Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Walkthrough]

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

                                         _ __
        ___                             | "  \r
   ___   /  ___         ,"\_           | .-.         /|
    /  | |,"__   ,"\_  |             | | | |      ," |_   /|
 _ | |  | |/    |    | |\_|    _    | |_| |   _ "-. .-"," |_   _
// | |  | |____| | | |\_|| |__    //    |     | ,"_`. | | "-. .-"," `. ,"\_
\_| |_," .-, _  | | |   | |   //    .| |\_/ | /  || |   | | / |  |   \r
 `-. .-"| |/ / | | | |   | |  //     |  |    | | | || |   | | | |_ || |\_|
   | |  | || \_| | | |   /_   /      | |`    | | | || |   | | | .---"| |
   | |  | |\___,_ /_ _      //       | |     | \_/ || |   | | | |  /| |
   /_  | |           //_____//       .||`      `._," | |   | |  `-" /| |
        /_           `------"         |   AND        `.  | |  `._," /_\r
                                       |       THE          `.\r
                                      ____       _                           
                                     / __ \_____(_)________  ____  ___  _____
                                    / /_/ / ___/ / ___/ __ / __ / _ / ___/
                                   / ____/ /  / (__  ) /_/ / / / /  __/ /    
                                  /_/   /_/  /_/____/\____/_/ /_/\___/_/     
                                       ___        __         __              
                                  OF  /   |____  / /______ _/ /_  ____ _____ 
                                     / /| /_  / / //_/ __ `/ __ / __ `/ __ \r
                                    / ___ |/ /_/ ,< / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / /
                                   /_/  |_/___/_/|_|\__,_/_.___/\__,_/_/ /_/ 
                               V2.00 2007-02-24
              Copyright 2004 - 2007 Barry Scott "PapaGamer" Will
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This guide covers Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the PC. The PC 
version of the game is radically different from the version released on the 
various consoles (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and Gameboy Advance). If you need help 
with a console version of the game, you will need to look elsewhere.

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  .||`  / /   / __ / __ / __/ __ `/ ___/ __/
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   |  / /___/ /_/ / / / / /_/  __/ / / / /_(__  ) 
   |  \____/\____/_/ /_/\__/\___/_/ /_/\__/____/  

              Spell List......................................GP02
              Monster Fighting Tricks.........................GP03
              Hints & Tips....................................GP04
              Collector"s Cards...............................GP05
              Hogwarts Express................................WK01
              Carpe Retractum Challenge.......................WK02
              Of Pixies and Hippogriffs.......................WK03
              Draconifors-Lapifors Challenge..................WK04
              Anti-Dementor Lesson............................WK05
              Hippogriff Legal Defense........................WK06
              Bookie Monster..................................WK07
              Glacius Challenge...............................WK08
              Rescue Ron......................................WK09
              Rescue Buckbeak.................................WK10
              Carpe Retractum Final Exam......................WK11
              Draconifors-Lapifors Final Exam.................WK12
              Glacius Final Exam..............................WK13
              Exterior of Hogwarts............................EX01
              Interior of Hogwarts............................EX02
              Portrait Levels.................................EX03
           Version History....................................VH00

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   | |   / ____/___ _____ ___  ___  ____  / /___ ___  __
  .||`  / / __/ __ `/ __ `__ / _ / __ / / __ `/ / / /
   |  / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /  __/ /_/ / / /_/ / /_/ / 
   |  \____/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/\___/ .___/_/\__,_/\__, /  
                                /_/            /____/   
A few general notes:
* You can replay any segment of the game using Bookmarks on the loading 
screen. Click the down arrow next to your save game and choose Bookmarks. Then 
click the game icon to view a list of completed levels and choose one to 
* You generally cannot go back in a level. If you miss something, you"ll have 
to quit and reload from your last save point. Make sure you pick up all the 
Save Books as you go through the level.
* You cannot have multiple saves of a game. Each game is saved to an 
individual slot. You can have multiple games in progress, but each is limited 
to a single save point. If you miss something and have saved past that point, 
you"ll have to use the Bookmarks or Challenge Replay room to play the entire 
level again.
* You can press ENTER to skip a cut scene with the exception of tutorial cut 
scenes. Unfortunately, the game considers 90% of the cut scenes to be 
tutorials, so you can"t skip most of them. Don"t wear out your ENTER key 
trying to skip ahead.
* When flying Buckbeak, press-and-hold S or DOWN ARROW to fly more slowly. 
There"s no time limit on finishing each course, so take your time and hit the 
rings. Also, remember the key to hitting the rings is to glide as much as 
possible and only beat your wings as you approach a ring; make sure you"re 
below the level of the ring when you flap your wings as Buckbeak gets a lot of 
height out of one wing beat.

                               CONTROLS (GP01)
These are the standard controls for the game. You can change these under 
Forward:      W or Num8
Backward:     S or Num2
Strafe Left:  A or Num4
Strafe Right: D or Num6
Turn Left:    Left arrow
Turn Right:   Right arrow
Use Wand:     Left mouse button or ALT
Jump:         Right mouse button or CTRL
Menu:         ESC
Steer:        Move mouse left/right or left & right arrow keys
Flap Wings:   Right mouse button or CTRL
Slow Down:    S or Num2
Breathe Fire: Left mouse button or ALT (Draconifors only)
Cancel Spell: ENTER (Draconifors only)
Jump:         Right mouse button or CTRL
Chew/Dig:     Left mouse button or ALT
Move:         Mouse + W/S (Num8/Num2) or arrow keys
Cancel Spell: ENTER
Steer:        Move mouse left/right or left & right arrow keys
Speed up:     W or UP ARROW
Slow down:    S or DOWN ARROW

The menu page has eight options (from left to right):
* Status: shows each character"s health (Stamina), the number of secrets and 
the number of Challenge Shields collected and available in the current level. 
From the Status screen, you can click the check mark on the right side of the 
screen and see how you are doing in completing your game objectives. To 
complete PoA, you must finish the following tasks:
 -> Collect 10 Challenge Shields in Carpe Retractum
 -> Collect 10 Challenge Shields in Draconifors-Lapifors
 -> Collect 10 Challenge Shields in Glacius
 -> Finish all 5 levels of the Monster Book of Monsters Encounter
 -> Finish all 5 Hippogriff Flying Courses
 -> Finish all 5 levels of the Pixie Encounter
 -> Purchase all 8 Portrait Passwords from Fred & George
 -> Collect all 80 Collector"s Cards (optional)
* Marauders Map: displays a map of the current area (excluding the Challenge 
courses). You have to get the map from Fred first (which occurs right after 
the Carpe Retractum Challenge).
* Portrait Password menu: shows all the Portrait Passwords you have bought.
* Mini-Game Achievements: shows how far you have progressed in each mini-game 
(Pixies, Hippogriff, Monster Book of Monsters)
* Treat Bag: shows how many beans, pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes you 
* Challenge Shields: shows the Challenge Shields you have collected in each 
Challenge level.
* Folio Universitas: shows the Collector"s Cards you own.
* Options: change the controls, audio and video options for the game.
In the bottom right corner of the menu screen is a large X. Click it to quit 
the game and return to the main menu.

                              SPELL LIST (GP02)
The primary method of interaction in the game is casting spells on objects. 
Many interactive objects in the game world are marked with a symbol of the 
spell that works on them. Some are unmarked and are only discovered by careful 
searching with your pointer. When you hold down the Use Wand key (Left mouse 
button or ALT) and hover over an interactive object, a spell symbol pops up 
and you can cast at that object.
During the course of the game, you will control all of the three main 
characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Each character has 
one or two special spells that only he or she can cast. You cannot choose 
which character you will control; however, there is never any need to switch 
characters as the appropriate character is always under your control when you 
need a specific spell.
Occasionally you need two or three characters to cast a spell at once. To 
"multi-cast": aim at the target; then, press-and-hold the left mouse button 
until your companions join in--i.e. their casting symbol appears alongside 
your casting symbol. Release the mouse button and all the characters will cast 
at once.
Unlocks doors and containers. All characters can cast this spell. The symbol 
is a large keyhole and appears when you hover over a locked door or chest.
Used to push objects around, and used to fight animate books. All characters 
can cast this spell. The symbol is a chevron and appears on and over many 
objects. Depulso is your primary means of obtaining beans, pasties, cakes and 
other treasure.
Rictusempra stuns enemies. It is used against most of the creatures you 
encounter (with the exception of animate books). All characters can cast this 
spell. The Rictusempra symbol is a diamond.
Turns a "Spongify tile" into a springboard. Find a floor tile with the 
Spongify symbol (spring) and cast at it. You can then jump on it and bounce to 
a much higher level. All characters can cast this spell.
When you cast Lumos on a gargoyle, you are able to see hidden areas. All 
characters can cast this spell. The Lumos symbol is a crescent moon.
Used to pull objects toward you or pull yourself to an object. This spell can 
only be cast by Ron. The Carpe Retractum symbol is a stylized A.
Used to transfigure a rabbit statue into a rabbit. After casting Lapifors on a 
statue, you take control of the rabbit until you cancel the spell or finish 
the task at hand. This spell can only be cast by Hermione. The spell symbol is 
a stylized flower.
Transfigures a dragon statue into a dragonlet (a small dragon). After casting 
Draconifors, you take control of the dragonlet until you cancel the spell or 
finish the task at hand. This spell can only be cast by Herminone. The spell 
symbol is a flame.
Freezes water to create ice slides; and, freezes salamanders and puts out 
their fires. This spell can only be cast by Harry. The spell symbol is a 
circle inside a square with concave sides.
Destroys dementors. This spell can only be cast by Harry. The symbol of 
Expecto Patronum is two linked hexagons.

                        MONSTER FIGHTING TRICKS (GP03)
There are several different creatures you must fight in the game. Some appear 
frequently, and others only in specific situations. Here are general tips on 
defeating each type of creature.

For some awful reason, the wizard cracker fight from HP1 has been resurrected 
for this game. Imps throw wizard crackers at you. You dodge the crackers; 
then, pick them up (by running over them) and throw them back (with little 
aiming ability) before they explode. The main trick is to stay near the center 
of the area where you are fighting the imps--when a cracker is thrown you can 
simply run backward and then forward to pick up the cracker. If you stay near 
a wall, you can only run left or right and may be blocked by furniture; also, 
it will be much more difficult to see the crackers lying on the floor so you 
can run over and pick them up. Try to throw at groups of imps. A single 
cracker can destroy two or three imps at once.

("Books" here refer to the animate books that attack you in several areas of 
the game. The Monster Book of Monsters is covered separately.) The basic 
tactic for these fights is the same; the only difference is the spell cast at 
the enemy. (Rictusempra at pixies, Depulso at books--not that it matters, 
since the game picks the spell for you. All you do is point-and-click.) Cast 
away at the little buggers and dodge the energy balls thrown at you. When 
fighting in a group, try to keep circling around in the same direction. If you 
strafe back-and-forth, your companions are likely to get hit.

Cast Rictusempra at a crab to stun it; then, keep casting at the stunned crab 
to knock it into whatever nearby pit has been provided for just that purpose. 
The worst part about fighting these beasts is when they get stuck in a corner 
and you can"t get them out. Then you have to let them recover and run away 
from them until they move themselves out into an open area.  Occasionally, you 
can bounce them off a wall, but the physics of the game are so bad this 
usually doesn"t work.

Bundimun fights are probably the most likely to injure you unless you are 
really careful; not that they are particularly life-threatening, but you will 
get burned a time or two. Use Rictusempra to stun a bundimun; then, jump over 
their acid trail and on top of the creature. Don"t move your mouse or use the 
arrow buttons once you bounce off the creature, the game will bounce you in 
such a way as to avoid the acid. If you try to maneuver yourself, you will 
probably end up just hitting the acid. Wait for the puffs of acid to disperse, 
and then collect the goodies the bundimun leaves behind.

Salamanders can be fairly nasty because they regenerate from their fire. When 
dealing with multiple salamanders, you cannot concentrate on them and then on 
their fires. Instead, you have to deal with each salamander and its fire 
together. Cast Glacius on a salamander; then, cast Glacius on its nearby fire. 
Immediately cast Rictusempra at the frozen salamander to destroy it. If you do 
this quickly enough, you"ll be able to handle salamanders with no problem. 
When dealing with multiple lizards, keep strafing back-and-forth or in a 
circle so the other salamanders can"t get a fix on you.

Charmed skeletons are only destroyed after being hit with two Rictusempra 
spells. In the one level where Harry and Hermione encounter them, you must 
double-cast Rictusempra. Later, Ron encounters them by himself and must use 
Rictusempra twice on each one. The best tactic is to get as far away as 
possible before beginning your cast; this will give you time to set up your 
double-cast or cast twice, depending on the situation. The skeletons are 
fairly slow-moving, so they are only a big problem when you"re in a confined 
space. Ron will have the largest problem with them because he"s often facing 
two skeletons at once in a small room. Alternate skeletons as you cast to keep 
them off-balance.

The Monster Book of Monsters hovers in the distance and throws pages at you. 
Each page has to be hit twice. You only encounter the Monster Book when you 
have all three characters. Use your character to cast at pages charging toward 
you or your friends. Let the other two deal with the pages hovering back near 
the Monster Book. You"ll take some hits when dealing with the Monster Book; be 
sure you recharge your health on chocolate frogs after each fight.

To defeat dementors, you must stun each one of the group attacking you before 
any of the stunned dementors recovers. For example, if you"re being attacked 
by three dementors, you must stun each one before the effect wears off the 
first one you stun. When all dementors are stunned at the same time, they are 
destroyed. Dementors always attack in a circle and you can"t move, only turn. 
Pick one direction in which to turn and just keep turning and casting. Make 
sure you cast Expecto Patronum correctly: hold the cast button (Left mouse 
button or ALT) until the ring of light is more than halfway along your want, 
but before it has passed over the tip.

                            HINTS AND TIPS (GP04)
* Wave your wand around a lot. Some interactive objects are obvious, such as 
cauldrons, chests and suits of armor. Some are not. For example, there are a 
few banners and pictures that reveal secrets. Many do not. But you have to 
wave your wand at all of them to be sure.
* Cast at things more than once. Many of the treat-producing items will cough 
up beans, pumpkin pasties or cauldron cakes more than once--some as many as 
four or five times. Some also produce special rewards after being hit several 
* It is easier to follow and complete the story and then come back and finish 
up the mini-games and secrets. You won"t beat the game until you buy all the 
portrait passwords from Fred and George. Hold off on buying those, and you can 
continue to play past the Final Exams.
* The Bean Bonus Room contains only beans when Ron visits. It will also have 
pumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes when Hermione and Harry visit. Make sure 
you concentrate on getting the pasties and cakes. Don"t miss the Depulso 
symbol in the middle of the main floor--it opens all the gold chests around 
the room.

                           COLLECTOR"S CARDS (GP05)
There are a total of 80 Collector"s cards available in the game. Collecting 
them provides no specific bonus or award; they"re just one of those collecting 
quests common in this type of game.
Forty-eight of the Collector"s cards are found in the various levels of the 
game. These cards are listed at the beginning of each level walkthrough. 
Twenty-seven cards must be purchased. The final five Collector"s cards are in 
a bonus room you enter once you have the first 75 cards.
There are a number of students standing around offering Collector"s cards for 
sale. They are all selling from the same inventory, so you don"t need to run 
around and visit each one, nor do you need to buy the cards when you first 
meet the student. Wait until you"ve finished most of the game and have a lot 
of beans and pasties. Then find one of the students and keep buying cards from 
that student until he or she runs out.
Collector"s cards purchased from students (in the order in which they are 
&ndash 1 black (witch), Beatrix Bloxam             25 beans
&ndash 6 black (witch), Carlotta Pinkstone        100 beans
&ndash12 black (witch), Cliodne                    30 pumpkin pasties
&ndash 3 blue (wizard), Crispin Cronk             100 beans
&ndash 7 black (witch), Dorcas Wellbeloved        175 beans
&ndash 2 black (witch), Dymphna Furmage            50 beans
&ndash 4 blue (wizard), Edgar Stroulger           150 beans
&ndash 8 black (witch), Elfrida Clagg             125 beans
&ndash 2 blue (wizard), Ethelred the Ever-ready    80 pumpkin pasties
&ndash 8 blue (wizard), Glanmore Peakes            60 pumpkin pasties
&ndash10 black (witch), Ignatia Wildsmith          10 pumpkin pasties
&ndash 5 black (witch), Jocunda Sykes             200 beans
&ndash14 black (witch), Morgan le Fay              50 pumpkin pasties
&ndash11 blue (wizard), Mungo Bonham               50 beans
&ndash 6 blue (wizard), Novel Twonk               125 beans
&ndash 5 blue (wizard), Oswalk Beamish            225 beans
&ndash14 blue (wizard), Thaddeus Thurkell          70 pumpkin pasties
&ndash 4 black (witch), Wendelin the Weird         75 beans
&ndash 9 blue (wizard), Wilfred Elphick            40 pumpkin pasties
&ndash12 blue (wizard), Dzou Yen                   20 pumpkin pasties

Fred and George sell six Collector"s cards in their shop. They have a seventh 
special card they will give you free once you have the other 74 cards that can 
be collected or bought.
Collector"s cards available from Fred and George"s shop:
&ndash 7 blue  (wizard), Grogan Stump              25 pumpkin pasties
&ndash 9 purple (beast), Mountain Troll           150 beans
&ndash10 purple (beast), Streeler                 200 beans
&ndash11 black  (witch), Hesper Starkey           125 beans
&ndash13 black  (witch), Mirabella Plunkett        25 pumpkin pasties
&ndash15 black  (witch), Gunhilda of Gorsemoor    100 beans
&ndash15 blue  (wizard), Harry Potter                 FREE
When you pick up the final card (Harry Potter), you are automatically 
transported to the Bonus Bean Room. This final, un-timed trip includes the 
final five cards:
&ndash1 dark purple, Godric Gryffindor
&ndash2 dark purple, Rowena Ravenclaw
&ndash3 dark purple, Helga Hufflepuff
&ndash4 dark purple, Salazar Slytherin
&ndash5 dark purple, Dumbledore
Collect all the beans, pasties and cakes you wish as well as the five cards; 
then, walk toward the door to exit the room.

  .| |
  |  |
  | |`  _       __      ____   __  __                           __  
  | |  | |     / /___ _/ / /__/ /_/ /_  _________  __  ______ _/ /_ 
 .||`  | | /| / / __ `/ / //_/ __/ __ / ___/ __ / / / / __ `/ __ \r
  |   | |/ |/ / /_/ / / ,< / /_/ / / / /  / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / /
  |   |__/|__/\__,_/_/_/|_|\__/_/ /_/_/   \____/\__,_/\__, /_/ /_/ 

                           HOGWARTS EXPRESS (WK01)
Objective: Learn the game controls, catch Scabbers
Collector"s cards:
&ndash1 blue (wizard), Fulbert the Fearful
This section is very simple and the game leads you by the hand. As you start, 
you can enter the other cabins in the train; but, no one has anything 
interesting to say other than Crabbe and Goyle, who are in the next cabin. 
Alohomora your way through the door at the end of the corridor and enter the 
next car.
Follow the instructions as you go. Be sure to Alohomora the cages and gold 
chests you pass. Your first fight is against a bunch of animate books. Cast 
Depulso to destroy them; collect a chocolate frog (restores health) for your 
efforts. Right before the frog, step into the right-hand cage, Depulso the 
switch in the wall and then collect your goodies from the gold chest in the 
cage to the left.
You will soon encounter Malfoy, who releases the Monster Book of Monsters. 
Rictusempra the pages released by the book--each page has to be hit twice. 
When you"ve disposed of all the pages, the Monster Book collapses and you can 
continue. When you reach the final car, Harry faints and Hermione runs for 
help. As Ron, Depulso each switch that shows up.
There are four Depulso switches:
* To the left of the door
* On the cage over the door
* Inside a chest to your right
* Inside a crate to your left
Keep an eye out for the symbols to pop up and hit them as soon as they do--
they don"t stick around and if you take too long to hit a block, the dementor 
will get in and you"ll have to start over. Once all four blocks have been put 
in place (and destroyed), Lupin shows up and the story continues. Watch the 
cut scenes and enjoy the rest of your ride.

                       CARPE RETRACTUM CHALLENGE (WK02)
Objective: Collect 10 Challenge Shields
Secrets: 5
Collector"s cards:
&ndash1 red (vampire), Sir Herbert Varney
&ndash2 red (vampire), Amarillo Lestoat
&ndash5 red (vampire), Count Vlad Drakul
&ndash3 red (vampire), Lady Carmilla Sanguina
&ndash4 red (vampire), Blodwyn Blud
Immediately after finishing the tutorial, your third year at Hogwarts begins 
with Defence Against the Dark Arts and the Carpe Retractum challenge. You play 
as Ron for this challenge and only Ron can cast Carpe Retractum.
As the challenge begins, use CR to pull yourself to the floating platform. 
Depulso the switch in the wall ahead of you to reveal another CR statue.  Pull 
yourself across to the balcony, and then use CR to pull down a lever in the 
far wall, making a ledge. A Spongify tile is revealed; follow Professor 
Lupin"s instructions to bounce up to the ledge.
Drop into the pit in front of you and use CR to pull out the stone block in 
the far wall. Climb up it, turn the corner and repeat the process to collect 
your first Challenge Shield.
Turn through the door to your right and Depulso the armor for some beans.  
Continue down the hall, jumping over the pit, and Depulso another suit of 
armor for some more beans. Turn to your left through the doorway and you find 
yourself on a ledge facing a bottomless pit. To your right are some floating 
platforms with CR statues on them; ignore them for the moment.
Looking straight across from the doorway, notice another ledge with a gold 
chest. Turn to your left and Depulso the armor to move it backward. Step into 
its slot and Depulso the switch in the wall. A CR statue will appear on the 
opposite ledge. Pull yourself across and open the chest for a collector"s card 
(&ndash1 red, First Secret). Now pull yourself to the first floating platform; pull 
the ropes to reveal two ledges; and then carefully jump across to the far 
floating platform and its Challenge Shield.
From the shield platform, jump back to the nearest ledge and then jump through 
the doorway to your first Save Book. The next room contains your first imp 
fight (Oh Joy!), so be prepared. After the first imp has been eliminated, two 
more will pop out of a hidden alcove. Dispose of them to reveal a Spongify 
tile and an opening in the ceiling. Don"t forget to Alohomora the cabinets on 
either side of the room before leaving.
Once you bounce up into the next chamber, you will have to fight off two waves 
of three pixies each. This is relatively simple and opens the way to the next 
room. Don"t forget to open the nearby gold chest for some goodies.
The next hallway has four suits of armor and, under a grate in the floor, a 
Challenge Shield. Depulso all the armor for some beans and to open the grate 
and raise the shield. Advance to the next room.
It"s another bottomless pit, but this time, some of the floating platforms are 
moving. The CR statues hanging from the ceiling allow you to hang from them 
indefinitely. So pull yourself to each one and hang there until a platform is 
under your feet. Press either mouse button to release the spell and drop to 
the platform. After you have pulled yourself to the first platform, look back 
and CR yourself to the hidden alcove for the Second Secret and a collector"s 
card (&ndash2 red). When you reach the last floating platform, look to your left to 
see a wall lever. Pull it to open a ledge and another hanging CR statue above 
it. Pull yourself up and collect your fourth Challenge Shield. Now pull 
yourself down to the next doorway and continue.
After going through the Save Book, you"ll find yourself in a hallway facing a 
pit. Even though you can see the bottom of the pit, do NOT drop into it.  
Before crossing, Depulso the armor on either side of the hallway. CR the block 
in the far wall of the pit to pull it out and give you something to jump on. 
Cross the pit and continue to the corner. Depulso the two suits of armor at 
the corner and then look up. A secret alcove will open above you (Third 
Secret). CR up to it and open the chest to get a collector"s card (&ndash5 red) and 
some cauldron cakes. Now jump down and continue across the next pit in the 
same way as the previous pit.
Through the locked door at the bottom of the stairs lies your first encounter 
with a fire crab. Use Rictusempra to knock it into the trap and open the door. 
In the next room is a repeat, but with two fire crabs this time. From here, 
head through a short hallway to another bottomless pit room. There"s a 
Challenge Shield just ahead, but the way to it is circuitous.
First, turn right and CR yourself to the floating platform. Once the platform 
moves over to a small ledge, jump across. Dispose of the pixies, and then 
cross the pit to the next ledge using the CR block. Now use CR to get to the 
next floating platform and then ride the platform to the shield and back. Now 
use CR to get yourself to the next ledge and then on to the Save Book.
Through the locked door, knock the fire crabs off the small floating 
platforms. Two hanging CR statues will come out. Pull yourself across to the 
first platform and then use CR on the blocks on the far wall to build a 
staircase. Pull the blocks out from top to bottom, else the bottom blocks will 
block your aim when trying to pull out the top block. Pull yourself to the 
next platform and then jump to the staircase and climb it.
Climb into the alcove above the staircase and Depulso the armor and the switch 
in the wall. Now pull yourself across to the near ledge. Before going through 
the archway, look over to your right and use CR to pull the lever. Jump across 
and get Challenge Shield &ndash6. Now jump back and continue through the arch.
CHECKPOINT: You should have six Challenge shields and three of five secrets at 
this point in the challenge.
After the game loads the next section, continue into a large room with a fire 
crab. Push the crab into the trap, which will open both the door next to the 
trap and a secret door behind you. Go through the secret door, down the stairs 
and pull the rope. After pulling the rope, turn around and Depulso the banner 
on the wall for some cauldron cakes. Go back up the stairs and pull yourself 
up to the walkway that was revealed and collect the shield. Alohomora the gold 
chests at either end of the room to release a plethora of beans into the room. 
Collect your beans and continue.
Another bottomless pit. You know the drill now. When you get across to the 
ledge with the Save Book, look right to see another floating platform. Pull 
yourself over to that one, and then pull the rope. Now pull yourself to the 
next platform and then up to the ledge. In the small hall, Depulso the armor 
on your left until a hidden stairwell is revealed. Go up the stairs to get a 
bunch of goodies and a collector"s card (&ndash3 red, Fourth Secret). Now head back 
down the stairs and then out the opening to your left to get another Challenge 
Shield (&ndash8). Pull yourself back across to the Save Book ledge.
After a short hall, you will enter a room with some imps. Defeat them and then 
Depulso the armor. One suit will spit out pixies along with beans and 
pumpkins. (It"s the suit to your right when facing the exit.) The other suit 
is in a revolving alcove. Each time you hit the armor, it spits out treats and 
then turns, revealing another suit. Hit four suits and the last one will give 
you a collector"s card (&ndash4 red). If you look down through the grate in this 
room, you will see a Challenge Shield. You"ll get it momentarily.
Continue into the next hallway and go to the end. On the right you will see a 
picture of a gargoyle. Alohomora it to reveal an actual gargoyle, which you 
can then cast Lumos on to reveal an opening in the floor of the hall behind 
you. Drop down and turn around to get the golden chest, then follow the hall 
to a Spongify tile (Fifth Secret). Use it to bounce up and collect the shield 
below the room you were in previously. Going back through the hallway, you 
will need to use the CR statue to pull yourself over the secret opening.
On to the last room. From the hallway, exit to a ledge and look to your right. 
CR the blocks from the wall (top to bottom) and then jump over to them and 
climb up to the next ledge. Depulso the armor at either end and then pull the 
ropes.  Knock the fire crabs off the ledges that pop out of the walls and CR 
across to the final ledge and get the tenth shield to complete the challenge.

                       OF PIXIES AND HIPPOGRIFFS (WK03)
Objectives: Destroy a pixie infestation in a well
            Fly Buckbeak through five successively more difficult courses
Secrets: None
Collector"s cards:
Pixie mini-game
&ndash1 gray (giant), Bran the Bloodthirsty
&ndash2 gray (giant), Cyclops
&ndash3 gray (giant), Goliath
&ndash4 gray (giant), Morholt
&ndash5 gray (giant), Hengist of Upper Barnton
Buckbeak mini-game
&ndash1 yellow (Quidditch), Jocelind Wadcock
&ndash2 yellow (Quidditch), Gwenog Jones
&ndash3 yellow (Quidditch), Cyprian Youdle
&ndash4 yellow (Quidditch), Roderick Plumpton
&ndash5 yellow (Quidditch), Bowman Wright
After finishing the Carpe Retractum Challenge, you find yourself in the 
Challenge Door room. This is where you come to replay any of the challenges 
you have previously completed. You can Depulso the armor in the room for a few 
beans and then leave, which takes you to the Portrait Shortcut room. The 
portraits in this room lead to every floor of the castle. (There are eight 
floors in all, including the dungeon, which is labeled as floor zero.)
Here you will meet Fred Weasley, co-proprietor of the shop where you buy 
necessary items. He will offer to lead you to the shop, which is in the 
Gryffindor area on the seventh floor. Go ahead and follow him up the stairs, 
getting a feel for the layout of Hogwarts as you go. Wait to do in-depth 
exploration until later. Once you reach the shop, Hermione will leave and you 
can poke around Fred and George"s shop for a bit.
When you leave the shop, you"ll be beset by Peeves. Harry and Ron must 
simultaneously cast Rictusempra on him three times to beat him. He will drop 
the passwords to the shortcut portraits as he flees. You will then travel down 
to the Portrait Shortcut room where you meet Hermione again. It is now time 
for Care of Magical Creatures class, and Neville will show you the way.
Once again, you can explore the grounds if you wish, but you might as well get 
the story out of the way first so Ron and Hermione aren"t bugging you about 
getting to class while you poke around. On the way to Care of Magical 
Creatures, you will pass a well infested with pixies. Now is as good a time as 
any to deal with these pixies. You"ll have to survive five swarms of pixies, 
each larger than the last; but, they are easy to defeat and you get chocolate 
frogs in between each swarm. Go ahead and get rid of the pests and collect 
your five collector"s cards (gray series, giants).
On to Care of Magical Creatures. You have to fly Buckbeak through an obstacle 
course. For each ring you fly through, including the large rings at the 
beginning and end of the course, you receive 100 points.  For this first 
course, you must pass through 15 rings (score 1500 points) to pass. That 
represents only about half the rings on the course, so you should have no 
trouble. Press-and-hold S or DOWN ARROW to fly more slowly (there"s no time 
limit) and glide to each ring and then beat your wings once to jump up into it 
and then glide to the next ring. Once you get the hang of it, the courses are 
all pretty easy. Each time you match or beat the required score on a course, 
you will receive a collector"s card (yellow series, Quidditch).
Right now, as soon as you complete the first course, the story will continue 
with a cut scene of Buckbeak hurting Malfoy. After the cut scene, you find 
yourself back inside Hogwarts, ready for Transfiguration class.

Objective: Collect 10 Challenge Shields
Secrets: 8
Collector"s cards:
&ndash1 brown (dragon), Common Welsh Green
&ndash2 brown (dragon), Hebridean Black
&ndash3 brown (dragon), Hungarian Horntail
&ndash4 brown (dragon), Romanian Longhorn
&ndash5 brown (dragon), Norwegian Ridgeback
On your way to Transfiguration, you"ll be waylaid by Peeves (again). This time 
you have to triple-cast Rictusempra at him. As soon as you"ve stunned him, Ron 
can cast Carpe Retractum at him to rip his armor and weapons away.  Do this 
five times, and he"ll run away leaving some treats behind. Go into 
Transfiguration class, where McGonagall will call forward Hermione to take the 
Lapifors and Draconifors challenge.
Follow the opening tutorial to open the first door and get the first Challenge 
Shield. Before taking the shield, Depulso the armor on either side of the 
hall; one will cough forth a collector"s card (&ndash1 brown). Beyond the first 
shield, at the end of the hallway, is a rabbit banner. Cast Alohomora at the 
banner to open an alcove with a rabbit statue. Grab the cauldron cake behind 
the statue and then Lapifors the statue.
Take the rabbit through the nearby hole and collect the beans along the 
hedges. The nearby dirt mound contains more beans when dug up. Follow the 
trail of beans through another rabbit hole and dig into the dirt to open the 
gate and let Hermione collect the next Challenge Shield and move on to a Save 
The next long hall has a Lapifors statue midway. Transfigure it and take the 
rabbit through the hole opposite. Run around behind the flower planters and 
the well collecting treats. Looking at the well from where you entered, the 
hedge on the left has a rabbit hole. Chew your way through and go up the ramp 
to the top of the hedge. Dig the dirt mound to open the well. Drop down the 
well and climb the underground tunnel to the top of the other hedge and dig 
that mound to open the next gate for Hermione.
In the next room you will learn the Draconifors spell. Prepare to be annoyed; 
the Draconifors dragonlet is not very agile and flying him around is 
frustrating. As with Buckbeak, use DOWN ARROW or S to slow the dragon and make 
tight turns. Fly the dragonlet around, picking up beans; then, fly through the 
fire pickup (flaming orb) and land on the platform next to a torch. Press A to 
breathe fire and light the torch.
Once you complete the mission, the walkway will turn to give you a way across. 
Instead, drop down and use Depulso on the gargoyle heads on either side of the 
turntable (the ones not spouting water). This will open a secret door (First 
Secret) and you will have to fight some imps before collecting the cauldron 
cakes in the gold chest that is revealed. While you"re down here, look for 
pumpkins in the planters. Use Depulso to blast them apart and get some pumpkin 
pasties. Climb back up the planters to the starting point for this room and 
jump across the walkway to collect the shield.
The next room has an L-shaped bridge over a garden. Before completing the 
mission, drop down into the garden (Second Secret) and Depulso the pumpkins. 
The large pumpkin produces a collector"s card (&ndash2 brown). Note the cauldron 
cake that is underneath the bridge. You can collect this later with your 
Use the Spongify tile to get back onto the bridge and proceed to the dragon 
statue and do that voodoo that you do so well. Once the dragonlet has lit the 
torch, the bridge will turn and Hermione can proceed to the shield and Save 
In the next hallway, Depulso the armor for some beans and the switch in the 
wall for a Spongify tile. Use the tile to jump to the ledge and advance to the 
next room. Depulso the nearby pumpkins for some pasties and then cast Lapifors 
on the rabbit statue and take it through the hole.
Jump the hedge to the walkway to find some earth mounds concealing beans.  
Head left through a rabbit hole (Third Secret) and eat the grass for more 
beans, pasties and a cauldron cake. Back in the main garden, one of the 
planters has beans and pasties hidden behind it. Go through the next hole and 
dig the mound to reveal a Draconifors statue back in the main room.
Transfigure the dragon, and fly it along the trail of beans to the small 
opening in the wall. In the next room, walk along the ledges to collect the 
beans and then light the three torches to cause three hammers to knock three 
wooden blocks through the wall, creating a staircase for Hermione.
When the Draconifors spell ends, note there is now a suit of armor where the 
statues were located. Depulso it and wait for the turntable to turn. An 
opening in the floor will appear; drop down and you will find yourself in the 
garden underneath the Draconifors torches (Fourth Secret). You"ve got another 
imp fight in front of you; then, collect the gold chest goodies as well as 
some cauldron cakes that are lying around. Go back through the other doorway 
and ride an elevator back to the main floor. Climb the wooden stairs and 
collect the Challenge Shield.
CHECKPOINT: You should have six shields and have discovered four of eight 
After the game loads, you will find yourself in a room containing a column of 
three blocks with symbols on four sides. Use Depulso to turn the blocks.  Note 
the arrow-shaped block in the floor. Arrange the blocks in the column so the 
same symbol on all three is facing the arrow in the floor. This will open one 
of the gates behind the column. Collect a shield, collector"s card (&ndash3 brown) 
and some beans; then, open the locked door to your left.
You meet a bundimun for the first time. Defeat it and move on through the Save 
Book into a round garden. A fountain, holding up a Challenge Shield, is in the 
center. At the corners of the fountain are topiaries representing the four 
Hogwarts Houses. To your right is a rabbit statue. To your left is the rabbit 
hole. This garden is infested with bundimuns.
Move carefully around the circle and watch for bundimuns popping out of the 
ground. Destroy them as they come out. Cast Depulso on the topiaries to get 
some extra beans. Once you have circled the garden and disposed of the 
bundimuns, cast Lapifors on the rabbit and use it to collect the treats behind 
the planters. Then head through the rabbit hole, which is the Fifth Secret. 
(Not much of a secret, is it?) Before digging the dirt, turn around and jump 
up to the roof of the hutch to get a cauldron cake. Dig the mound of earth to 
turn off the fountain and lower the shield. As Hermione again, collect the 
shield and enter the next room.
This is a big imp fight (about eight of the little buggers) in narrow 
confines; however, it is relatively easy to catch them in bunches. If you time 
your throws right, you may hit as many as six at once. After the imps are 
defeated, collect your treats and continue on.
In the next hall, cast Depulso on the cauldrons and collect some beans. Look 
above the Save Book and cast Depulso on the switch in the wall. Use the 
Spongify tile that appears to bounce up to a room with three gargoyles and 
three colored rings (Sixth Secret). Before working the puzzle, turn around and 
cast Depulso on the large gargoyle over the door to get a couple of cauldron 
The background tiles on each gargoyle head of the puzzle correspond to one of 
the colored rings. Each time you cast Depulso on a gargoyle head, that colored 
ring moves one-quarter turn counter-clockwise. Line up the small icons on the 
rings with the large icons at the 9 o"clock, 12 o"clock and 3 o"clock 
positions. The order in which you do this is unimportant. Score some pasties, 
a collector"s card (&ndash4 brown) and your ninth Challenge Shield.
Jump back down into the hallway and continue through the Save Book into the 
last room, which is a hedge maze. Follow the maze around (there"s only ever 
one way to go--kind of pitiful as a maze), keeping your eye out for bundimuns. 
Once you have gone around the center tower and passed another Save Book, look 
to your left for the Alohomora symbol on the hedge. Cast at the hedge to 
reveal a rabbit statue.
Send your rabbit back through the maze, ignoring the central tower for now, 
until you spot a rabbit hole in the hedge. Chew through it and collect some 
beans from the dirt pile (Seventh Secret). Take your rabbit back to the 
central tower and find the rabbit hole. Dig through and dig the dirt to open 
the tower. The Lapifors spell will end and you can now get your last 
collector"s card (&ndash5 brown) from the gold chest in the tower (Eighth Secret).
Go back around the maze past the Lapifors statue until you reach a stone 
patio. Cast Depulso at the switch in the wall to open the iron gate in front 
of the dragon statue. Cast Draconifors on the statue and then turn your 
dragonlet around and drop down behind its pedestal for a cauldron cake. Send 
your dragonlet around the tops of the hedges collecting treats, and then fly 
up and light the torch. A wood trellis near Hermione will open and a Spongify 
tile will appear next to the central tower. Spongify up and finish the 
You will now get a trip to the Bean Bonus Room, which will contain cauldron 
cakes as well as beans and pasties. Try to collect as many of the cakes as 
possible within the time limit. You really should have no problem getting them 
all. Don"t forget to Depulso the center tile to open the gold chests, as there 
are more cakes in those chests.

                         ANTI-DEMENTOR LESSON (WK05)
Objective: Practice the Expecto Patronum spell
Secrets: None
Collector"s cards:
&ndash3 black (witch), Honoria Nutcombe
As soon as you leave the challenge room area after Lapifors/Draconifors, you 
will watch a series of cut scenes that end with Harry getting his anti-
Dementor lesson from Professor Lupin. This is pretty straight-forward. 
Complete the test that teaches you how to perform the spell. Timing is 
important for this one; cast the spell only after the ring of light is at 
least halfway up your wand, but before it reaches the tip.
After successfully casting Expecto Patronum three times, you will enter a 
hallway with alcoves off to each side. There are no secrets here, but there 
are several treat-producing items. Cast at everything in both alcoves, 
especially paying attention to the skulls lying by the fireplaces.  One of 
them produces cauldron cakes. Exit the hallway to a landing at the top of a 
double-flight of stairs. Cast Depulso on the skull to your left, and then head 
down the stairs to a Save Book.
Now, you will face a boggart (in the form of a Dementor). Then you will have 
to face two boggarts. After that, turn around and pick up a collector"s card 
(&ndash3 black). Harry falls through a trapdoor and has to face three dementors. 
Make sure you stun each one and keep circling to make sure one is not sneaking 
up behind you. As soon as you have successfully stunned all three, they will 
be destroyed.
You then move through some more cut scenes and eventually end up in the 
library, searching for a book for Buckbeak"s defense.

                       HIPPOGRIFF LEGAL DEFENSE (WK06)
Objective: Find a book to help with Buckbeak"s defense
Secrets: None*
Collector"s cards:
&ndash13 blue (wizard), Falco Aesalon
*NOTE:* If you refer to your current objectives screen, it will say you have 
x/4 secrets. The four secrets mentioned are the four to be found in Hogwarts" 
interior. There are no specific secrets in the library.
The first thing you have to do is fight off a bunch of malicious books. This 
is very similar to fighting the pixie swarms, only you have less room to 
maneuver in here. Make sure to check the aisles on either side of the main 
aisle, as some of the books hide in them. Afterwards, explore the main floor 
of the library for chests and armor that produce treats.
Have Ron cast Carpe Retractum over the large table; he will be dragged to the 
ceiling and the table will also rise. Drop onto the table and use CR to jump 
to the balcony. Head to your left to a gold chest and get a collector"s card 
(&ndash13 blue). Go back past the locked door and cast CR to pull the rope. A 
bookcase stairway appears.
Hermione now takes the lead, and climbs the bookcases. She and Ron need to 
double-cast Alohomora to open the door, and then Hermione proceeds alone.  
Walk through the Save Book and cast Alohomora on the gargoyle picture to your 
left. Cast Lumos on the gargoyle and walk through the now transparent bookcase 
into a long hall.
Around a right-turn you will find a number of imps. Defeat them and move on to 
a Draconifors statue midway down the hall. Transfigure the dragon and fly down 
the hall to the fire pickup. Turn the corner and go through the door and light 
the fireplace. As Hermione again, continue down the hall and open the gold 
chest for cauldron cakes. Proceed through the room with the fireplace and pick 
up the book.

                            BOOKIE MONSTER (WK07)
Objective: Destroy the Monster Book of Monsters in the library
Secrets: None
Collector"s cards:
&ndash1 magenta (hag), Babayaga
&ndash2 magenta (hag), Malodora Grymm
&ndash3 magenta (hag), Leticia Somnolens
&ndash4 magenta (hag), Old Mother Hubbard
&ndash5 magenta (hag), Misericordia
After getting the book for Buckbeak, you watch a short cut scene that ends 
with the heroes on the way to Charms class when something wicked this way 
comes from the library. Go ahead and take a break from class and deal with the 
Monster Book of Monsters that is lurking in the library.
This is similar to the other books and the pixies that you have been fighting; 
however, you will have a lot less room to maneuver and each page from the book 
has to be hit twice. Dodging doesn"t really work because the pages from the 
book actually charge you, so the lack of room isn"t that problematic. Stay 
back as far as you can and concentrate on taking out the pages that are 
rushing toward you.
You will get hit, so be sure to recharge on chocolate frogs between bouts.  
Defeat the book five times to collect five collector"s cards (magenta series, 
hags) and finish one of your third-year requirements. Now, off to Charms.

                           GLACIUS CHALLENGE (WK08)
Objective: Collect 10 Challenge Shields
Secrets: 5
Collector"s cards:
&ndash1 green (goblin), Eargit the Ugly
&ndash2 green (goblin), Alguff the Awful
&ndash3 green (goblin), Ug the Unreliable
&ndash4 green (goblin), Urg the Unclean
&ndash5 green (goblin), Gringott
As the Glacius challenge begins, you face off against an Amazonian salamander. 
Freeze the salamander and its fire with Glacius (you can freeze either one 
first, but it"s generally safer to immobilize the lizard before putting out 
the fire.) Once both salamander and fire are frozen, use Rictusempra on the 
salamander to destroy it. You have to do this quickly, else the salamander 
will un-freeze and relight his fire.
When the salamander is defeated, you will get your first shield. Going through 
the short hall, Alohomora the banner on your left to reveal a secret room 
(First Secret). Open the chest inside to get some beans and a collector"s card 
(&ndash1 green).
Continue on to the fountain and freeze the water. Use this first slide as an 
opportunity to learn how to slalom. Move your mouse left and right to steer 
around turns (or use the left and right arrow keys). Press W or UP to go 
faster, S or DOWN to slow down. Some of the shields/cards in this challenge 
are high on the walls of a slide, and you will have to learn how to whip 
around corners and bank high on the wall to collect them. Good luck.
At the end of the slide, you reach a Save Book and a Spongify tile on a 
balcony. Save your game; then, bounce down into a room and defeat two 
salamanders. A Spongify tile will open in the middle of the room and a secret 
door will open in a near wall (Second Secret). Defeat two imps that come out 
of the secret room and open the gold chest for treats and a collector"s card 
(&ndash2 green). Be sure to Depulso the iron cauldron in the main room, and then 
use the Spongify tile.
You will bounce up through a Challenge Shield and then take a long slide.  
Again, use this to practice your technique, especially banking high to catch 
the cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties. Along the way, you should pick up 
another shield and finally land in a marble portico. There you will be 
attacked by pixies; when you defeat them, a Spongify tile will open. Ignore 
Look for the trail of beans and follow the stairs down, around the portico to 
a locked door. Alohomora the door open (Third Secret) and open the chest 
inside for a collector"s card (&ndash3 green). When you opened the door, a Spongify 
tile extended from the stairs. Use it to bounce up and collect a shield and 
continue sliding.
After a short slide, you will land on a platform with two salamanders.  Defeat 
them to open the dual stairways to an upper platform. On the upper platform, 
Depulso the suits of armor to raise a shield. Take it, then save at the Save 
Book. Now use the Spongify tile to bounce to another slide.
This is the first tricky part. After a short slide, you will come to a split. 
Take the right-hand path; you will quickly have to bank back to the left and 
you will see a Challenge Shield high on the right wall. You"ll need a lot of 
speed to bank up to it and fine control to avoid falling off the slide. If you 
miss it, quickly hit Escape, re-load the game and keep trying until you get 
it. **NOTE** If you get the shield, but fall off the slide in doing so, you 
keep the shield! So don"t worry about trying to get it again. Soon after the 
shield, you will jump off the slide into a pit, and the game loads a new 
CHECKPOINT: You should have six Challenge Shields and three of five secrets at 
this point.
You are now facing a chasm, with no apparent way across. As soon as you take a 
couple of steps, pixies will appear. Dispose of them and a bridge rises up. 
Proceed across the new bridge in the only direction possible. Enter a room 
with a salamander and destroy it. Step back into the room entrance and cast at 
the banner to your left (as you face into the room) to reveal a hidden room 
(Fourth Secret). Collect beans, pasties and cakes from the chest. Then use the 
Spongify tile to leap to a ledge, which will sink and extend a new bridge 
across the chasm. Collect treats from the gold chest revealed behind the 
sinking ledge.
Run across the chasm and repeat the process, without the hidden room behind a 
banner. The gold chest behind this sinking ledge coughs up a collector"s card 
(&ndash4 green). Go back to the bridge, turn right and jump across to the next 
As you step forward, you will have to fight two waves of four imps each.  Once 
the last imp is gone, the large wooden doors will open and a Challenge Shield 
will appear. Step away from the doors to find a Spongify tile that will propel 
you across and through the shield. Before walking through the Save Book, 
Alohomora the banner on your left for a hidden room (Fifth Secret) and open 
the gold chest. Save your game, freeze the fountain and go sliding again.
Once again, the slide splits; and, once again, you should take the right-hand 
path. The Challenge Shield along this path is an easy pick up. After the two 
slides rejoin, keep your eyes out for a collector"s card (&ndash5 green) high on 
the right side of the slide. If you miss it, quickly re-load and try again. 
The ninth Challenge Shield is floating at a jump point between two slides, but 
it is moving back and forth. You may have to adjust the direction of your jump 
to pick it up. Again, if you miss it, quickly re-load and do this whole 
section over again.
Finally, you will end your slide at the last Challenge Shield and it will be 
time to visit the bean bonus room. Once you exit the been bonus room and then 
leave the Challenge Door area, you will go through a series of cut scenes that 
end with Ron being captured and Harry and Hermione out to save him.

                              RESCUE RON (WK09)
Objective: Save Ron from the large, black dog
Secrets: 5
Collector"s cards:
&ndash9 black (witch), Sacharissa Tugwood 
You start in a tunnel under the Whomping Willow. Proceed down the stairs and 
advance cautiously. You"ll meet your first charmed skeleton. Defeat it by 
double-casting Rictusempra on it. Next to the spot where the skeleton 
appeared, cast Depulso on a skull on the floor for some beans. Just past this 
point, turn into the alcove on your right and look up to the left.  Cast 
Depulso on the skull on top of the wall for a cauldron cake (First Secret).
Continue down another flight of stairs and defeat two skeletons. Cast Depulso 
on the skull in the wall to your left and enter a hidden room for some goodies 
from two gold chests (Second Secret). At the locked iron gate, cast double-
Alohomora to open it and advance to the Save Book.
Continue into a room with a set of stone steps with the Depulso symbol on 
them. First, turn to your left and cast double-Alohomora on the chest for some 
treats. Then cast double-Depulso on the steps to move them to a ledge.  Two 
skeletons will materialize. Defeat them, climb the stairs and collect the gold 
Beyond the next locked door (double-Alohomora) is a room with three 
salamanders. After you defeat them with Harry, you will have to fight four 
skeletons. A hidden door will then open (Third Secret) with two gold chests. 
In order to register the secret on your status screen, you have to actually 
step into the alcove. Advance to the Save Book.
Beyond the next gate (double-Alohomora), Harry will fall through a trap door 
and you will take over playing Hermione. Continue through the now open door 
and transfigure the Draconifors dragon to your right. Fly up to the fire 
pickup and then head left to a dragon torch that is partially hidden behind a 
column. Light it to open a door directly behind the torch. Fly through and 
collect as many goodies as you want (Fourth Secret). Don"t miss the cauldron 
cake on top of the central tower.
Fly back into the main room and light the two more obvious dragon torches.  As 
Hermione again, hop across to a double-locked door. You are now blocked, and 
switch to Harry. As Harry, advance to the Save Book, not neglecting the gold 
chest to your left just before the book.
Get pumpkin pasties from the skull on your right, then freeze the fountain and 
go sliding. After a short slide, you"ll find yourself in a round tower.  Open 
the gold chest to reveal a Spongify tile. Bounce up to a small ledge with 
another Spongify tile. If you want, carefully walk around the wall, collecting 
treats. Use the Spongify tile to bounce up to another small ledge with another 
Spongify tile.
Depulso the two skulls in the opposite wall to open a hidden door. Carefully 
walk around to the door (Fifth Secret) and collect its goodies. Walk back to 
the Spongify tile and bounce up to another ledge with a Save Book.  Collect 
treats around the inner wall of the tower and then Save. Cast Depulso on the 
skull on the floor, Alohomora the gold chest at the top of the stairs and 
Depulso the switch in the wall to your left. You are now reunited with 
Open the wooden door with double-Alohomora and advance down the hall. You will 
have to defeat two skeletons to open some iron bars. After the bars are open, 
double-Depulso an iron cauldron and then defeat two more skeletons. Advance to 
a Save Book, being sure to get the double-locked chest just before the book.
You are now in a musty old room with a set of stairs broken into three 
sections. Cast double-Depulso on a section to move it. First, push the large 
section right in front of you towards the back. Then push the medium section 
on your right to the center and then to the back. Finally, push the small 
section on your left towards the center.
After the stairway is in place, three skeletons appear, followed by three 
more. After they are destroyed, explore the room and open chests. One of the 
chests, when opened, will cause two more skeletons to appear. Climb the stairs 
for a collector"s card (&ndash9 black). You will then go through a series of cut 
scenes that end with you standing over Sirius Black and fighting Dementors.
Remember the timing of Expecto Patronum (ring of light halfway up your wand), 
and keep circling. You have to defeat three Dementors and then five more, and 
then more cut scenes, leading up to...

                            RESCUE BUCKBEAK (WK10)
Objective: Rescue Buckbeak
Secrets: None
Collector"s cards:
&ndash10 blue (wizard), Armando Dippet
Harry and Hermione find themselves outside the paddock, where

Halo - Combat Evolved [Walkthrough]

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