take all that lead, 
but early on you may not have the armor, or the constitution.  Your best bet 
is to fall back a bit, either try ducking behind a desk, sliding behind a 
pillar, or in some cases exit to another location.  Often times a baddie WILL 
follow you to another zone, but sometimes sneaking back to a safer location 
will give you time to collect yourself, heal quickly, and find better cover.  
This will also help give you time to recover AP for those all important VAT 
shots to the face =D
Stack Repair skill when possible.  If you"ve spent at least an hour in combat, 
you"ll quickly realize that your weapons and armor will degrade, and in some 
cases they"ll degrade quickly for certain items!  Minigun comes to mind.  The 
higher your repair skill, the better you can repair all your items.  On top of 
that, you will save hundreds, nay, thousands in repair bills.  Most traders 
can only repair your items to 50% of their condition, and in some cases they"ll 
ask for your first born in payment if it"s an item like a Plasma 
Rifle.  If you repair the item yourself, it only costs another item of the 
same kind which may cost you less caps if not free!  Keeping your weapons and 
armor repaired also keep them strong, keeping you alive longer.
When possible, try not to kill any named NPC"s unless the quest you"re on
calls for it.  This can be difficult at times, but you never know when an
NPC is tied to a particular future quest.  By killing that invidual you may
instantly fail the quest without ever having the option to start it before
this point!  This is another great example of why multiple/frequent saves can
save your life.  If you do happen to kill an NPC that is tied to a quest you
haven"t started/completed, and you"re not sure if you plan on doing that
quest in the future, reload and kill the NPC later  =)

*****Quest 1:  Ain"t that a Kick in the Head *****

After watching the intro cutscene you"ll wake up on Doc Mitchell"s coach in
the town of Goodsprings.  The Doc will ask you your name, fill in whatever
you like (Hopefully something more creative than "Courier").  After you input
your name, the Doc will make you go over your physical features and make
sure he did okay patching you up.  Anyone who has played Fallout 3 will be
familiar with the next screen.  You"ll be able to change your various
features such as gender, hair type, hair color, eye color, general head
dimensions, etc. 
After you finish your character"s physical looks, the Doc will direct you to
the Vit-O-Matic Vigor Tester, which looks like one of those old love detector
machines you"d see back in the day.  This replaces the old S.P.E.C.I.A.L kid
book that you interfaced with in Fallout 3.  The stats you can pick from are:
Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.
(More info to come on the actual effect of each stat).
After picking your SPECIAL stats, Doc Mitchell asks you to sit down on his
couch in the other room.  If you"re feeling a little empty this early in the
game, feel free to loot the Doctor"s house.  I"ve found that everything
appears be lootable with no consequences, however you can"t sleep in his
bed.  There is a Doctor"s Bag that could be useful, as well as some medical
supplies and a gun that can be taken if your repair is high enough.  Once
you"re ready, sit on the couch.  The Doc will begin asking various questions
using word association.  This is similar to the old G.O.A.T exam from
Fallout 3, but not as funny in my opinion.  Don"t worry if your answers
don"t match up to the end Skill results, you can always change them if you
don"t like the outcome.  For the beginning player I normally suggest taking
one weapon skill to start (Guns is a good one).  For a second skill I like
Repair, because lets face it, a repaired item is an effective item,
especially when it comes to weapons.  For the third skill I like another 
tradeskill type Skill (This could be Medicine, Barter, Science, Lockpick, 
Outdoorsman, whatever you feel you"ll get the most out of.  I like Lockpick
or Science).  Once you"ve picked your 3, finalize.  The Doctor will walk 
you out.  He"ll give you a Pipboy, a relic from the Doctor"s old Vault. 
He"ll also give you a Vault 21 suit, either his old suit or his wife"s,
depending on your gender.  The doctor will give you two new quests, one
to head down to the Saloon and the other is to search for your killers.
Lets start with the former.

*****Quest 2:  Back in the Saddle *****

Talk to Sunny Smiles in the Prospector Saloon in your next quest.  You can
find the Saloon just North East from the Doc"s door.  You may see Victor,
the Robco Security Robot along the way, save him for later.  You can talk
to Easy Pete on the porch.  He"ll tell you about his scav days (Prospecting
as he likes to call it) and he gives you some info on Caesar"s Legion.
Inside the Saloon you"ll run into Sunny Smiles and her dog.  She"ll give
some basic info on the town and area, such as the location for Prim.  You
can also ask her to give some tips on defending yourself.  She"ll ask you to
go out the back where she"ll give you a Varmint Rifle and ask you to hit
some bottles on the fence.  You can hit the Sneak button to crouch for
better accuracy.  Once you"ve hit a few, Sunny figures that you didn"t
come to her to learn how to defend yourself from stationary bottles.  She
asks if you will assist in taking out some Geckos at their well, say yes.
Follow Sunny to the South East to the first well.  Make a save.
Sunny will come to a stop at a large rock.  The Geckos left of her.  You can
sneak up on them if your ability is high enough, then pop them in the head.
They"re not too tough, and not as thick skinned as the ones in Fallout 2
(Not yet anyway).  They should go down fairly easy with the Varmint Rifle.
Sunny tells you that it would be worth a few caps to help her clear out some
more Geckos, tell her you"ll help and follow.  The next well is south
through some more rocky terrain.  There will be 3 Geckos at this site, not
much tougher.  Once you finish them off, Sunny will double back north, then
go around the rocks and continue heading south.  There will be a settler
being attacked by 3 Geckos.  She may go down quick, so you"ll have to act
fast.  Pop all 3 Geckos asap, because if you kill them you"ll get 3
Purified Waters and your Karma will rank up to Accepted with Goodsprings.
When you"re finished, talk to Sunny to receive 50 caps.  She"ll also say
that she can teach you a few things in survival, namely making Medicine
Powder (This makes me think back to the old medicine man from Fallout 2).
She wants you to collect Broc Flowers and Xander Root, say you"ll do it.
This completes Back in the Saddle and gives you another quest.

*****Quest 3:  By a Campfire on the Trail *****

Sunny says after the Back in the Saddle quest that the Broc Flower and
Xander Root can be found near the old schoolhouse and the cemetery.  The
schoolhouse is roughly south-west from town, the cemetery is up the road
to the north, so lets go to the schoolhouse first.  There will be a few
Giant Mantis bugs outside.  I like to pull out a knife here, no sense in
wasting good bullets early on.  The Mantis...Manti...whatever, they go down
fairly easy with just a knife.  Head inside the schoolhouse, there will
be several more.  Check out the safe in here, if you have 25 Lockpick you
should be able to open it.  I found a Caravan Shotgun, Prewar Money, shells,
and a bunch of other goodies.  Theres also a few magazines scattered around
the schoolhouse.  Despite the quest marker saying the Xander Root is in the
schoolhouse, it"s actually outside.  Look on the ground next to a stump
right beside the schoolhouse, you"ll see 3 brown Xander Roots (They"re
kinda hard to see against the brown dirt).  When you"re ready, head north
to the cemetary, unless you"re starting to feel encumbered like me.  You
can sell some things off to Chet, who is next to the Saloon.  
The cemetery will be infested with Bloatflies, which are even less of a
threat than the Geckos.  I pulled out a Sledgehammer that I got in the
schoolhouse and squished them good.  The Broc Flower you want is near a
tree in the north-east corner of the cemetery.  Theres also a snow globe
by a grave marker near the water tower.  When you"re finished, head to
Sunny who is by the campfire near the last well you fought the Geckos at.
Be careful on the way, I ran into a Powder Gang member.  He went down easily
with one Sledgehammer swing, but he was packing heat.
When you get to the campfire, Sunny will teach you how to use it to make
various items.  Make the Healing Powder and you"re done here.  She asks
that you head back to the Saloon and introduce yourself to Trudy, who is
kind of like the town"s mom.  Head back into town.  Trudy will be in the
Saloon, talking with her will immediately complete the quest.  You"ll get
some experience and maybe your first level up.  You can ask Trudy about
various things, such as the Khan"s that attacked you and left you for dead.
You can also ask about a man holed up in the Gas Station named Ringo.  The
Powder Gang is after him.  This quest continues on under Optional Quests
for Ghost Town Gunfight.  Also, if you want some nice things and your
Science skill is at 25 (Or your Lockpick is really high) you can try your
hand at decoding the computer in the Saloon to unlock the safe in the floor.

*****Quest 4:  They Went That-A-Way *****

After getting your bearings and doing some things around Goodspring, you
may be itching to get back at the men that tried to end your life.  When
you"re ready, talk to Victor the Robco Security Robot in town.  He"ll be a
little different than the Robco"s you may have seen in Fallout 3.  He"ll have
a still picture of a cowboy on his screen, he"ll speak with a southern accent
and will move about on a wheel.  Ask Victor how he found you, and he"ll tell
you the whole story on how he dug you up from your grave, and got you back
to the Doctor before you could bite the bullet.  He"ll mark Prim on your
map if you didn"t already have it.  You can head south to Prim when you"re
When traveling to Primm, try to stay on the highway.  You"ll encounter less
trouble, and you don"t want too much trouble early in the game.  I snooped
around Primm and ran into a pack of Geckos, 7 to be exact, just north-west
of town.  They took a good piece out of my health.  Near the Goodspring
water source theres Jean"s Skydiving, you can find a key inside for a locker
with some nice things.  Near here theres also a Powder Gang location, you"ll
probably run into a few guys here, although if you stay north of it you may
avoid a fight.  Continue south to Primm.
When you get to Primm, an NCR Trooper will probably stop you and say that
Primm is off limits.  You can tell him that you"ll help, and he"ll direct
you to a tent further in.  Stay to the west side of town if the Powder
Gangers aren"t too friendly with you.  If you go to the south west corner
of Primm you can speak to the Ranger leader, but he doesn"t have much to
say.  If you picked up a Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap, you may get
visited by a trader if you take a nap in Primm.  He"ll talk about a rumor
that collecting these bottle caps leads to a great treasure, and he"s kinda
creepy.  If you didn"t pick up a bottle cap on the way, I found another on a
shelf in one of the houses in the south central of Primm.
If you"re wanting to continue your main quest line, you"re going to have to
venture to the east side of Primm, and theres probably going to be some
Powder Gangers that don"t like you there.  Theres some places that can be
looted, namely the Sheriff and Deputy buildings that have some nice
goodies, however your main goal should be fighting in to the Vikki and Vance
Casino.  You"ll encounter roughly four Powder Gangers, but if you"re crafty
you can lure them around corners and whack them with melee weapons to save
your health and bullets.  Once you get inside the V & V Casino, you"ll run
into Johnson Nash.  Speak with Nash and he"ll explain he works for the 
Mojave Express.  He"ll give you some info about the delivery you were on,
which will update your main questline.  However, he says that the only
person that knows where your prey went is the Deputy of town, and he was
captured.  This leads to the next quest, however Nash will also give you a
side quest for ED-E, a robot in the small building across the street from
the Casino.  ED-E can be repaired and will join you.  To update your main
quest line you must do part of the Optional Quest:  My Kind of Town.  For
info on that quest, please see the Optional Quest section (Please note to
update the main quest line you only need the info from the Deputy when
Once you"ve gotten the info and updated your quest, your next target should
be Novac via Nipton.  Nipton is south east of Primm, although you don"t want
to take a direct route there, could be dangerous.  Of course, the highway
can be dangerous too, so pick your poison:  gangs or giant, flesh eating
ants.  From here on out you"re going to run into a lot of Viper gangs and
other thugs trying to ambush you on the way to Novac.  They like to hang
around the roads, and some can pack a punch (Watch out for the melee ones).
If you"re looking for more supplies than what Primm could offer, you can
hit up Mojave Outpost which is south west of Primm, west of Nipton.  Theres
some quests you can do here as well, although all optional at this point.
Before you step foot in Nipton, be sure to take off NCR gear if you have it
on...you"ll run into some Legion, and they"ll attack you on site if you"re
wearing it.  You can loot up Nipton if you like (See my guide section on
Exploring for Fun and Profit).  When you"re ready, continue down the
highway east.  You"ll run into more Vipers on the road, keep your eyes
peeled and use cover when you can.  The road will turn north, follow it.
The road will bend east eventually where you"ll find a large overpass.
Take the lower road north.  You"ll run into more Legion, so make sure
you"re still not wearing NCR.  If the Legion doesn"t like you anyway, oh
well.  Following the road north you"ll come to a Ranger Outpost.  You can
talk to a few people here, but theres not really much to do or loot.  Novac
is just up the hill from the Ranger Station.
When you get to town, head to the motel at some point.  Speak to Jeannie
May Crawford.  She can sell you a Motel room for 100 caps, which is
potentially your first house/storage place you can own (Finally!).  It"s
not necessary, but if you ask her about the man in the checkered suit, 
she"ll mention that she did see him talk to Manny, one of the town"s snipers.
Now, you can either go speak to Manny...or you can sneak into Manny"s motel
room during the day.  His computer is open for viewing, and you"ll read
that the Khan"s were there and their destination is Boulder City.  Score!
If you would rather get this information from Manny, you"re going to have
to talk to him and do a quest.  For information on that quest you can see
the Optional Quests section under Come Fly With Me.  
Once you have the info from Manny, or from his computer, you"ll know that
the Khan"s and a Benny individual were heading toward Boulder City to the
north.  Now"s your chance to catch up!  When you"re ready, head out from
Novac and make your way up the highway north.  Boulder City should be
marked on your map, or you can just follow your quest marker.  Be careful
though, if you don"t take the highway you"ll run right into a Cazador nest,
and those flies mean business!  
When you reach Boulder City you"ll notice there isn"t much to town.  Theres
one vendor with little to trade, and two NCR troopers.  Speak to the
trooper on the east side of town, he"ll be near an entrance to the Boulder
City ruins.  He"ll also give you an optional quest called Boulder City
Showdown, which isn"t really optional.  You can either sneak in, or you
can negotiate for the NCR hostages.  If you plan on sneaking in, he
suggests going at night.  This isn"t really necessary as you"ll have a
group of troopers to back you up.  Negotiating is actually the better
option as you get better fame from it, although you miss out on looting
what you would have gotten for killing the Khans.  Do whatever you feel
like, I"ve got more details in the Boulder City Showdown optional quest
section if you plan on negotiating (It"s actually the best option).  If
you"re an evil character you can also read the optional section for that.  
For now, as far as the main quest goes, lets pretend you"re killing the 
Theres three Khans outside.  If you use the NCR troopers to your advantage
and use cover, you should be able to move in fairly close and get some
good shots off.  They like to hang out near the building, so a rifle may
be most useful.  The Khan"s can take some hits, but they shouldn"t give
you too much trouble if you"re well outfitted and around level 10 or so
by now.  When you"ve finished with the Khan"s outside, you"ll find their
lair in the back of the ruins.  Theres only two or three in the lair itself,
one is guy called Jessep, another is McMurphy, and the third is a random
Khan.  Watch out for Submachine gun fire, use the display cases for cover
if you need to.  You"ll probably have to face the men solo unless you
have companions.  When they"re dead, be sure to loot the bodies.  Jessup
will have a note describing the job to rob you of the Platinum chip and
take you out.  It also describes that Benny came from the Tops Casino.
The good news is that you"ve extracted some revenge, and you know where
you can find Benny.  You"ll finally get some good experience for this one
and we can close the books on the Khans for now.  If you went in negotiating
with Jessup, he"ll tell you everything you need to know about Benny and
where you can find him with the Platinum Chip.  Your next quest is to
track down Benny and give him a dose of revenge.

*****Quest 5:  Ring-a-Ding-Ding *****

Based on the note that you looted off Jessup, Benny came from the Tops
Casino to get the Khans the underhanded job to rob and kill you.  Lets
head that direction and see what we can find out.  We know that Benny is at
or around the Tops Casino on the Strip, but you can"t just walk onto the
Strip.  They keep shady characters out when possible, or poor people at
least.  You have three options at this point to get in.  First, you can
submit to a credit check at the door to the Strip (You just have to possess
2000 caps or more, they won"t take them), or you can use a Science skill to
confuse the robot (80 Science skill or more required), or you can ask a
favor of the King in Freeside once you complete the optional quest G.I.
Blues (See the optional quest section for more info).  The King will point
you toward Mick and Ralphs to inquire about a pass.  Getting the 2000 caps
is the easiest of these most likely unless you want to waste your favor
and have the King help you.  Either way, have one of the above methods and
then head to the south side of Freeside to get to the Strip.  When you first
get onto the Strip you"ll run into your old buddy, Victor.  Victor will
mention that he happens to have ties to Mr. House, and asks that you see
him right away in the Lucky 38 Casino.  The Casino can be found on your
left after entering the Strip.  Speaking to Victor will activate the quest
The House Always Wins I, which can be found further down in this guide.  
For now, lets believe that you"ve already spoken to Mr. House and continue
with your search for Benny.  It"s not necessary to speak to Mr. House
right away if you don"t want to.
Benny can be found in the Tops Casino on the Strip.  Theres a boat load of
options you can do here in approaching Benny, I"ll list the known ones I"ve
done below.  Any one of these will advance the plot.
Option 1:
Approach Benny, on his turf, in his own backyard?  Yeah, we"re crazy, so why
not turn some of his guys against him?  Speak with Swank inside the Tops, 
he"s one of the Chairmen under Benny with Benny being the leader.  Tell
Swank about your run in with Benny, this wont" be enough for him to turn on
his boss though, I"m afraid.  You"ll need either 3 pieces of evidence to
cement your clain, and/or pass 3 Speech options of 15, 30, and 45 skill
respectively.  The 3 evidence items are the distinctive cigarette butts that
Benny leaves behind (Check out your grave in Goodsprings for these), the
lighter that the Khan"s stole after he double crossed him (See Jessup in
"They Went That-A-Way"), and the holotape you receive when you ask Manny
Vargas about the Khans.  Any combination of a few of these should get 
Swank to listen to your story and make him think that Benny may not have
the Chairmen"s best interest at heart. Swank gives you Benny"s key to
investigate further, and gives you all your weapons back.  You can tell
Swank that Benny needs to be taken care of right away, but thats not
necessary and you"d rather set up your own ambush, ya?  Head up to Benny"s
suite (One of the last elevators on the right in the hall of elevators) and
seek out Yes Man.  Yes Man can fill you in on the plot, my, isn"t he
helpful?  Return to Swank and fill him in on what you found.  Swank will send
Benny to his room where you can confront him.  Speak to Benny and get as much
information out of him as you can or as much as you want anyway before you
can"t stand to see his ugly mug anymore.  Take him out, but be sure to loot
his body afterwards for his gun named Maria, the key to the Top"s Suite,
and the Platinum Chip!  Enjoy.  Whatever you do, don"t let Benny go, or
decide to work with him, forgive him, anything.  Nothing but a bullet in the
head will suffice for revenge.  If you don"t end up killing Benny here and
now, you"ll just prolong the inevitable.  Swank will become the head of the
Chairmen at the Tops, regardless of how the encounter goes.  speak with 
him and Yes Man after you"re finished with Benny.
Option 2:
Approach Benny with peaceful intentions in mind.  If you talk Benny into
giving you the Presidential suite key (The elevator is found in the right
section of the casino when you enter), he"ll tell you to meet him in this
Presidential suite.  You can also convince him with a Speech check of 60 
to follow you, which is the preferred method.  If you try to Barter with
him, Benny will give you 500 caps up front, but you"ll be ambushed later
and will have to wait to get the Platinum Chip, your call.  No matter
what options you pick, you can"t really have a conversation with Benny on
the ground level of the Casino, he insists on speaking in private, which
leads to a lot of double cross/ambush possibilities for him.  If you
decide to meet Benny in the Presidential suite, and you don"t Speech check
him to go without the guards, Benny will be a no show when you get there. 
He"ll speak to you via intercom and send 4 guards to take you out swiftly.
Benny will then escape with the Platinum Chip, heading on to the Fort.
While he meets his most gruesome death at the Fort, you also miss out on
getting the Platinum Chip easily, so that"s your call.  If you convinced
Benny to lead the way to his suite with the Speech check, head on up with
him.  Here you can prod him for information if you wish.  Benny will make
an offer to pay you cash.  If you take the offer, Benny will walk out
and you"ll get ambushed.  You"ll meet up with Benny later at the Fort,
where you can get revenge.  If you kill Benny, you can loot him for the 
suite key, Maria, and Platinum Chip.  If you let Benny go free, you"ll end
up getting ambushed by 4 guards on the way out and you"ll have to wait to
settle the score and get the Platinum Chip later.  Theres no way to really
talk Benny into giving you the chip at this point in the game, so you
really have to kill him one way or another unless you don"t mind waiting
and want to see him crucified. 
Option 3:  
This is my favorite option and requires that you barely do anything to get
your revenge on Benny, although it"s pretty dirty.  If you"re female and have
the Perk Cherchez La Femme, approach Benny on the floor of the Tops Casino.
YOu will not need to speak to Swank or anyone prior to this.  Benny will be
surprised to see you of course, and he wants to finish the job.  Through a
series of risque dialog choices through Cherchez La Femme, you can convince
Benny that you"re attracted to his tough, no nonsense attitutde and convince
him to come up to his suite with you.  Benny will eventually get on board
and will lead you up to the room.  There you can seduce him into bed...where
you can kill him in his sleep!  Not exactly torturous, but a nice underhanded
move.  On the other hand, if you sleep with Benny...and then actually let him
go (You sick, sick individual), Benny will leave you a little love note the
next morning and he will have split.  He"ll be heading to the Fort, same as
in Option 2.  You can talk to Yes Man at this point, but you still need
to retrieve the Platinum Chip.

In the event that your encounter with Benny doesn"t go well (You don"t end
up killing him), Benny will always escape the Strip and head towards the
Fort, in which case you will not be able to avoid Caesar.  Fear not, as
upon leaving the Tops Casino you"ll be approached by Caesar"s head of
intelligence, Vulpes, and he"ll give you the Mark of Caesar which will
wipe any past bad blood you had with them and allow you a pass into the
Fort without getting shot (Unless you do enough bad things to upset the
Legion again).  You"ll eventually run into Benny there, but if you"re
looking to complete "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" then all you need to do is 
investigate Benny"s suite on the 13th floor of the Tops.  You"ll run into
Yes Man, speak to him to get all the info, your quest should then update.


I decided I had to change this section up a bit as it turns out some of
the optional quests I originally listed are actually potential paths to
the end game and are unavoidable depending on which side you choose.
Please note that many of these quests can be done even if you"re not
planning on siding with that group/individual.  For instance, even if
you"re working toward an Independant or House controlled Vegas, you can
complete much of the NCR"s path (Up to killing Mr. House, if you"re
planning on siding with him).  In some cases you can even work with the
Legion on a few quests and side the the NCR.  Eventually you will reach
a point of no return.  The turning point is usually during the
President"s address to the NCR troops.  By this point you should have
a good idea who you"re siding with and you should realize that unless
you plan on killing House and going Independant, you will most likely
be siding with whoever you"ve helped the most up till then.  It may
seem odd that we"re already talking end game at this point, but realize
that there are literally dozens and dozens of optional and side quests
tied into the main quest, and some will be almost required.  You can 
finish the game as early as you want, but the ending and satisfaction
you receive will be enhanced if you explore all New Vegas has to offer.
That said, here are your paths:
Mr House controlled New Vegas
NCR controlled New Vegas
Legion controlled New Vegas
Independant New Vegas
I will list all mandatory quests for each faction below, remember that
many of these can be done or partially completed even if you are not
planning on ultimately siding with that group!

@@@Mr. House controlled Vegas quests@@@

*****Quest 6:  The House Always Wins (Parts I-VII) *****

*Part I*
When you arrive at the Strip for the first time, Victor the Securitron robot
will speak to you.  He"ll ask you to speak to Mr. House in the Lucky 38
Casino, it seems Victor has had ties to Mr. House all along.  When you can,
head over to the Lucky 38 on your left and speak to Victor again.  He"ll
tell you that your party will have to wait outside before he can let you in.
Head inside the casino, then speak to Victor again in the center to take the
elevator up to the Penthouse.  When you arrive at the Penthouse, you"ll see
a lady Securitron ahead named Jane.  She"s been modeled after one of Mr.
House"s...ladies prior to the war.  If you"ve collected any Snowglobes up to
this point she"ll take them at 2000 caps a piece and display them in the
casino, feel free to dump them off, no reason is holding them in your
inventory where you cannot see them.
Mr. House will be down the stairs and to your left from the elevator.  Are
you surprised by his appearance?  In any case, Mr. House will explain why
he"s called you here.  You can ask him about various things, such as what
the Platinum Chip is (He won"t be completely forthcoming here, but he"ll
give you some background), how he saved Vegas, the treaty with the NCR, 
etc.  Eventually he"ll get down to brass tacks.  He wants you to retrieve
the Platinum Chip for him so he can use it to upgrade his Securitrons for
the pending controntation between the NCR and Legion.  At this point if
you"ve completed the quest "Ring-a-Ding-Ding," you may already have the
Platinum Chip in your possession, in which case this first part of the
quest will be complete.  If not, you will need to head to the Fort to find
out what became of the chip and Benny.  If you went straight to the Lucky 38
to speak to House, read up on the quest "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" and complete it
to further along this section.  If Benny is at the Fort, read on as doing
the next section will get you the chip anyway.
*Part II*
At this point you will have either completed "Ring-a-Ding-Ding" and obtained
the Platinum Chip from Benny, or you encountered Benny and he escaped to the
Fort with the chip.  We"ll assume you have the chip and gave it to Mr. House,
because either way you"re going to the Fort regardless.  With the chip in his
possession, Mr. House will direct you back to the elevator you came from, 
which Victor will have you take to the basement.  There Mr. House will put on
a performance on what the chip does.  The chip will allow his current 
Securitrons to upgrade to Ver. 2, enabling many features to boost their
offensive and defensive capabilities.  Once the demonstration is over, all the
Securitrons around Vegas should become upgraded, or they will be soon.  Speak
to House again, he"ll have another task for you.  Mr. House will want you to
head to the Legion"s Fort and locate a bunker there.  If Benny escaped you
previously, you"ll also have to procure the Platinum Chip from him once you
get to the Fort.
Head to the south-east part of the map, there will be a burned out town there
called Cottonwood Cove.  If you remember, upon completing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding"
you should have been approached by a member of the Legion and received the Mark
of the Legion.  This erased your previous crimes against them, if any.  On the
other hand, if you"ve screwed them over a few times since then, they may not
like you.  If you messed with the Legion after receiving the Mark, you"ll
either have to disguise yourself as Legion and sneak in (Or use a Stealth Boy),
or you"ll have to kill your way there.  You"re going to have a rough go of it
if you plan on killing your way through the Fort, we"re talking a lot of Legion
members and they"ll gang up on you quick, so if at all possible I suggest using
a disguise to save yourself harm.  If your faction is fine with them, head
through the town to the dock.  There will be a Legion guard named Cursor 
Lucullus. He"ll take you to the Fort on the nearby boat.
When you arrive at the Fort, you"ll be stripped of weapons and probably meds as
the Legion don"t like either.  If your Sneak is high enough you may be able to
keep back some holdout weapons.  You can also convince the guard that you need
your meds for an illment you have.  The guard will also take the Platinum Chip
if it"s in your possession, you can"t really negotiate here (Unless you 
negotiate with a pistol).  Once you"ve finished with the guard at the gate,
your next desination will be Caesar"s tent.  Right into the dragon"s lair, eh?
To get there you"ll have to make your way up the hill before you, there will
be a drawbridge door at the top that leads to the main camp.  Caesar"s tent
will be situated alone on a hill in the center.  Speak to Caesar, he may be
surprised to find you there if you"ve foiled his plans in the past.  However,
as long as you"re still Neutral with the Legion since receiving the Mark, he
won"t attack you here.  In fact, he"ll give you the Platinum Chip back!  Theres
a catch however.  He"s figured out that the bunker in the back of the Fort
can be opened with the chip, and he wants you to destroy whatever you find
there.  Yes, this is the same bunker that Mr. House wanted you to head to.  The
good news is that if you do Caesar"s bidding you can decide how Benny gets to
die.  If you missed him on your way in, Benny will be tied up off to your right,
feel free to poke fun at his misfortune.  Theres more good news, you can fool
Caesar and still kill Benny.
The bunker will be in the Weather Monitoring Station at the back of the Fort.
If you snuck your way in up to this point, the guards here will find you out
and probably attack.  Otherwise they"ll keep an eye on you.  There will be a
console to your right once you enter, insert the Platinum Chip here to open
the staircase in the floor to Mr. House"s bunker.  Inside the bunker you"ll
see another computer console with a screen, Mr. House will be projected onto
it.  He"ll tell you that this bunker houses hundreds of Securitron robots that
can all be upgraded to Mark II status and set free, but he needs you to do it
as he"s lost the ability to completely interract with the bunker remotely.
He will open the front door for you though...so thanks for that I guess.  Be
careful while you"re down here as there are a number of Protectrons and 
automated turrets that dissuade anyone from progressing.  The good news is
that if you sprint straight ahead once going through the front door, you"ll
find a security room where you can hack a few computers and disable the
defense within (Skill of 50 for the turrets and 75 for the robots).  If
you"ve taken out the turrets and robots, there won"t be anything else to
stop you really other than some mild radiation within.  Theres only a few
rooms in the bunker, so you shouldn"t have much trouble finding the terminal
in the back.  The terminal will be against the wall in a small room, with a
window showing a blank Securitron and a table with some odds and ends. 
Insert the Platinum Chip to upgrade the Securitrons here, you"ll here some
machinery turning and the robots will all show the soldier face, signifying
your task is complete.  House will ask you to return to the Lucky 38 at this
point, the first two parts of this quest will be done.
*Part III*
With House fully upgraded, he"ll now turn towards matters of diplomacy, or
in some cases destruction.  House will be sending you around to various
groups to secure their cooperation in the coming battle, or to take them
out.  The first group House will want you to check in with is the Boomers.
You may or may not have interracted with them before, if not it"s okay.
You only need to become Accepted among the Boomers to enlist their aid for
the coming battle.  To get there you can complete any number of quests
listed:  Ant Misbehavin", Young Hearts, Sunshine Boogie, Volare!, Boomer 
History, For the Kids, Paging Dr. Courier, and Supplies for the Boomers.
When you get to at least Accepted, or if you were already Accepted or
better, speak to Pearl in her bunker.  When they"ve pledged their help,
return to House to complete this part.
*Part IV*
Note:  This is the last quest you can complete before you"ll be locked in
with Mr. House.  The only way you can divert from this path after this
point is to kill Mr. House and work toward an Independant Vegas with
Yes Man.  Completing this part will make you fail the conditional quests
"Beware the Wrath of Caesar!" and "Don"t Tread on the Bear."
The next group House wants you to check with is the Omertas.  If you"re
not familiar with them, the Omertas are one of the three original
families/tribes that founded New Vegas with Mr. House following the
revival of Vegas after the war.  Mr. House says something fishy is going
on and he wants you to make sure they"re still in line.  The Omertas will
be in their casino on the Strip known as Gomorrah, it"s across the street
from the Lucky 38 so it should be easy to find.  
To complete this part you will either need to wipe out the Omerta"s or
you"ll need to complete the side quest "How Little We Know" by speaking with
the receptionist at the front desk to begin the quest.  House will clue you
in that this woman is a bit of a gossip and feeds information out from time
to time, so she"ll be useful in getting the ball rolling here.  Review the
section on this quest for more info on what to do.  Once you"ve resolved the
Omerta situation, return to House for your reward.  If you"ve previously 
dealt with the Omerta"s, Mr. House should reward you anyway.  Yay for easy
*Part V*
This is the last group House wants you to interract with before the ball
really gets rolling toward the Hoover Dam battle.  Mr. House knows that a
chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel has setup in New Vegas and he wants
them eliminated.  No ifs, ands, or buts about this one.  It doesn"t matter
if you"re idolized with the Brotherhood and they"ve accepted you as one of
their own, Mr. House wants them gone as he sees them for what they are:
technology hoarders with a passion for protecting their precious devices
with lethal force if necessary.  Unless you can use the console to advance
this quest manually (And I don"t suggest it) you"re going to have to take
out the Brotherhood.
If you haven"t encountered them up to this point, the Brotherhood bunker
can be found in Hidden Valley.  It"s a fenced in enclosure off the highway
north of the NCRCF. IF you"re looking for access you can either bring
Veronica with you as a companion (Which is the easiest way), or you can
check out the first part of the quest called "Still in the Dark" to access
the Brotherhood bunker.  For this quest, you"ll either have to kill all the
members of the Brotherhood individually, or you"ll have to blow up their
underground base in Hidden Valley.  I won"t describe how to kill them all,
although you can make it easier on yourself doing this part by hacking the
terminal in Paladin Ramos"s room and turning the turrets on the Paladins.
To blow up the bunker, you"ll need to get all the necessary keycards off the
leaders in Hidden Valley.    Among the Brotherhood members that you
need to get the cards off of are Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, and
Head Scribe Taggart.  If Hardin became Elder, Ramos may have the 3rd keycard
instead I"m told.  It"s best to make multiple saves here, as you don"t want
to piss off the Brotherhood before activating the self destruction sequence,
it just gets messy.  Getting the cards off Hardin is easy as he"s usually
in his quarters alone.  McNamara is usually in his chair, which is fairly
easy to get behind and pickpocket from.  Taggart may be a bit tougher, I
was able to get him while he was sleeping.  When you have all 3 keycards,
head to the large simulation room where Taggart is.  There will be a terminal
to your right when you enter the room.  You need to access the Override
Terminal first to get the Override code, using the keycards that you
previously obtained.  Once you have the override code, use the Self Destruct
terminal to begin the countdown.  At this point the Brotherhood will no longer
be friendly or neutral with you, you need to haul arse and get out of there.
Head back to L1 and out through the Bunker"s entrance, dodging Brotherhood
members (Or wiping them out) on your way up.  When you exit the Bunker will
go ka-blooey, although you may get approached by a few Paladins upon exit
and may need to do battle.  Return to Mr. House when you"ve mopped up.
*Part VI*
Note:  This quest is essentially identical to the quest "You"ll Know it 
When it Happens." I"ve heard word that if you"re not in good standing with
the NCR upon the start of this quest, you"ll automatically fail and jump
to Part VII.
After returning from the ruin of the Brotherhood bunker, speak to Mr. House.
He has gained information regarding an assassination attempt against the
NCR"s President Kimball.  While House doesn"t care for the NCR all that
much, he"s determined that the President"s untimely death has the potential
to set off other negative events in the future, so Mr. House wants you to
ensure his death does not come about.  House will sent you to Ranger Grant
at Hoover.  When you"re ready and the quest has been activated by you, head to
Hoover Dam and look for Ranger Grant in the Visitor"s Center.  He"ll fill you
in on the President"s arrival and give you as much information as he can.
He needs your help to make sure nothing happens to Kimball, however you have
limited access to the Dam itself.  If you speak to Grant about getting full
access and successfully pass a Speech check, Grant will allow you access to
the Vertibird Helipad and some other locations.  I suggest making a new save
here and scoping out the situation.  Get a lay of the Dam and the area where
the Speech will take place before the event starts.  Think about where the
problem areas would be if you were trying to take out the President and use
that to your advantage.  I had Boone with me when I did this mission, and I
noticed that he pointed out a few probable locations he would snipe from if
he was doing the job, but I didn"t catch all of them to be honest.  You can
check the computer in the Visitor"s Center and discover an unauthorized
access from a Sgt. Macovitch, keep that in mind.  Theres also a woman on the
second floor that will mention that her engineer friend disappeared awhile
ago and she hasn"t seen him.  You may notice in the janitor"s hall below
that a trail of blood exists...posing as an engineer would be a nice disguise.
When you"re ready for the Speech, speak to Ranger Grant again.  Once the
Speech sequence begins, you"ll wake up shortly before the President is going
to land.  You need to do some more detective work now as there are several
things that can be potential traps before and during the President"s arrival.
First off, after the President"s Vertibird lands, an engineer is going to
place a bomb on it.  To remove it you"ll need to have an engineer disguise
that you lifted from the janitor"s closet earlier in the Visitor"s Center,
or you"ll have to gain access through a Speech check of 55.  The ladder to
the Vertibird landing pad is on the east side of Visitor"s Center, outside,
and up the steps from the Speech area.  Once you have access to the helipad,
deactivate the bomb with an Explosives or Repair skill of 50.  If you don"t
have enough of either skill, you may be able to report the Bomb to Ranger
Grant and he"ll handle the situation.  That"s not all though, the second
attempted assassination is a Sniper on the tower behind Kimball"s podium.
After you"ve handled the bomb situation, make your way across the dam and
take either the door or ladder and make your way to the top.  You should
notice a dead NCR body was thrown from the tower, which should tip you off
for starters.  When you reach the summit of the tower, the Legion Sniper will
attack, take him out.  If you prefer, you can snipe him youself from another
location, however you may prematurely end the President"s speech and theres
still at least one threat that should be taken care of.  Once the Sniper is
taken care of, you can report this incident to Grant as well, and even if
you didn"t disarm the bomb he should find it and take care of it.  If not,
oh well, reload or live with the consequences.  Theres one more possible
assassination attempt and it involves the engineer that"s watching the
speech.  If you watch closely you"ll notice that one engineer is less
entusiastic about the President"s speech and he also will have come down
from the helipad shortly after it lands...hmm...Yes, theres a detonator
on him, and he also has a knife that he may plan to use to rush Kimball with
and take him out.  Depending on your success up to this point, the NCR Rangers
may take him out before he"s successful, or in a couple of my runs this
engineer may do nothing at all (I"m told he may not use the knife if he still
thinks the bomb is active).  
Once you"ve handled all three threats, or you"ve reported one or two of them
to Grant, the President will either finish his speech and depart, he"ll be
rushed away to safety, or he"ll die a gruesome death.  Either way the quest
will be over.  For a successful save of Kimball you"ll get 1000xp and some
NCR fame.  Also this will unlock one of three possible final quests, based on
whoever you"ve sided with.  In this case we"re following the Mr. House path,
so you should get access to Part VII after returning to House.
*Part VII*
This is the last part to the quest line "The House Always Wins."  Upon
returning to Mr. House following President Kimball"s Speech, House will have
one more task for you before the Legion arrives at Hoover Dam.  He needs you
to go to the El Dorado Substation and install the override module.  This
quest is fairly easy, the catch is that the NCR strictly guard the entrance
to this facility and they"ve already become suspicious that you"re in league
with House (Or at least not with the NCR).  Installing the override module
is critical in getting House the auxilliary power he needs to remotely
access his army and make sure that Vegas remains secure.
The El Dorado Substation can be found north of Helios ONE.  You"ll see a 
number of NCR troops outside, and none are too happy that you"re snooping
around.  The easiest way to bypass them without pissing them off is to don
an NCR disguise and head inside the substation.  If you don"t have an NCR
disguise available, or don"t want to use one, you"ll have to Sneak your way
in or take the soldiers out.  If you"re quick you may be able to run in, 
install the chip, and then fast travel away...but why go through all that
trouble when theres NCR outfits throughout the game?  When you"re inside the
substation, the terminal will be in the back on your right.  Install the
chip and return to Mr. House.  
Everything is complete at this point, at least on Mr. House"s end.  If you
have any personal loose ends that you want to complete, now is the time to
do it as theres nothing left to do in preparation for the Battle at Hoover
Dam.  If theres any special weapons or armor you want before the battle, or
if you need anything repaired, ammo, Stimpacks, etc I suggest getting them
now before accepting Mr. House"s dialog choice to go to Hoover Dam.  

*****Quest 7:  All or Nothing *****

After accepting to go to Hoover Dam for the battle, you"ll magically be
taken to the Dam where the battle already is underway.  The good news is
that Securitrons will be assisting in taking control of the Dam.  Also if
you enlisted any outside forces for the battle, such as the Great Khans,
or if you got the Boomer"s plane up and running, they will be assisting
you along with the NCR.  Mr. House has one final technical task for you
it seems.  He wants you to sneak into the Dam"s mainframe and install yet
another override chip so he can assume control of the Dam and run things
more efficiently later...you"ll see, trust me.  Theres probably a couple
different paths you can take to get there, but the quickest way is to find
the third tower on your right and head inside.  There will be a door here
to your right, head to the next area.  Here there will be the floor that
leads to the mainframe area and later the Power Plant.  The mainframe will
be down the path to your left, just follow your quest marker.  You"ll 
know that you"ve found the right door when you see a couple NCR troopers
that appear to be wearing some variation of Brotherhood Power Armor...
just slimmer.  They may dispatch a couple Legion soldiers quickly.  If
you"re Speech is sly enough you should be able to convince them that
their commander is under attack and needs their help right away, they"ll
abandon their post leaving the computer room all to you.  If your Speech
isn"t high enough, well...prepare for a fight.
Once inside the computer room the soldiers were guarding you"ll see the
main terminal in the back.  Interract with it to install Mr. House"s
override chip.  The last thing you"ll need to do is manually kick the
power on in the Power Plant.  To do this, head back out of the room and
continue on to your left.  Keep heading this direction, take the right
path at the fork, and then right again at the next fork.  This should
lead you to a large room which is part of the Power Plant.  The switch
you"re looking for should be on your right when you enter the large
room.  Flip it on, you"re all set!  There should be a key on a table
nearby for the exit, grab that and head back the way you came.  When you
exit the tower, the battle will continue to rage on.  Securitrons will
continue to pour in along with NCR troopers and any other helpers you
had.  Push east toward the Legion"s camp.  Try to let the NPC"s do the
work for you, save your health and meds for the later battle.  Eventually
you"ll come to a gate leading to the Legate"s camp.
Inside the Legate"s camp you really won"t receive anymore help from the
Securitrons, although if you still have a companion Securitron with you
they should continue to follow.  Your normal companions will still be
at your side as well.  Some of the best members of the Legion will be
waiting for you here, and they can and will attack in groups of 3 or
more at times...and they know how to use their machetes.  If any other
weapons are lying around they may pick them up, so be careful not to
drop any Plasma Rifles or anything.  Be sure to clear out as many Legion
soldiers as possible, just be careful not to get too close to the path
that leads up the hill to the Legate"s tent, this will be in the back
of the zone.  When ready, head up the path and encounter Caesar"s
supreme champion, the Legate Lanius.  The first time I encountered this
guy I didn"t quite know what to think as I had only heard the horror
stories about him.  It kinda reminded me of the battle in Fallout 1 where
you had no previous encounters with the Master, nor any real idea what
the guy would look like.  In any case, this guy means business!  Not only
is he a force to reckon with (His blade can cut you in two before you can
say "Ave, true to Caesar."), but he seems to actively regenerate health
like he"s Wolverine or something.  On top of that he"ll call down Legion
members to assist him in the battle unless you can talk him out of it.
There are some Speech options here where you can avoid the battle all
together, but they will require steep Skill levels.  To avoid a battle
completely you"ll need either 100 Speech, or 100 Barter.  Otherwise...
prepare for a bloodbath.  When fighting the Legate, the best piece of
advice I can give is bring out your best gear, use armor piercing when
available, and don"t give him an inch to recover.  The longer you leave
him untounched, the more time he has to recover and the more soldiers
that will spawn for him.  His forces seem to be never ending, at least
from what I"ve seen, so it would be in your benefit to finish him as
quickly as possible.  Use any and all Stimpacks you may need, Med-X
when available, offensive enhancing chems, etc.  The other tactic that
has worked well for me is knocking his sword from his hands.  While he
can be devastating without the sword, it"s obviously the greater of
two evils.  Going into VATS mode and shooting/knocking the sword out
will buy you a few precious seconds.  If you"re quick you may be able
to pick it up before the Legate can get to it again, I wasn"t able to
myself though.
When the Legate drops, finish off any remaining Legion soldiers there
may be in the area.  Most will cower, so they shouldn"t provide much 
of a problem.  When you"ve mopped them up, head back to the gate you
came from, you"ll see General Lee Oliver there to congradulate you on
a successful route of the Legion.  You"ll then notice something
appearing in the smoke behind Oliver...yeah, that"s freakin" awesome
to see, I won"t spoil it.  In any case, let Oliver know that the NCR
doesn"t have a leg to stand on as it concerns the Dam and that Mr.
House will be in charge now.  Oliver will be none too happy, however
you can talk him down with a Speech of 100, Barter of 100, or Science
skill of 100.  If you don"t convince Oliver to retreat, he may decide
he"s going down in a blaze of glory...which shouldn"t last too long
given the current situation.  When Oliver drops, a Securitron for Mr.
House should appear and speak to you at length.  Thats all!  Congrats
on completing the game...now, reload from an older save and go finish
up any optional quests you didn"t complete.  You can also reload from an
even earlier save and take a different path, like NCR, Independant Vegas,
or even Legion.  Finally, you can always start a new character and go
a completely different route, like being a bad guy ;-)

@@@NCR controlled New Vegas quests@@@

*****Quest 8:  Things That Go Boom *****

This is a really short quest, but it all leads up to the Battle at Hoover
Dam.  Sometime after you"ve entered the Strip, probably after you"ve spoken
to Mr. House, you"ll be a

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