Spooners {Ryan ღ Marissa} #497: Nothing can compare to when you roll the dice and swear that your love's for me

Welcome to the 497th RM thread. Bitch.

#492 ~ ""I remember Ryan pulling out of the driveway and seeing Marissa...it felt very emotional.” - Josh Schwartz

Thread #496



Welcome to the Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper appreciation thread, where we celebrate the beautiful relationship and sweet connection that exists between these two. It's the classic bad-boy meets girl-next-door scenario, and it's undeniable. Their chemistry is brought to you by the awesome Benjamin McKenzie and Mischa Barton. Post away!

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NO bashing of the characters Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood. This is the Spooners thread so accept that we love those two characters.
2.. NO bashing of the actors Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie.
3. Be kind to your fellow posters and accept their opinion.
4. Have fun!

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1) 'Cause he's whoever she wants him to be
2) 'Cause when he carried her to the poolhouse you just melted
3) 'Cause she was smiling at him at the fashion show
4) 'Cause he took care of her when her friends left her outside
5) 'Cause can she bum a cigarette?
6) 'Cause she said he should stay . . .
7) . . . and he listened
8) 'Cause the back of his bike is the only way to get around
9) 'Cause she canceled plans with Luke to see him
10) 'Cause she told him her dad's problem and never told anyone about it
11) 'Cause they know how to keep secrets
12) 'Cause she stood up for him to Luke
13) 'Cause she left the party to hang out with him
14) 'Cause he chased after her
15) 'Cause he is worth her tears
16) 'Cause she started his education in music
17) 'Cause even Seth knew there was something going on between these two
18) 'Cause we hear there's a White Knight available
19) 'Cause what kind of carnival is she running?!
20) 'Cause now there's something to look forward to
21) 'Cause Ryan needs his "something"!
22) 'Cause she just HAD to get the cheapest ferris wheel, didn't she?
23) 'Cause she really wants to be with Ryan, not Luke
24) 'Cause they had the perfect date
25) 'Cause she'll save him some mac 'n' cheese
26) 'Cause if that damn cell phone didn't ring they would've kissed
27) 'Cause she wants to try on his clothes
28) 'Cause HOW can she resist those eyes?
29) 'Cause who cares what Julie thinks?
30) Admit it, his flowers were the nicest
31) 'Cause he went on the ferris wheel to talk to her even though he's terrified of heights
32) 'Cause he trusts her
33) 'Cause she knows how to take his mind off of things
34) Um, hello, did you SEE them kiss?!
35) 'Cause they're going around "one more time"
36) 'Cause he's not afraid of her mother
37) 'Cause she makes him smile!
38) 'Cause suddenly she's not so tired anymore
39) 'Cause it's the best. Date. Ever.
40) 'Cause she's never "actually slept with anyone before"
41) 'Cause we love how Ryan is with Marissa!
42) 'Cause he jumped over the bed to kiss her!
43) 'Cause now Luke is out of the picture, YAY!
44) 'Cause she's his first real girlfriend
45) 'Cause if they get married she'll be Mrs. Snoopy
46) 'Cause she's the present girl-next-door
47) 'Cause she came to his resuce
48) 'Cause she does know
49) 'Cause she wanted to see where he used to live
50) 'Cause his shoulder is made just for her to rest her head
51) 'Cause she's not going to leave him
52) 'Cause her poolhouse, or his?
53) 'Cause they should "talk" more often
54) 'Cause it's just not waking up unless he's next to her . . .
55) . . .and it's even better to wake up spooning with him
57) 'Cause he lent her his jacket
58) 'Cause it's not so bad, dancing with her
59) 'Cause he trusted her
60) 'Cause she didn't tell anyone
61) 'Cause she doesn't tell Summer about that
62) 'Cause we're so happy they made up at the end!
63) 'Cause they went shopping together
64) 'Cause she's getting help
65) 'Cause they FINALLY held hands!
66) 'Cause maybe they should rent some Crowe movies
67) 'Cause he wants to make sure she's safe
68) 'Cause she can't have fun without Ryan
69) 'Cause Ryan should TOTALLY kick Oliver's crazy butt . . .
70) . . . and 'cause Ryan CAN kick Oliver's crazy butt
71) 'Cause he ran up all those stairs for her
72) 'Cause she's bringing in the new year with him
73) 'Cause it was a magical moment
74) 'Cause he got there just in time
75) 'Cause they're in LOVE!
76) 'Cause it's cotton candy all the way
77) 'Cause she's not gonna give up on him
78) 'Cause Theresa looks like she could be his older sister!
79) 'Cause they're the ONLY Spooners
80) 'Cause they can't spend time apart
81) 'Cause he wanted her to have fun
82) 'Cause no matter what he will always care about her
83) 'Cause they look cute when they have a pillow fight
84) 'Cause it is all about the looks
85) 'Cause the awkward silence between them is too adorable
86) 'Cause he wants only the best for her
87) 'Cause he wants to protect her from the cruel reality
88) 'Cause even Sandy knew that they aren't just friends
89) 'Cause Ryan knows she's the beauty
90) 'Cause it's obvious he loves her, Kirsten even knows it!
91) 'Cause he's shorter than she expected . . . but still so hot
92) 'Cause she shouldn't worry about any strippers
93) 'Cause he's not brooding and she's not crying!
94) 'Cause what's he supposed to do without her?
95) 'Cause he wouldn't be able to get over her
96) 'Cause he wouldn't leave without her
97) 'Cause she's the only girl next door
98) 'Cause what they haven't done in a while they're doing!
99) 'Cause they have no secrets
100) 'Cause she's his girlfriend
101) 'Cause he wants to make things work between them
102) 'Cause Summer thinks they are a perfect couple
103) 'Cause he asked her to dance
104) 'Cause she understands
105) 'Cause he wasn't happy with Theresa in Chino
106) 'Cause he knew it was her on the phone
107) 'Cause he never met anyone like her
108) 'Cause she still has pictures of them together in her room...alot
109) 'Cause they just connected
110) 'Cause he still means a lot to her... and vice versa
111) 'Cause time doesn't need to tell: they ARE star-crossed lovers
112) 'Cause she misses him every day
113) 'Cause even Julie knows.. Marissa's only been in love once.. and it was with Ryan
114) 'Cause Seth knows they're meant to be together!
115) 'Cause he's still whoever she wants him to be
116) 'Cause he knows whats best for her
117) 'Cause they cant keep thier arms off each other
118) 'Cause they slept in a tent together
119) 'Cause he helped her with her bonfire
120) 'Cause his first punch of season 2 was to protect her
121) 'Cause when they're together they make ugly hats look sexy
122) 'Cause he soo would have held her hand if Trey didn't walk in
123) 'Cause "They're taking it slow!"
124) 'Cause he knows that she gets cold and he put his jacket around her (again!)
125) 'Cause "Don't blame Seth for the sexual tension!"
126) 'Cause Seth said "Ryan and Marissa belong together."
127) 'Cause neither of them could sleep and they both looked at the clock at the same time
128) 'Cause he thinks "she's been amazing"
129) 'Cause they're partners in busting crime!
130) 'Cause Ryan said "back off! She's with me!"
131) 'Cause we waited all season for a kiss and we finally got one!!
132) 'Cause Marissa knows they can do better than the front seat of Sandy's car
133) 'Cause when he was in Miami, she wished he was back home with her and he wished the same thing
134) 'Cause she doesn't mind PDA at school.. when it's with him
135) 'Cause even Theresa knows Marissa loves him and would never do anything to hurt him.
136) 'Cause he was "just in time" to dance with her at the prom
137) 'Cause Marissa saved his life.
138) 'Cause they both toss furniture. It's destiny!
139) 'Cause she could have went with him to see Trey.
140) 'Cause she shouldn't have to ever see Trey again.
141) 'Cause they have indepth conversations on boats
141) 'Cause when she speaks, he listens
142) 'Cause she faced Trey again to save him
143) 'Cause Ryan has a hell of a girlfriend...
144) ...and 'cause if they get married he'll have a hell of a mother in law
145) 'Cause he looks at her like she's his salvation
146) 'Cause he told her a story about his childhood
147) 'Cause the lifeguard stand is THEIR place now
148) 'Cause her only concern was for him
149) 'Cause they both want to get past this
150) 'Cause he "doesn't care what it takes"; he's getting her back in school.
151) 'Cause they're Harbor's Most Notorious Couple
152) 'Cause she's proud of what she did and she'd do it again.
153) 'Cause he was hoping she'd go to the carnival with him.
154) 'Cause was she supposed to watch him die?
155) 'Cause even when they fight you can tell how much they love each other
156) 'Cause he's sorry about before...
157} ...and because she knows that.
158) 'Cause they play with each other's fingers
159) 'Cause at least they have this last year in Newport together
160) 'Cause he's listening
161) 'Cause can he interest her in a ride on the ferris wheel?
162) 'Cause third year's a charm
163) 'Cause they just have to find their moments
164) 'Cause she thinks they're they're having one right now
165) 'Cause they can't stop staring at each other's lips
166) 'Cause Ryan cares that she worked on the carnival every year at Harbor!
167) 'Cause he can't stand to see anybody hurt her.
168) 'Cause "DON'T TOUCH HER!"
169) 'Cause "RYAN!"
170) 'Cause he was more upset at her getting kicked of school than himself getting kicked out...
171) ...and 'cause she was more upset at him getting kicked out than herself, too.
172) 'Cause he came back to put his arm around her.
173) 'Cause California...here they come!
174) 'Cause "Deal?" "Deal."
175) 'Cause they'll hook up later.
176) 'Cause they blow off people who suggest they shouldn't see each other.
177) 'Cause if her mom finds him there, she'll kill him, but not if Sandy kills him first.
178) 'Cause he fell off the bed.
179) 'Cause "Hide!"
180) 'Cause he got up from bed to kiss her.
181) 'Cause he rubbed her sides.
182) 'Cause he wanted her to move in with the Cohens.
183) 'Cause it means the world to her that he would do that.
184) 'Cause he really cares about this girl.
185)'Cause he wanted to do the whole long distance thing.
186) 'Cause his main concern was that he was making her feel even worse.
187) 'Cause she'd never be interested in native boys or lonely sailers
188) 'Cause why would she think he wouldn't want to see her?
189) 'Cause he understands why she's leaving.
190) 'Cause she doesn't want him to feel like she's leaving.
191) 'Cause she's not leaving HIM.
192) 'Cause what's important right now is that they have the best 24 hrs of their lives together.
193) 'Cause he suggested the pier, chilli fries, and milkshakes.
194) 'Cause he rubs her legs.
195) 'Cause "there's um...a little something."
196) 'Cause "I'm peeking."
197) 'Cause "No you're not."
198) 'Cause he set up a hut on the middle of the beach.
199) 'Cause she likes it. Wanna know how much?
200) 'Cause "What? You weren't even gonna try and stop me?"
201) 'Cause "You are SO not funny!"
202) 'Cause "I'm kinda funny."
202) 'Cause he picked her up and swung her around.
203) 'Cause "Are you sure you wanna do this? Cause we've done a lot, but not this."
204) 'Cause she nodded her head.
205) 'Cause "You know it's gonna make it that much harder for you to leave?"
206) 'Cause she knows.
207) 'Cause they FINALLY HAD SEX.
208) 'Cause they were both sweating *g*
209) 'Cause open mouth kissing is BACK!
210) 'Cause he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh.
211) 'Cause there was MOVEMENT, baby!
212) 'Cause who didn't fnd the head cup/neck nibble hot?
213) 'Cause they looked so cute cuddled up together the next morning.
214) 'Cause Ryan was there to hold her as her father left.
215) 'Cause he's sorry about her dad.
216) 'Cause she's a lot better than she was about this last year. Wonder why?
217) 'Cause "What happens now?"
218) 'Cause "We stick together, things will be okay. Deal?"
219) 'Cause "Deal."
220) 'Cause they can't stop holding hands.
221) 'Cause his arms were made to have her in them.
222) 'Cause with them, it's making love.
223) 'Cause when Josh said dirty, he meant it!
224) 'Cause he told her she could always home school with him.
225) 'Cause he's gonna pick her up after school.
226) 'Cause she put on a brave face for him.
227) 'Cause he looked like he wanted to dog jump into a lake when she left.
228) 'Cause she has to call her boyfriend.
229) 'Cause he lied and said he wasn't there so she could hang out with new friends.
230) 'Cause she's a terrible girlfriend.
231) 'Cause "No."
232)'Cause he doesn't want her worrying about him.
233) 'Cause she uses her cute baby voice with him.
234) 'Cause he was just trying to protect her.
235) 'Cause he was worried he damaged their relationship.
236) 'Cause "What about Ryan?"
237) 'Cause she wouldn't go to the dance without him.
238) 'Cause he called to apologize...
239) ...and she said it was her fault.
240) 'Cause he suggested the movies.
241) 'Cause he could beat up the usher, get them free milk duds.
242) 'Cause he accepted that she wanted to go to the dance.
243) 'Cause her legs were wide open when he came in to see her on the bed
244) 'Cause she didn't let him know she saw him at the dance
245) 'Cause she spent the whole time wishing he was there.
246) 'Cause her life just doesn't work without him.
247) 'Cause "it always goes so smooth when we're together."
248) 'Cause whatever song comes on the radio next is their song.
249) 'Cause "Oh, yeah, yeah...I like it! Definitely us!"
250) 'Cause Forever Young is their song.
251) 'Cause is there anything more romantic than them dancing in the moonlight?
252) 'Cause she told him not to quit school.
253) 'Cause she couldn't take the thought of time apart from Ryan.
254) 'Cause the hair flip is a sign of love.
255) 'Cause he ditched the boat for her, not the Cohens.
256) 'Cause he doesn't know where his future is, but he knows it's with her.
257) 'Cause when she's upset, she breaks out the british accent.
258) 'Cause she cried alone for hours when she thought he left.
259) 'Cause unlike the Cohens, she fought for him to stay.
260) 'Cause he surprised her.
261) 'Cause they were cuddling in the booth.
262) 'Cause they're the cutest when walking on the beach.
263) 'Cause she gave him the baby voice.
264) 'Cause they looked like they wanted to **** on the beach.
265) 'Cause she dreams about their hot sex.
266) 'Cause she calls him when she's scared.
267) 'Cause he asked if everything was okay in the gym.
268) 'Cause he went to the party to check up on her.
269) 'Cause he made friends with her friends in her name.
270) 'Cause he wants the girls to pick the movie.
271) 'Cause her random touches are preciousness.
272) 'Cause she sings to him.
273) 'Cause "Were we supposed to have breakfast?"
274) 'Cause she comes up from behind. Heh.
275) 'Cause they couldn't go two minutes after arguing away from each other.
276) 'Cause she's proud of him for not fighting the jackass.
277) 'Cause "What are you doooing?"
278) 'Cause "Wanna see?" *grabs hand from behind*
279) 'Cause "So what about breakfast?"
280) 'Cause she kisses him on the cheek.
281) 'Cause they look like the most matched up pair when standing next to each other.
283) 'Cause "TELL HIM!" *beats*
284) 'Cause they whisper to each other.
285) 'Cause he put his arm behind her back.
286) 'Cause "DON'T YOU TOUCH HER!"
287) 'Cause she gave the jackass her expensive watch to free Ryan from his nasty wrath.
288) 'Cause she went into the jackasses van so Ryan wouldn't get in a fight with him.
289) 'Cause Ryan was totally her husband when he asked where she was.
290) 'Cause he looked like death when he heard that Jackass has her.
291) 'Cause he ran to protect her the moment he knew where she was.
292) 'Cause she could have left, but she decided to stay.
293) 'Cause he used his head to "save" her.
294) 'Cause all she needs to do is look at him and she KNOWS.
295) 'Cause they shared an emotional hug on the beach.
296) 'Cause they were cuddling by the fireplace.
297) 'Cause the important thing is that he didn't punch the dude.
298) 'Cause they share the sweetest smiles.
299) 'Cause he's changed. He's a totally different Ryan Atwood.
300) 'Cause he pulls her by the waist.
301) 'Cause their heads form into a heart.
302) 'Cause she's proud of him.
303) 'Cause he smiled at her when she walked into the diner.
304) 'Cause he rubbed her back.
305) 'Cause he asked her if she was okay.
306) 'Cause he suprised her by COVERING HER EYES.
307) 'Cause he puts his hand in her hair when they kiss.
308) 'Cause he wanted to talk about college with her.
309) 'Cause she's gonna try for him.
310) 'Cause he went down to the beach to find her.
311) 'Cause she told him she couldn't do it...
312) '...and he told her he'd help her.
313) 'Cause he gave her the wounded puppy dog look at the hospital.
314) 'Cause she has the cutest little voice when talking to him.
315) 'Cause he doesn't think he can leave her.
316) 'Cause she's always accepted him for who he is.
317) 'Cause Yellow by Coldplay is their song.
318) 'Cause they can't keep blaming themselves for everything.
319) 'Cause she saved the life of someone she loves.
320) 'Cause they applied to Berkeley together.
321) 'Cause he touches her knee.
322) 'Cause she pokes him in the side.
323) 'Cause she gives the sweetest cheek kisses
324) 'Cause he trusts Marissa
325) 'Cause she has plans with her boyfriend
326) 'Cause even at a strip joint he'd rather be with her
327) 'Cause she wanted to know where he was
328) 'Cause they have the best hugs
329) 'Cause her first instinct was to go to him about Johnny
330) 'Cause he told her he got a lapdance and she just laughed
331) 'Cause she didn't hesitate to tell him the truth
332) 'Cause he's listening
333) 'Cause it's cute when she whines to him
334) 'Cause he gives sweet cheek kisses too
335) 'Cause he slapped her ass
336) 'Cause they totally looked married by the pool.
337) 'Cause they have the best.chemistry.ever.
338) 'Cause she knelt in front of him to reassure him.
339) 'Cause he helped out Johnny for her.
340) 'Cause she's practically family, so she gets to be in the family photos
341) 'Cause she doesn't want to go back to Newport Union by herself.
342) 'Cause he's going to get her back into Harbor.
343) 'Cause she was the good kind of speechless.
344) 'Cause his hand was running up her thigh. Heh.
345) 'Cause she'd love to finish high school with him
346) 'Cause they even make brief kisses hot.
347) 'Cause he came to eat lunch with her
348) 'Cause she wrapped her arms around him before he could even sit down
349) 'Cause she loves the t-shirt he had made for her
350) 'Cause he'll do whatever it takes
351) 'Cause he eats her food
352) 'Cause she owes him an explanation
353) 'Cause he's not mad
354) 'Cause he was the first person she hugged after getting back into Harbor
355) 'Cause no one does playful banter better than them
356) 'Cause they were all over each other during class pictures
357) 'Cause he tickles her and she likes it!
358) 'Cause she gripes to him about her sister and he's listening
359) 'Cause he'll help her look for her jacket
360) 'Cause she has a great boyfriend
361) 'Cause she seduces him with her hair.
362) 'Cause they had a breakfast date
363) 'Cause she noticed he didn't even touch his short stack
364) 'Cause he was honest with her about her sister
365) 'Cause when she turns around she wants him to be there
366) 'Cause he knows what it's like to fall for a Cooper girl
367) 'Cause they looked at her baby pictures together
368) 'Cause Ryan has a picture of them in his room. Right next to his bed. Heh.
369) 'Cause Kaitlin thinks they're the perfect couple.
370) 'Cause Ryan Shrine + Marissa Shrine = True Love
371) 'Cause Ryan grabbed their picture out of Kaitlin's nasty hands
372) 'Cause Ryan knew Kaitlin was playing Marissa and he wanted her to stop
373) 'Cause Ryan told Marissa about Kaitlin's pot problem
374) 'Cause he sweetly grabbed her arm
375) 'Cause he asked her if she was okay
376) 'Cause she told Kaitlin that she loved Ryan
377) 'Cause Kaitlin said they were meant to be
378) 'Cause Kaitlin said they were soulmates
379) 'Cause he looked like he was crying when he looked at their picture
380) 'Cause she was craving caffeine and he gave her coffee
381) 'Cause she needed to go with what she loved and she went to him
382) 'Cause he moped about her for two days
383) 'Cause she's sorry she made him wonder
384) 'Cause it wasn't even about Johnny, it was about Trey
385) 'Cause she wants to try
386) 'Cause Seth ate all their dumplings!
387) 'Cause he asked her what she wanted and she wanted him.
387) 'Cause hottest make out session ever on TV
388) 'Cause she started to strip and wasn't going fast enough, so he helped!
389) 'Cause Kaitlin's settin' the mood.
390) 'Cause Marissa doesn't want to help Kaitlin and Johnny, she's busy.
391) 'Cause they're getting busy!
392) 'Cause he kissed her forehead.
393) 'Cause he kissed her nose.
394) 'Cause she stroked his neck.
395) ‘Cause he kissed her neck
396) 'Cause she wanted him to be careful
397) 'Cause when she looked into his eyes, she knew.
398) 'Cause he ran up to hug her.
399) 'Cause he held her hand at the funeral.
400) 'Cause she follows him around.
401) 'Cause she tried to call him.
402) 'Cause they hold each other's faces when they kiss.
403) 'Cause he licks his lips after they kiss.
404) 'Cause he got her a gift for Valentine's Day.
405) 'Cause she thought it was beautiful.
406) 'Cause he offered to talk to the police with her.
407) 'Cause in Johnny's letter she said she would never love him and that it wasn't fair to Ryan.
408) 'Cause she called him to try to make it work.
409) ‘Cause she wanted to protect him from the cops.
410) 'Cause they both tried to call each other at the same time. Twins!
411) 'Cause when they saw each other at school, they had to leave because it was too hard.
412) 'Cause she was making him a new Model Home CD because he always said he wanted another one.
413) 'Cause she doesn't want him to think she doesn't care.
415) 'Cause he went to invite her to his birthday.
416) 'Cause Marissa has Ryan!Shrine!
417) 'Cause Ryan sat down and listened to the CD and stared at their picture.
418) 'Cause Marissa had flashbacks of the model home and passed out
419) 'Cause he told Kirsten to STFU about Marissa.
420) 'Cause he told Seth that Marissa was there for him too.
421) 'Cause they never had problems with sex.
422) 'Cause he shot up like a bat out of hell and threw that Sadie whore off of him, when he heard about Marissa and Volchok.
423) 'Cause he never judged Marissa like everyone else.
434) 'Cause he told Volchok to treat her well. She deserves it.
435) 'Cause he stopped to talk to her by the lockers.
436) 'Cause he missed her in class.
437) 'Cause their fingers touched when he gave her back her flask.
438) 'Cause even though it was hard for her, she listened to him about Sadie and went to find Sadie to ensure his happiness.
439) 'Cause he left Sadie to deal with Volchok's friends talking **** about Marissa.
440) 'Cause they both got into Berkeley.
441) 'Cause he liked her sweatshirt.
442) 'Cause "Thanks, yours isn't so bad either."
443) 'Cause he asked if she was doing okay.
444) 'Cause the sweater was choking her and they smiled.
445) 'Cause he told her that even though they're not together, he's there to talk to her.
446) 'Cause "Thanks. Means a lot."
447) 'Cause he checked her out when she walked up at Berkeley
448) 'Cause he was jealous of her and Wes
449) 'Cause she was wondering where he was
450) 'Cause she went over to talk to him
451) 'Cause everything feels different at Berkeley
452) 'Cause they're willing to try
453) 'Cause she might let it slip that he used to do musicals
454) 'Cause he has enough dirt on her to last four years so bring it on!
455) 'Cause that might be true
456) 'Cause she wanted to hear about his architecture tour...
457) ...and 'cause his face lit up when he realized she cared.
458) 'Cause she wondered where he was again the next morning
459) 'Cause she was worried when she heard he went home
460) 'Cause she wanted to call him
461) 'Cause when she got home he was her first stop
462) 'Cause he confided in her about Theresa
463) 'Cause she believes in him no matter what
464) 'Cause he was worried about what Volchok was doing to her.
465) 'Cause he tried to protect her from the truth.
466) 'Cause "if you screw this up for Marissa I'm going to kick your ass."
467) 'Cause he touched her hand.
468) 'Cause Volchok is NOTHING like Ryan.
469) 'Cause he held her while she cried.
470) 'Cause it was Volchok taunting Ryan about Marissa that set him off.
471) 'Cause he bought her breakfast.
472) 'Cause when he needed help she was the first person he called.
473) 'Cause she agreed to help him, no questions asked.
474) 'Cause it's a good thing he was with her all night.
475) 'Cause he wants to drive her to the airport, and she wants that too.
476) 'Cause she found out he stole the car and didn't judge him.
477) 'Cause she wants to help him one last time.
478) 'Cause they held hands.
479) 'Cause she's going to miss him bossing her around.
480) 'Cause Volchok can send Marissa a postcard.
481) 'Cause they went back to the model home.
482) 'Cause his head was was between her thighs.
483) 'Cause he wouldn't have done it any differently.
484) 'Cause he didn't want her to say it's over.
485) 'Cause it wasn't over for her either.
486) 'Cause she'll find a way to stay in touch.
487) 'Cause he tried to save her one last time.
488) 'Cause she asked him to stay.
489) 'Cause he begged her to hold on.
490) 'Cause she was at peace when she died: she was in his arms.
491) 'Cause he cried.
492) 'Cause death cannot stop true love, merely delay it for awhile.
493) 'Cause she taught him how to love, but not how to live without her.
494) 'Cause she'll be his guardian angel.
495) 'Cause he's the only boy she ever loved.
496) 'Cause she loved him until the day she died.
497) 'Cause he'll love her until he dies, too.
498) 'Cause they're a beautiful disaster.
499) 'Cause they were misery made beautiful right before our eyes.
500) 'Cause they're chaotic yet beautiful like the ocean.

Reasons by Liz and Jess

Don't Blink! The Greatest Spooner Moments

Season One

Season Two

Blinks made by Lindsey

The Spooners Soundtrack

1. Finley Quaye & William Orbit - Dice
2. Youth Group - Forever Young
3. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
4. South - Paint The Silence
5. Joseph Arthur - Honey And The Moon
6. Coldplay - Fix You
7. Mazzy Star - Into Dust
8. Matt Pond PA - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
9. Smashing Pumpkins - To Sheila
10. Delta Goodrem - Last Night On Earth
11. Avril Lavigne - When Your Gone
12. Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
13. Jem - Maybe I’m Amazed
14. Doves - Caught By The River
15. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Salvation
16. Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
17. Lou Barlow - Legendary
18. Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces
19. Something Corporate - I Want To Save You
20. Coldplay - The Scientist
21. The Perishers - Trouble Sleeping
22. Coldplay - Yellow
23. Something Corporate - Konstantine
24. Jem - Flying High
25. The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow
26. Joseph Arthur - In The Sun
27. The Shout Out Louds - Go Sadness
28. Feeder - Frequency
29. Phantom Planet - California 2005
30. Nickleback - Far Away
31. The All American Rejects - Swing Swing
32. Aqualung - Strange And Beautiful
33. Life house - You And Me
34. Band Of Horses - No One’s Gonna Love You
35. The Perishers - Sway
36. U2 - With Or Without You
37. Maroon Five - She Will Be Loved
38. Oasis - Wonderwall
39. Damien Rice - Cannonball
40. Bloc Party - Signs
41. Beck - True Love Will Find You In The End
42. Taylor Swift - Love Story
43. Athlete - Half Light
44. The Cranberries - There She Goes
45. Train - Drops Of Jupiter



Fantastic Four: The Ryan/Marissa/Seth/Summer Fanlisting

Ryan and Marissa

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Whoever You Want Me To Be: The Ryan and Marissa Fanlisting
Ryan and Marissa LJ Community

Mischa Barton

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Ben McKenzie

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The RM Keeper List!

Tiana: First Kiss, First Time, Final moment (The Graduates.)
Jess: First meeting, "The Best Chrismukkah Ever", Spooning in TJ.
Liz: The final scene in "The Aftermath", The Countdown NYE kiss, "The O.Sea" dance.
Chris: Ryan walking in on Marissa in "The Risky Business."
Konstantine23: Lifeguard stand kisses, Best. Date. Ever, Sharing a tent.
Catrina: "The Ties That Bind" dance, "The Perfect Couple" make out, the chocolate muffin scene at the bakery in "The Shower."
Amy: "Don't touch her!" scene, the pool scene in "The Outsider", and the lifeguard stand scene in "The Shape of Things To Come."
ScorpioGirl: Moment in The Pilot where Ryan carries Marissa, Proposal kiss by the pier, "Are you sure?" moment in "The End of Innocence."
Ally: "Hallelujah" moment in "The Model Home", "Forever Young" dance.
Lindsay: The love shack.
Tonya: "You're SO not funny." "I'm kinda funny."
Erica: The model home flashback in "The Journey," and the "I'm gonna miss you bossing me around" scene in 'The Graduates.'
Jen: The make out scene in "The Cliffhanger."
Melissa: The make out scene in "The Heartbreak," The breakfast scene in "The Man of the Year."
El: Vending machine scene in "The Escape", "The Third Wheel", and the diner scene in "The Perfect Storm".
Sarah: Fireplace scene and 'Don't you touch her' scene in "The Anger Management".
Alicia: "The chicken game in the graduates and "Marissa quote "suddenly NOT so tired" moment in TPC.

Picture of the moment


future title ideas:

Never mind I find someone like you, I wish nothing but the best for you.
Because if I only could, make a deal with god, I'd ask him to swap our places.
We shed real tears over the prospect of Ryan and Marissa splitting - Entertainment Weekly
We may not agree on everything, but our love for them is eternal.

Aretha Franklin - 100 Hits Legends (2010)

Kyrumption (Cordy♥Angel) #241: Great embrace! ❤