[MULTI] Core Of Darkness - DARKSiDERS

Core Of Darkness

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Genre: Action
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Language/s (Audio): English
Language/s (Text): English

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Proceed through rooms killing darkness' warriors with swords, bows, other range weapons and of course magic. Kill enemies to get more gold, look for chest to find items, weapons and spells with elements of Fire Electricity Light Arcane Force IceYou can light up the dungeon with 3 playable characters Mage - good combination of healthm, damage and speedWarrior - strong with weapons, tough, but slow and not very good with spellsNinja - very fast, killer with katana and shurikens, but fragileAs you finish level you will have to chose between droping down to next level, fighting a boss or taking a short stop at the shop. With each level lower the dificulty will increase, new enemies will spawn and there will appear enviromental dangers like fire/spike trap or arrows dispenser.Fight your way to the bottom of the dungeon and defeat the darkness once and for all.

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Size: 2008 MB | Part/s: 3 File/s

Multi OEM/Retail Project Build 18.08.2019-P2P

Multi OEM/Retail Project Build 06.04.2019-P2P

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