[Englisch] Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography (Invisible Light Photography Book 1)

Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography (Invisible Light Photography Book 1) by Tatsuoki Takeda
English | Mar 9, 2016 | ASIN: B01CSTBVGC | 231 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 89.32 MB

The "infrared photography" is the photography to take a photograph by the "invisible" infrared light included in the solar light. In an infrared photograph we find a different sight from the familiarized sight we see commonly with our naked eyes.

By the way, after we began to use a digital camera it becomes extremely easy to take an infrared photograph (DIP: digital infrared photography) in comparison with the previous infrared photography by an analogue camera. This book describes the fundamentals of the infrared photography, the method to take an infrared photograph by using a digital camera, the post-processing method to make the photograph more attractive. And, moreover, various infrared photographs taken and post-processed by the author are placed, to develop readers' understanding of the infrared photography.

For the infrared photography the post-processing is very important. Therefore, the methods to post-process an infrared photograph by using the "Photoshop CS (pay-ware)" and the "GIMP 2 (free ware)" are concretely explained.

As a camera to take an infrared photograph it is more desirable to convert a conventional camera by removing an infrared-cut filter in front of a sensor of the camera. However, anyone can take an infrared photograph by a conventional non-converted camera by preparing a visible-cut, infrared-transparent filter, if a certain condition on the sensitivity to the infrared light is satisfied.

The detailed contents of this book is as follows.

1 Introduction
2 Fundamentals of Digital Infrared Photography
 2-1 Infrared Light
 2-2 Digital Infrared Photography (DIP)
 2-3 Comparison with Infrared Film Photography
 2-4 Features and Applications of Infrared Photography
3 Digital Infrared Photography
 3-1 Infrared Photography and Camera
 3-2 Filter
 3-3 Sensitivity of Sensor of Non-converted Camera
 3-4 Converted Camera for IR Photography
 3-5 Wavelength Dependence of Sensitivity of Sensor
4 Post-processing of Infrared Photograph
 4-1 Sensor and Filter
 4-2 Monochrome Infrared Photograph
 4-3 False Color Infrared Photograph
 4-4 Infrared Color Film Type False Color Processing
 4-5 False Color Processing in RGB Color Space
 4-6 False Color Processing in CIELab Color Space
5 Infrared Lensless Photograph
 5-1 Issues on Infrared Lensless Photograph
 5-2 Infrared Pinhole and Zone Plate Photograph
6 Gallery : Infrared Photograph
 6-1 Flowers
 6-2 Grasses and Trees
 6-3 Creatures
 6-4 Formative Arts
 6-5 Shrine / Temple / Church
 6-6 Castles / Tumuli
 6-7 Parks / Gardens (1)
 6-8 Parks / Gardens (2)
 6-9 Parks / Gardens (3)
 6-10 Landscape
 Appendix A Infrared Film Photography
 Appendix B Robert William Wood
 Appendix C Sensitivity of Sensor of Non-converted Camera
 Appendix D Simple Spectroscope 
 Appendix E Sensitivity of Sensor and Filter

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