LEGO Alpha Team [Walkthrough]

LEGO Alpha Team

                       ...        .     :i                                    
      .            :Y;i:iiiii.   ..      .v                                   
      .          i1Y:.......,:i. .    .   i.                                  
      .        .tn;............,..   ..                                       
               iCv..      ....... ..    ..                                   
              .cci.......:;v;;...,i:,..  i.         o@@MMMM@@&ndashB8Itc;;;,.    . 
              ,zSYc7;i;;;i:,::,. i0iY.i   :,.      .MMMM@&ndashB0W000QBQ$BQ$0Q.    
               :t7v.......:i:.,. :Mi: :,   .ic.    .M$$WQ0b6bIIz2AzAozzoW,    
                C7,  iBz..Y@E....cM7.,i:    .Ac    .@6onSoSSA2UoAAoIozSIZ   . 
                .Yi. i6c..........U .0Ac;n8X,.     ,E .,..    ....  ...cb   . 
                 Yc,   .:::,.,i..     vAX;;.  .    c7.i;icY:       i,   U&ndash.   
                 cci...:2Z9iiMMS .     1AC:.....   2C,vc;:cMAi..v$0  .. IMc . 
               .Y;v;:...  .....,20n, .:i1Sv,...,.  AtivYv,.,  .. vi ... 9Mi,. 
               1c;7UUU1Yvii:...Y&ndash0MMcYvicoti....   i;;c7c,.         ... @M.,. 
              c82nc..;, .......   MMiii..SIv....    ;vc7v,;SU92Yii0oi.  vi... 
             n$2U6XU@@9..       vMMc.,.  vAIX:     .t77X1Y7cii;CEQMMM;.       
            .i  .71; cMMti::;78MMS:,. ..  :t,     .Mi I&ndashCt22S7c;Y;......      
                  i,  .@MMMMMMMM0..   .... . i@MbvMM  t.t  .ii;i:,:ci.  .  .  
             .i.  i; .  .t0QMMMMM&ndash..:,,:,..  .@MMMM. Ii @$.        .      ..  
           .ci... cC        MM@MMMM6i;tU,  .IMM@&ndashBv,.@Y  MM@Av..   :8bcv  . . 
          .;:.... 71.       MM@@M@MMBcYt .6MMM&ndashE@ziivcQY  QMMMMMMM@Ai  &ndashMU    
         c;......:Xt:  .:   @MMMM@$@MMQcoMMM@0bW@A7i,cMM@;.1@M@$o.      MQ    
       .X........ Ctv .i..: W@S@MMM@MMMMMM@2,oQ@&ndashbnW$W@v;;: ..     7Zt. oM. . 
      io. ...... .tX7.i.: I;E  .MW  :0; .:i.U&ndash@MI,.cb@7X@@&ndashWE0E9E&ndash@MMMMAAMMt  
   .vtv.      .   n7Ci..i. .Y. .;    .t.  .t09AB0t..,$iW :@&ndash&ndashEiiYttc18$0QMBM. 
  .tv.      .     ictI  vv        . .vME..vY     YQt89cMEZB0;i.cC;Si..it0@9M; 
       .,i:.      ,.:i... . :.  CMMMMM@MMX.       YM@;W;0$Eb7Y..,;:..:z7WM@Mc 
     .ttY,  ..    ;;,: . . ;vZMMMMM@WE@M1.   .    :Ii.. tW98W&ndash$t:t:,iQ0t&ndash@@MQ 
      ..  ..      ;z77. Y7,.oMMMM@$&ndash&ndash&ndash@&ndashzoi.    ;U.      vZ20ccb0EE0Q82o@&ndash&ndashMb 
         .        .A12t.,i  .MM@B00$$boU&ndash&ndash$Si,$2, ..     vUo;.i..;n9ZU7EM&ndash&ndashMZ 
                   U81t   .iXW0E0WQWBU1i;90Q&ndashMMv.  ..  . coU.7Q9t:. ,zX@@&ndash$M2 
                    .;ZSU@MQUEQW@@&ndashQ&ndash@EU;,;S$&ndashXi.     :Y  ,&ndashAicoZb9777QM&ndash$$M7 
                     ,:9b6@@@&ndash@@, @MW&ndashM$Et:,SEQQS:. ..   iZZ,,::;CAEo6@&ndash&ndash$&ndashM, 
                     ...C$@&ndash&ndash@7 .  bM$BM@W6;,6@MMB2ZB:  7$o:ii:i:,icoM@BWW&ndashM. 
                      0MM&ndash&ndash@9 .  ;  vM&ndashE$@@&ndash&ndash@@@MM@$$@&ndashE@7.:;. .v;i,zM&ndash$WW&ndashM  
                    oMM@B$z  Y .2 .Y  &ndash&ndashb60&ndash@EzB&ndash@M@WBMMMWCiii,ivvv.MMM@@@MM  
                  6MMM&ndashBWB0   i  X  .,W$$0A0Bn6BB6I@MBE$@MMQC;;vY:   .vo;;i   
               :WMMM$BWWW$MM$.XM@MM1$M$QQWB&ndash&ndash$BWBUcCW@$bb&ndashMMMW11,           ..
             iMMMMM@$QQWB&ndash@MMMMMMMMMM&ndashBW$&ndash&ndashBQW&ndash@&ndash&ndash&ndash6CZ&ndash@Wb0&ndash@@M&ndash.        ..,:i
           cMMMM@bMM@&ndashQQWB$&ndash@@&ndash&ndash&ndash&ndash&ndash&ndash$BQ&ndash&ndash00Q&ndash@&ndashQAv6@&ndash96B&ndash&ndash$QBWn.       ,.....:
         .MMMM&ndash$Q  MM@@WQQWBBBQQWBBWQbZE0W&ndash@$bz29o;cQ@BEW@QWo     ..  .:.....,
          :MM&ndash$&ndashQ   $M@@$QQWWWWWQWWb98Q&ndash@@@6noA8bQEti1@@@6   .   ...   i;iii;c
            6M@@M    7MM@&ndashQQWWBBW09bW&ndash@@@@&ndash9AAZ671E06:v@2              .iccvc.
             :MMMM.    &ndashM@@WQWQQQQ&ndash@@@@6z@M@BEA6SSbQ@z       
               MMMM$;  .@@&ndash@&ndashWW$&ndash@@@&ndash9oXivBM@@B0Q&ndash@&ndashX              
                 iMMMMMMM$v  0MM@&ndash$B8AE0z0B&ndashM@X           
                   MMMMo      .MMM&ndash&ndashB$MMMMME.       
                    ;,          vQ&ndash$&ndasho;ci.                                     
                                               The Guide
LEGO Alpha team is a puzzle game, so using this guide for the whole game
Would probably be a fairly boring experiance. I suggest only using this if 
you get stuck or if you just want to get past something quickly. 
When I refer to something being to "the right" or to "the left" it is 
the character"s right, unless stated otherwise. This Guide also assumes you 
know the basics of moving parts and camera. You will also see me refer 
to buttons a lot, most of the time at the end of a level. 
IMPORTANT: These are 95% garanteed to work (Contact me at: 
brickfaqs@ spamyougokablam if you find a mistake or find 
something hard to understand. I would also recomend 
removing "spamyougokablam", or else you won"t ever reach me.)
but sometimes a piece being placed just slightly off makes the differance. 
Also remember that if you mess up, just click try again and you can continue 
the level with nothing moved from where you put it.
|Table of Contents                    |
|                                     |
|1. Mission 1                         |
|2. On the Right Path                 |
|3. The Hidden Hop                    |
|4. The Which Way Ware House          |
|5. The Triple Jump                   |
|6. High and Low                      |
|7. Sliding by                        |
|8. The Trouble Tube                  |
|9. Crunch Time                       |
|10. The Boom Room                    |
|11. Crisscross                       |
|12. Yee-Haw, See-Saws!               |
|13. See-Saw Double Cross             |
|14. Demolition Derby                 |
|15. Fill in the Blanks               |
|16. Punch a Bunch of Punchers        |
|17. Tag-Team Crossover               |
|18. Trouble Train Depot              |
|19. Entrance to the Goo Caverns      |
|20. See-Saw Laser Maze               |
|21. Mirror Madness                   |
|22. Mirror Mirror                    |
|23. Too Many Mirrors                 |
|24. You Know the Drill               |
|25. Barrel Hop                       |
|26. Confused                         |
|27. Trouble Tube Twist               |
|28. Hectic Electric                  |
|29. Pump Room Jump                   |
|30. Have See-saw, Will Travel        |
|31. Double Trouble                   |
|32. Turbo Relay                      |
|33. Second Step"s a Doozy            |
|34. Trouble Sub Rescue               |
|35. Trouble Sub Docking Bay          |
|36. Cam in Control                   |
|37. Double Duty Charge               |
|38. Ejector Sector                   |
|39. Rescue Flex                      |
|40. Tug Team                         |
|41. Drop Into Danger                 |
|42. Computer Hop                     |
|43. Dash"s Decoy                     |
|44. The D.O.O.M. Room                |
|45. Arctic Dash                      |
|46. Crunch Punch                     |
|47. Rely on Radia                    |
|48. Charge in Charge                 |
|49. Cam"s Challange                  |
|50. Featuring Flex                   |
|51. Mission Control                  |
|Glossary A: Characters and items     |
|Glossary B: Tips and Troubleshooting |
|Credits                              |
1. Mission 1
Catchy name, huh?
If you can"t do this level on your own you really need some more practice.
All you have to do is:
1-Leave the tile that is right in front of Dash alone.
2-Rotate the other Directional tile to face the button.
Level Complete!
2. On the Right Path
1-Turn the first directional tile right.
2-Place a left turn at the corner.
3-Use the remaining tiles to guide Dash the rest of the way through in an 
obvious path.
Level Complete!
3. The Hidden Hop
1-Leave the first tile.
2-Rotate the next tile to go right.
3-Use 2 more tiles to get him up the stairs. (There are some over by Dash)
4-At the next turn, have Dash Jump off to the right instead of following the 
path left (Hence the level name).
5-After the fall point dash towards the button.
Level Complete!
4. The Which Way Ware House
1-Move tile away from in front of Dash.
2-Place stairs going to the next platform.
3-At the top, Turn right and climb 2 more flights of stairs.
4-Turn left next to TV.
5-Move stairs so that Dash wil jump down instead of taking the stairs 
(you need them elswhere)
6-Leave the next stairs where they are.
7-Turn left and jump off the edge.
8-Turn left and put those stairs we moved here.
9-Turn right to hit the button.
Level Complete!
5. The Triple Jump
1-Leave the first jump tile.
2-Put another jump piece on the next pillar.
3-Put a tile facing the opposite way you came from behind the orb turnig you 
180 degrees.
4-Put another jump piece on the other side of the orb.
5-Let Dash fall down the first spot you jumped over.
6-A tile is already pointing the right way when you land.
7-Put the stairs in front of where a zombie is gaurding the exit button.
(When you press GO and Dash gets the orb he will dissapear)
Level Complete!
6. High and Low
1-Put a trampoline on the ledge below Dash.
2-Put a second trampoline by TV.
3-Put the last tramp on the next post.
4-Put a jump piece on the lower ledge and press the button.
Level Complete!
7. Sliding by
1-Leave the first slide in place.
2-Turn right.
3-Put a slide over the guard.
4-Turn right.
5-Put another stair case in front of the black one.
6-After climbing 2 stair cases turn right.
7-Go up another case of stairs.
8-Turn right.
9-Go up some more stairs.
10-Put stairs at the very edge of the platform.
11-Grab the last slide and put it down right after the stairs, and this 
will lead to the button.
Level Complete!
8. The Trouble Tube
1-Turn left after you get off the dark grey.
2-Turn right at the stairs.
3-Jump off onto a Trampoline, ouncing Dash to the next pillar.
4-Turn Right and jump to the orb.
5-Put a slide after the orb.
6-If everything was done right, Dash should slide down and pull a lever
that releases Crunch, the explosives expert, from the "Trouble Tube".
Everything is already set up for crunch to press the button.
Level Complete!
9. Crunch Time
Despite the name, you don"t get to use explosives yet.
We will set up for Dash first.
1-Take out the jump piece and replace it with a slide.
2-Put a jump after the slide. 
3-Turn right at the top.
4-Put a jump piece at the edge.
5-After Dash has bounced across the gap using the trampoline turn left.
6-Go back to the beginning so you can set up for crunch.
7-Turn right and jump off the edge.
8-Turn left at the bottom.
9-Add stairs up to the next platform.
10-Climb up another stair case.
11-Use a jump tile at the edge so that Crunch will bounce of the 
trampoline to the other side.
Level Complete!
10. The Boom Room
1-Put a jump piece behind the boxes.
2-Position the red detonator so that Dash will land on it.
3-Put the red bomb by the boxes.
4-Put stairs so that Dash can climb over the last set of boxes.
5-Let"s set up for Crunch.
6-Put the Green detonator where Crunch will land.
7-Put the gren bomb next to the first row of boxes.
8-Add stairs for Crunch at the end of the path.
9-Dash has already blown up the second row of boxes.
10-Position the blue detonator where Crunch will land when he 
jumps off the edge.
11-Put the blue bomb by the boxes on crunches side, we have stairs 
for Dash to get over the boxes on his side.
Level Complete!
11. Crisscross
1-Push the tile in front of Crunch up to the boxes, and have him turn right.
2-Use 2 more tiles to make crunch cross over his starting point, 
and left from where he started.
3-Put a jump tile by TV so that Crunch will jump into the orb, and land on 
the green detonator that is already in place.
4-Place a jump piece so that after stepping off the detonator, he will jump 
up to the platform with the zombie (which will be gone since we already 
picked up the orb)
5-Use 3 more tiles to direct him to the button.
6-Return to Dash.
7-This next part would be way too hard to explain, so follow the diagram 
<>^v = Directional arrows
o = Jump tile
       |    >     O     v   Dash  Detonator         v
       |                                            <
       |           Box
       |    ^   Crunch     Box
       |           Box

8-To clarify what is happening here, I will explain. Remember that the diagram 
is not to scale
 a-Dash turns left and cotinues to follow Crunch"s old path.
 b-Crunch turns right twice, jumps over the directional tile and lands on 
the detonator.
 c-Crunch takes 2 more right turns.
9-Use the 2 last tiles to guide Crunch to his new end point.
10-You may need to move some parts slightly to fit Dash"s better jumping 
Level Complete!
12. Yee-Haw, See-Saws!
1-From the start, turn Dash left.
2-Turn him right at the place that will make him jump down to the bridge 
closest to the exit.
3-Place a see-saw with ball so that dash will land on it, catapulting the 
ball to Dash"s left.
4-Put the see-saw with Crunch on the very end of the isolated 
platform so that the ball catapults him to his button.
5-Go back to Dash.
6-Turn Dash right at the end of the bridge.
7-At the height drop add a jump piece and put the last see-saw where Dash 
will land.
6-This will catapult the ball to hit Dash"s Button.
Level Complete!
13. See-Saw Double Cross
1-Move the first see-saw with nothing on it to the end of 2 drops for 
Dash, acting as a bridge to get to the other side with the buttons.
2-Turn Dash right to hit the SECOND button.
3-Go to Crunch.
4-After he drops a level, put a see-saw with ball next to the ledge so that 
the ball lands on a detonator that will blow up the first row of boxes.
5-Simalar to what we did with Crunch, put the other see-saw with ball 
under where Dash would otherwise drop the second time, but this 
time he should catapult the ball to his left.
6-The ball should hit the other detonator, blowing up the other row of boxes.
7-Near the end of the path after where the second row of boxes blew up, 
turn Crunch right and use the other see-saw with nothing on it for a 
bridge to the first button.
Level Complete!
14. Demolition Derby
1-Put the Crunch car in front of Dash.
2-After Dash Activates Crunch"s car, he will turn around. 
Let him walk back a bit.
3-Turn Dash right 2 times so that he is now walkining on the left side of 
4-Take the yellow stairs from up by the orb and put them next to the 
ones that Crunch will climb up.
5-Turn Crunch left at the top.
6-Put the jump piece in front of Crunch and also in front of 
Dash"s stairs so that both can use the piece.
7-Have Crunch land on the detonator which will blow up the 2 stacks of boxes 
nearest to the exit. 
8-If you did everything right, it will apear that Crunch is going to be 
caught by the zombie gaurds, the one left of the exit in particular.
9-After Dash climbs his stairs, (they will both be doing it at 
about the same time) he should use the jump piece that you positioned 
earlier to get up on to the next ledge.
10-After the jump, Dash will climb up some black stairs and grab the orb. 
(Making the zombies dissapear)
11-Turn Dash left after the Orb and let him jump off of 2 ledges to get 
back to the bottom.
12-At the bottom turn left again, and turn right to send Dash into the button 
to the right of the exit.
Level Complete!
15. Fill in the Blanks
1-Start with Dash
2-After he crosses the first gap, there is another one. fill 
it in with 2 platforms.
3-Put a jump tile in the middle of the bridge.
4-Position the see-saw so that Dash will land on it after jumping. 
It will activate Crunch"s car.
5-Dash will run into a wall of boxes and stop.
6-Make a bridge out of movable platforms in front of the Crunch Car.
Because the car ignores directional tiles, we can have Crunch hit both 
7-Put a left turn (relative to crunch"s start) behind the 
boxes and right in front of his car.
8-In front of the other button, but still behind the boxes, use another tile 
to point crunch into the other button.
Level Complete!
16. Punch a Bunch of Punchers
1-There are 2 punchers in front of dash. Take out the first one and put 
it on the platform in front of Dash.
2-There is already a puncher on the second platform. Leave it there.
3-Put the Crunch car on the edge of the other side which has boxes on it.
4-If everything is set up right, Dash will hit a puncher, which will hit 
another puncher, which will punch a third puncher, 
which will hit Crunch"s car.
5-Make sure that works before you go on.
6-After the boxes are blown up with the car, turn Crunch right. 
There are now three platforms in front of him.
7-On the first one put a moveable platform and a jump piece at the end.
8-On the second one, put a trampoline.
9-On the third one, put another platform on it.
10-Put the slide in front of the last platform to get Crunch on to the exit 
area. Note the gaurd.
11-A little after the slide, place a jump tile.
12-Put a tile pointing at the platform that TV is on in front of the jump. 
Crunch should jump over it, hit the button, turn around and turn left at the 
13-To avoid the gaurd, put a jump piece near the Platform that TV is on 
so that he can jump up on to it.
14-After he drops off on the other side, turn left and hit the second button.
Level Complete!
17. Tag-Team Crossover
1-First, move the crunch car to the spot with boxes and a button to the left 
of the exit.
2-Set up the punchers so that Dash will hit one which will hit another 
which will hit crunch"s car.
3-After Dash hits the puncher button he will turn around. Use 2 directional 
tiles to get Dash on the other bridge.
4-Near the end of the bridge have Dash turn left and jump to the spot 
between a puncher and where the Crunch car stared.
5-Put another jump to get Dash up to where the orb is. After he hits the 
railling he will stop and wait for Crunch to finish.
6-Go back to Crunch.
7-After he hits the puncher that hits the first exit button he 
will turn around. Have him turn right to go up the stairs.
8-Tiles are already set up to help him navigate the stairs, except for the 
last tile. Turn it so that instead of doing the smart thing and jumping on 
to the big area, he will jump onto the skinny ledge and hit the 
last button. Then he will fall in the water, but we already 
finished so it won"t matter.
Level Complete!
18. Trouble Train Depot
In this level you will unlock Radia, the lasers expert.
1-Put the crunch car at the beginning of the small island with the orb on it.
2-Put a puncher behind the Crunch car.
3-Make a bridge out of movable platforms to the boxes.
4-There is already a tile pointing Crunch to the right, so the last thing 
you need to do with him is put a trampoline in the last gap.
5-Go to Dash.
6-Have Dash turn left and put some stairs after the tile.
7-Move the see-saw so that Dash will land on it. The ball will fly up and 
activate the puncher that starts the Crunch car.
8-Turn Dash right after he has walked across the see-saw.
9-When he gets to the platform with TV on it, turn him right and have 
him jump up to it.
10-Put in some more stairs and put a slide starting at them.
11-After Dash has slidden down to the next platform, turn him left and climb 
some stairs.
12-Put a trampoline in the gap.
13-When Dash jumps off the stairs and bounces on the trampoline, he will 
land on a detonator that is already there. It will blow up 
the single box in the way.
14-Use a jump piece right behind the box to get Dash to the lever. 
He will pull it and free Radia. Radia will start to run across the top of a 
15-when she gets to the button have her turn right and jump to it.
Level Complete!
19. Entrance to the Goo Caverns
This level is made up of a long bridge across the top, and two ledges below, 
one on either side, with the one on the left closer to the start.
1-Put the Crunch car on the bridge next to the ledge on the right.
2-Directly behind the car, put a tile pointing right, right under the button 
on the car. This way Radia can hit the button and turn at the same time.
3-Turn Radia left at the bottom.
4-Place a laser directly in front. 
5-The laser should have a prieview of where it will hit. Make sure both of 
the lasers are pointing at the laser targets. 
The zombies were already taken care of by Crunch.
6-Now we need Dash to get on the left ledge. Start by turning him right when 
he gets to the bridge, but make sure he goes as close to the left side 
as is possible.
7-Put a tile pointing left at the left ledge so that Dash will Follow 
it and jump off, while Radia who is in the middle of the bridge runs 
right past it.
8-Turn Dash right at the bottom to activate the other laser.
Level Complete!
20. See-Saw Laser Maze
This level is the first one to not include every team member rescued so far 
in it. Almost every level will be like this now.
1-Put the movable platform in the area right in front of the laser 
lock to the right of the exit.
2-Put a laser on top.
3-Radia is already set up to jump off the edge like you want her to, but 
there is an extra tile in that path that will be needed elsewere, 
so just move it for now.
4-Put a trampoline where Radia will land.
5-Put a see-saw where she will land after bouncing of the tramp. 
The ball will activate the laser on the right.
6-Go to Dash.
7-Have him turn left.
8-Put a jump tile at the edge, and Dash should land on the right turn that is 
already there.
9-At the edge of the next ledge, use the other jump tile.
10-Put a see-saw where Dash will land. Because of the jump tile, 
the ball will fly far enough to activate the other laser.
Level Complete!

21. Mirror Madness
Follow the diagram, it would be harder on both sides to explain it.
/  = Mirrors
... =Laser path
> =Directional arrow
O =Laser
| /. . . /
|  . 
|  .
|  .
|  .
| . . . . . . . . . | 
|   |            | .  |
|   |            | .  |     
|   |            | .  |
|   |            | .  |
|   |            | .  |
|   |            | .  |
|___           __| .  |_
|   |__________|   .   |
|              |   |   |
|    __________|   O   |
|___|          |__   __|
|                |  |
|                |  |
|                |  |
|                Dash                           Radia                 |
Repeat this on Radia"s side, but have her turn right first.

22. Mirror Mirror
1-Put a laser at the end of the path Dash is set to go on.
2-Move the mirror out of the lasers way.
3-Go to Radia.
4-Have her turn and climb up the ladder.
5-At the top have her turn right again and turn on a laser.
6-Put a mirror next to the boxes to point the beam up.
7-Put another mirror above to point it above the left target.
8-Turn the beam down at the other side.
9-Use the mirror moved out of Dash"s way to direct the laser to the target.
Level Complete!

23. Too Many Mirrors
Too many mirror based levels methinks.
On this level we only have Radia, so she needs to turn on both lasers.
1-The first laser should be pointing right.
2-Use a jump tile to make her land on it.
3-The second laser should be pointing staight. Radia will walk forward 
to activate it after she steps off the first one.
That is all Radia gets to do, lets set up the mirrors!
4-Start with the first laser turned on.
5-On the platform it is pointing at, use a mirror to turn the beam up.
6-Directly above, use another mirror to send the laser to the left side of 
the room.
7-Stack 2 movable platforms here and put a mirror on top. 
The laser should now be pointing at the target to the left of the exit.
8-Go to the other laser.
9-Put the other movable platform on the small island in front 
of the laser.
10-Put a mirror on top that will turn the beam right.
11-Put a mirror pointing up on the next platform.
12-Directly above, use the last mirror to turn the laser beam horizontal 
and towards the button.
Level Complete!

24. You Know the Drill
1-Put a jump tile in front of TV.
2-Put 1 directional tile on both sides, both pointing at the jump.
3-Dash will turn left and jump over the gap and the other arrow.
4-On the other platform have Dash turn right.
5-Put a laser in front of the arrow. It will be pointing down a long bridge.
6-The laser needs to cut a rope on the other side, and this will let the rock 
fly over to the platform in the middle.
7-Put a laser in front of the right side target, because the rock 
will fly over one on the left side.
8-Repeat steps 3-7 on the other side for Radia.
Level Complete!

25. Barrel Hop
1-Have radia turn right, left, and then right again.
2-Put a jump tile at the edge.
3-At the bottom have her turn left and she will grab the orb.
4-Go to Crunch
5-The jump tile should be lined up so that Crunch can also use it to jump 
over the barrel.
6-Position the laser so that Crunch will turn it on after landing.
7-Turn the beam left on the other side.
8-Put 1 laser in front of each target.
9-After that laser beam turns left, it needs to light the fuse on a cannon 
that will activate the target to the right.
10-Put the other cannon an the other side so that the laser will light its 
fuse too. (Note that the preview won"t show it, 
since the fuse of the first cannon is in the way.)
Level Complete!

26. Confused
1-Start with Dash.
2-Place a tile pointing right at the first fork and put a jump piece 
before it.
3-Put the Crunch car a bit in front of the jump.
4-After Dash turns around and hits the arrow prieviously jumped over, 
turn him left at the corner.
5-Put a laser in front of the arrow.
6-Put a cannon at the second left. The laser should be pointing at 
the fuse.
7-Put the detonator behind the barrels Crunch will 
have already blown up.
8-Use the bomb to blow up the other barrels.
9-Go back to the laser.
10-After it lights the fuse, the laser will continue forward. Turn it 
left at the corner with a mirror.
11-Put another left turn mirror at the end of the long path.
12-Position the Radia catapult so that the fuse is hanging off the 
ledge, and will launch her into the orb.
13-Go back to the laser again.
14-If neccesary, realign the last mirror you placed so that it will light 
Radia"s fuse.
15-Use the last mirror to point the laser into the target 
to the left of the exit.
16-Put the other laser up against the platform TV is on, pointing 
straight at the target.
17-Put the other cannon in place on the long section of path so that it will 
launch and turn on the other laser.
Level Complete!

27. Trouble Tube Twist
1-Put a laser in front of Dash.
2-Put the movable platform with the rock on a robe in front so that it will 
be cut by the laser Dash fired.
3-Place a laser pointing to Dash"s right under the rock.
4-Turn the beam left at the end of the path.
5-Turn the laser left again at the next corner.
6-Move the Radia catapult forward so the laser will light the fuse.
7-On the other side of the room turn the laser beam right. It should be 
pointing at the target to the left of the exit now.
8-After Radia has freed Charge, the Electronics expert, have him turn left.
9-Turn him left again at the end of the path.
10-Put a laser in front of him. It should be facing directly at the target 
to the right of the exit.
Level Complete!

28. Hectic Electric
After you complete the prievious level, there will be a training 
mission explaining Charge"s equiptment.
For obvious reasons, the tutorial will not be included in this guide.
1-Put a generator in front of Radia.
2-Put a tile pointing to her left right behind her.
3-After she hits the button turns around and uses the tile, 
have her turn right near the wall.
4-Put an anti-gravity device where she would land if it wasn"t there and 
plug it into the generator she turned on.
5-Put the other anti-gravity device where she would fall after words.
6-She will be walking right above where Ogel was tuanting you from.
7-After a long drop, turn her right.
8-Put a generator in front of her and connect it to the left side exit lock.
9-Go to Charge.
10.Let him drop off the edge and keep going until you get close to the 
second anti-gravity device.
11-Put a generator here and connect it to the anti-gravity device.
12-After he turns around, Turn him left under the ledge.
13-Use two more tiles to direct him to the ladder.
14-Put the last generator near the end of the path and connect 
it to the other exit lock.
Level Complete!

29. Pump Room Jump
1-Put an anti-gravity device on both sides of the zombie near Dash 
with plugs facing out.
2-Put a generator in front of Dash and connect it to the anti-gravity 
device to the left of the zombie.
3-After he turns around, turn left at the ladder.
4-Once he is at the top, turn him left again.
5-Instead of leading Dash up the rest of the ladders, let him 
run off the edge and use the anti-gravity devices to get up to the orb.
6-Go to Charge.
7-Let him walk almost all the way down the path.
8-At the end of the path, have him turn right.
9-Put a jump tile and a turn pointing to Dash"s left in front.
10-Put a Generator in front that and connect it to the other anti-gravity 
11-After he turns back around take a right turn that he jumped over a 
minute ago.
12-Turn left at the end of this path.
13-Jump over the first generator connected to the right side exit lock.
14-He will hit the second one, turn around, and hit the first.
Level Complete!

30. Have See-saw, Will Travel
1-First have Dash jump over a tile pointing right.
2-Put a generator in front of these.
3-After Dash turns around and turns left, turn left again.
4-Put an anti-gravity device  at the edge of the platform in front of Dash 
and connect it to the generator.
5-Put a jump tile in front of the anti-gravity device.
6-Put the see-saw with Radia on it at the edge of the next platform.
7-If everything is set up right, the extra hieght Dash gained with the 
anti-gravity device will be enough to fling Radia all the way over to 
the other side where Charge is and get the orb on the way.
8-Push the generator powering the Charge elavator back so that radia 
won"t land behind it.
9-After Radia turns around, point her up the ladder.
10-move the first generator up there forward a bit so that Charge will turn 
it on and Radia will go past to hit the other one.
11-Plug both generators into an exit lock.
Level Complete!

31. Double Trouble
1-Start by letting Radia step off the edge.
2-Have her land on a laser pointing to her right.
3-Move the camera back and you will see 2 otherwise hidden platforms.
4-Put a mirror on each, both turning the laser beam left.
5-The laser should now be pointing over at Charge. Put a laser to 
electricity generator near the ledge on Charge"s right. 
The laser should be pointing into it.
6-Go back to Radia.
7-Have her turn left after stepping off the laser.
8-Put a jump tile with a right turn tile in front of it after the left turn.
9-Put a generator pointing to the right at the end of the path Radia is on.
10-Put Charge"s elavator to the left of the platform and connect 
it to the generator.
11-Put the anti-gravity device in front of Charge. Plug it into the 
laser to electicity generator.
12-Go back to Radia again.
13-When she has turned around she will use the directional 
tile she jumped over earlier.
14-Place a jump tile at the edge of the path she is now following.
15-This will get her to the orb on the left side.
16-Move the camera so that you are looking at the orb at eye-view.
17-This will allow you to put a tile turning her right towards the 
other orb directly under this first orb.
18-After she grabs the second orb she will hit a barrel and stop.
19-At the top you will see that there is only 1 exit lock on this level.
20-Position the generator so that Charge will turn it on after 
crossing the zombie paths.
21-Connect the generator to the lock.
Level Complete!

32. Turbo Relay
1-Move the turbo tube in front of Dash to be at the edge of the platform 1 
ladder down.
2-The other tube should be placed on the edge of the platform with TV on 
it, where the prievious tube launched us to.
3-He will land on an area with a ladder. Let him climb it.
4-After he grabs the orb at the top, have him turn left.
5-Turn him left again near the edge and put a jump tile in front of it.
6-Position the see-saw with Crunch on it where Dash will land.
7-Crunch should be flung over to the platform to Dash"s right.
8-Put the other see-saw with Radia on it where Crunch will land.
9-If everything is set up right, Radia will be catapulted right over the 
zombie to get the other orb. (Making the zombies dissapear)
10-After she lands, let her walk forward a bit and turn on a 
laser pointing straight in front of her.
11-After she turns around, turn her right where she was catapulted over a 
second ago.
12-Let"s set up for the first laser activated first.
13-Have the beam turn rght almost immediatly after its start.
14-Use another mirror on the platform to the right of the exit turning the 
beam left.
15-Have it turn right on the next platform.
16-Put a laser to electricity generator in the path of the beam.
17-Plug it into the right side exit lock.
18-Go to the other laser.
19-It will be pointing in a place where you can put another laser to 
electricity generator.
20-Connect the generator to the left side exit lock.
Level Complete!

33. Second Step"s a Doozy
1-Start with Dash.
2-Put a tile pointing left at the turbo tube and a jump tile before it.
3-Put another jump tile a little further down the path.
4-Put the stairs in front so that dash will land on the side with steps.
5-The Charge elavator and a generator are already in place for Dash to hit.
6-After turning around, he will walk up the stairs and use the directional 
tile we had him jump over before.
7-Let him climb a ladder after falling which will bring him into the turbo 
tube which should be facing in the opposite direction of where he is entering.
8-He will be shot over to an orb.
9-Go to Charge.
10-After he steps off the elevator have him turn right and jump.
11-He will grab the other orb.
12-Put a laser after the orb, pointing straight from where he is.
13-After he turns around he will use the jump tile. Let him fall 
all the way to the bottom, then have him turn left.
14-After he has run forward a bit have him turn on a generator.
15-Put the anti-gravity device up against the barrels, with its plug facing 
the ladder.
16-Connect it to the generator.
17-Go back to the laser Charge turned on.
18-Turn it left at the corner of the path and left again near the wall.
19-Place the fuse of Radia"s catapult in the laser"s path.
20-She should land near the directional arrow at Dash"s starting point.
21-The anti-gravity device will be on when she gets here and she should 
float up to the top platform.
22-Turn both generators sideways so that the outlet is pointing toward which 
ever one it is attatched to.
23-One should be right in front of the other, with a little space 
inbetween them.
24-Put a jump tile after the zombie paths. She should land in 
the space between the 2 generators.
25-She will hit the first, turn around, and hit the second.
Level Complete!

34. Trouble Sub Rescue
1-Put a generator in front of dash with the power outlet facing right.
2-After he turns around, turn left at the corner.
3-Have him turn left again at the next turn.
4-Put a jump tile in front.
5-Put the anti-graviy device in next with its plug pointing away from Dash.
6-Plug it into the generator Dash turned on.
7-Dash should float way up to another platform.
8-Place a turbo tube at the edge. This will shoot him into an orb.
9-Have him turn around after grabbing it.
10-Let him fall back down to the lower platform.
11-He should be running towards the side of the anti-gravity 
device with the plug.
12-Use anothe jump tile to get on it again, this time floating up to 
a platform across from the one he landed on last time.
13-This time put the turbo tube in the middle of the platform.
14-In front, put a left turn.
15-Put a laser in front of the turn.
16-The turbo tube will launch dash past the laser, so go back to it later.
17-Put a jump tile at the very beginning of the next platform.
18-Put the last turbo tube in pointing the opposite direction.
19-After he has jumped over the tube, he will grab the other orb.
20-Use a directional tile to turn him around.
21-The tube will launch him back over to the arrow pointing at the laser.
22-The laser should hit a laser to electricity generator.
23-The generator needs to power Charge"s elavator.
24-It will lift him up to the platform with a lever.
25-Pulling the lever releases the next team member, Cam, the motors expert.
26-Once she has been released, she just has to run 
down the path and hit the exit button.
Level Complete!

35. Trouble Sub Docking Bay
Here you will get another tutorial level, this time explaining motors.
However, using a guide to beat a tutorial kinda" defeats the purpose.
So, on to the next level!
1-Start with Charge.
2-Put a generator with its plug facing to the left in front of him.
3-Now go to Cam.
4-Put a jump tile in front of the conveyor belt, which apears to be 
moving in the opposite direction the boxes on it are moving.
5-Have her turn left after the jump.
6-Have her jump again on to an anti-gravity device which should be 
plugged into the generator Charge turned on.
7-Turn right and jump at the top to grab an orb.
8-Put a motor after the orb.
9-After she has turned around and jumped over the directional tile, 
she will need to go through a turbo tube at the end of the platform.
10-Go to the motor she turned on.
11-Connect it to a laser which should go all the way across the room to 
the exit.
12-Place a laser to electricity generator here, and connect it to 
an electric motor.
13-Connect the motor to the exit lock on the right side.
14-Go back to Cam.
15-After she"s been launched out the tube, she will climb up a ladder.
16-Put the last motor in her path and connect it to the exit lock on 
the left.
Level Complete!

36. Cam in Control
1-Have Cam turn right near the end of the platform.
2-Put a motor near the end of the path.
3-Put a laser on a nearby platform and connect it to the motor.
4-On a simalar platform near the laser, turn the beam 
right with a mirror.
5-On yet another similar platform across the room put a 
laser to electricity generator.
6-Connect the generator to an electric motor on the left side of the 
exit lock to the left of the exit.
7-Connect the motor to the lock.
8-Put a movable platform between the laser and the mirror.
9-Put a cannon on top, with the fuse to be lit by the laser.
10-Put a movable platform in front and behind the zombie on the 
floor near the exit.
11-Put a puncher on the first one to be hit by the cannon ball.
12-Put a generator on the next platform that will be turned on by the 
13-Connect the generator to an electric motor, and connect the 
motor to the right side exit lock.
Level Complete!

37. Double Duty Charge
1-Have Cam run down the path until she gets near the fork.
2-Put a generator here.
3-Turn Charge"s elavator to the right and connect 
it to the generator.
4-Have charge step off onto a movable platform with a jump tile on it.
5-Place the see-saw where he will land.
6-The ball should land on a motor that is on a small platform to the right 
of the exit.
7-On a path nearby place a motorized generator. Connect it to the motor.
8-A bit down the path put an electric motor. Connect it to the generator 
and the right side exit lock.
9-Go back to Charge.
10-After he steps off of the see-saw have him turn left on to a 
path with a zombie on it.
11-Put a laser after the tile, and turn the beam 
left with a mirror almost imidiatly.
12-On the other side of the room use another mirror to turn the beam right.
13-It should be pointing at a laser to electricity generator.
14-Plug an electric motor into it.
15-connect it to the left side exit lock.
Level Complete!

38. Ejector Sector
1-Turn Dash right at the first corner.
2-Put a jump piece in front and have him land on a motor.
3-Connect the motor to an electric generator.
4-Plug the generator in to the anti-gravity device, which should be to the 
right of the big post in the middle.
5-Go to Dash.
6-Have him jump again at the next turn and hit another motor.
7-This motor should be connected to Cam"s ejector seat which will launch 
her to the anti-gravity device.
8-When she reaches the top she should be running down the path towards 
the right side exit lock button.
9-The zombie will start to chase her, moving it out of the way of the orb.
10-Return to Dash again.
11-Have him turn left at the next 2 corners, then jump on to 
the anti-gravity device.
12-Turn him right a the top. He will grab the orb 
prieviously being gaurded by a zombie.
13-Use the last 2 directional tile to guide Dash to the left 
side exit lock button.
Level Complete!

39. Rescue flex
1-Have Dash run forward and turn on a motor.
2-Put a motorized generator at the corner.
3-Connect the two together.
4-Put an electric motor at the next corner and connect it to the generator.
5-Place a movable platform in front of the motor.
6-Put a laser on top of the platform and connect it with a 
vertical belt to the motor.
7-Put a mirror turning the laser beam left, right after a ladder.
8-Position a laser to electricity generator at the edge of the platform with 
the laser pointing into it.
9-Put an electric motor on the ledge below and plug it into 
the generator above.
10-Connect the motor to one side of the belt box.
11-Place Cam"s ejector seat behind the barrels and connect it to 
the other wheel on the belt box.
12-Cam will grab the orb, then climb up the ladder.
13-At the top she will pull a lever releasing Flex, the rope expert, the 
final team member, and my personal favorite.
14-Flex will run forward and press the exit button.
Level Complete!

40. Tug Team
Before this level, you will have to complete the ropes tutorial.
1-Have Dash walk up a see-saw.
2-Connect the see-saw to the rope motor, which will turn on when 
the rope is pulled.
3-Put Cam"s ejector seat behind the barrels and connect it to the motor.
4-Put the see-saw with Radia where Cam will land.
5-Use a directional tile to prevent Cam from falling down and being 
caught by a zombie.
6-Radia will be flung over the gap.
7-Have radia walk across a see-saw and turn left.
8-Have her turn left again and walk across another see-saw.
9-Connect the lower ends of the see-saws to whichever exit 
lock is closest with a rope.
10-The ropes will pull on the locks.
Level Complete!

41. Drop Into Danger
1-Start with the ogel laser. It will zap anyone who goes through it.
2-To prevent this, use a mirror to turn it right.
3-Put another mirror pointing up next to the platform left of the exit.
4-Put a movable platform on the other platform.
5-Place a mirror on top pointing the laser to the right side of the room.
6-On a platform over here, put Flex"s helmet hanger in the middle.
7-The rope should be cut by the laser.
8-Flex should land on the platform, then step of the edge.
9-Have him bounce off of the trampoline to grab the orb.
10-Turn him right when he lands.
11-After he has walked past the platforms have him walk up a see-saw.
12-Connect it to the left side exit lock with a rope.
13-Have Flex turn right twice and walk up another see-saw.
14-Connnect it to the right side exit lock.
Level Complete!
42. Computer Hop
1-Have Flex turn right after passing the first platform.
2-Put a laser in front.
3-Put a mirror up against the radio-active barrels pointing 
the laser beam up.
4-Stack 2 movable platforms on top of the barrels.
5-Put another mirror on top.
6-The laser should now be pointing at where it came from, 
though much higher up.
7-Put the rock on a rope on the platform that flex passed, with 
the laser aiming it the rope.
8-Place the see-saw with Dash where the rock will land.
9-He should be flung into the orb.
10-Go back to the see-saw.
11-String a rope from the side of the see-saw Dash is on, through 
2 rope guides bringing it around the left side of the 
second platform, to a rope moter on the other side.
12-Connect Cam"s ejector seat to the motor.
13-This should get her to the last platform.
14-After she steps off have her walk up a see-saw connected 
to the right side exit lock.
15-Turn her left twice to walk up another see-saw connected 
to the left exit lock.
Level Complete!

43. Dash"s Decoy
1-Start with Dash
2-Put a right turn at the corner and put a jump tile in front so that he 
will jump over it.
3-Have Dash get close enough to the zombie that it will start 
chasing him and turn around.
4-He will use the tile he jumped over before.
5-At the left turn, put a jump tile and have Dash jump over a motor, 
turn around and turn it on.
6-The zombie should now be blocked off from Dash.
7-Down the left turn place a motorized rope tugger with the orange 
thing hanging into the beam of the first red zapper thingy.
8-Put a rope guide under the second zapper.
9-string a rope from the rope tugger, through the guide to the right side 
exit locks.
10-Go to Flex.
11-Have him turn left at the corner and jump.
12-Turn around at the corner.
13-Flex will jump over the arrow.
14-By now the zombie will be chasing Dash so you can have Flex turn left to 
go down the middle path.
15-Put a motor at the end of the path and connect it to a rope tugger.
16-Connect the rope tugger to the left side lock.
Level Complete!

44. The D.O.O.M. Room
You must pull the lever to shut off the D.O.O.M. machine! 
(Device for Ominous Orb Manufacturing)
Could this be the end of the game!?
1-Start with Flex.
2-The zombie will immediatly start chasing him so we have to lose 
him before doing anything else.
3-Have Dash go forward the distance of about 1 directional tile, 
then turn left.
4-After going on 3 more tile spaces have him turn left twice.
5-Turn left and jump to where the zombie started. The zombie should 
be stuck at the jump.
6-He will grab the orb after stepping off of the edge.
7-Have him turn on a laser.
8-Turn the laser beam left at the next platform.
9-On the next platform turn the beam up.
10-On the ledge up above turn the laser back to going horizontaly.
11-Turn it left at the corner.
12-Put the catapult at the end of the path with the rope to be cut by 
the laser.
13-The rock should land on a see-saw on the other side of the gap.
14-Put the see-saw with ball at the corner.
15-Connect the top end of the see-saw to the bottom side of the see-saw 
without the ball with 2 rope guides inbetween.
16-The ball should hit Dash"s diving board.
17-Dash should land on the platform with TV on it.
18-Have Dash turn left.
19-He should now be going down the path to the lever.
And you"ve shut down the D.O.O.M. Machine!
...Or so we thouht. Ogel will now inform you that you have 
actually sped up orb production.
He will then escape to his secret 
(So secret its not even mentioned :O in the manual) arctic base.

45. Arctic Dash
1-Put a trampoline in the middle of the trench.
2-Have Dash turn left near the end of the platform, then turn right and 
use a jump tile to get to the other side.
3-On the higher up ledge have him turn around and use another jump tile.
4-This time he will land on the platform with TV on it.
5-Have Dash turn right twice and use another jump tile at the edge.
6-He should now be on the highest platform.
7-Put some stairs at the edge.
8-Put the slide in front.
9-After he goes down the slide let him step off the platform 
and hit the exit button
Level Complete!

46. Crunch Punch
1-Have Crunch jump and land on a see-saw with a ball.
2-Put the detonator behind the zombie where the ball will hit it.
3-The bomb should blow up the 3 stacks of barrels.
4-Have Crunch turn back after the see-saw so the zombie won"t grab him.
5-After he has climbed the ladder and used the jump tile earlier used to 
step on the see-saw, have him turn right.
6-Turn right again at the other side of the platform.
7-Place a movable platform in front and put a jump tile at the edge.
8-Crunch should jump over some barrels.
9-Turn right at the corner and put a jump tile at the intersection.
10-The detonator will block the zombie from catching Crunch.
11-Have him land on a see-saw with ball and turn left at the corner.
12-The ball should hit a puncher that should hit the exit button.
Level Complete!

47. Rely on Radia
1-Have Radia turn left when she gets to the main platform.
2-Put the see-saw with Dash to the right of this tile.
3-Put a laser a little bit down Radia"s path.
4-Put a mirror up against the wall turning the beam right.
5-Turn it up on the other side of the path.
6-On the platform to the left, place a movable platform.
7-Stack 2 on the right side to get to the same hight.
8-On the left, place a mirror turning the laser over at the other 
movable platforms.
9-Place the cannon on the stack of platforms. The ball should hit the 
left side exit lock.
10-After lighting the cannon"s fuse the laser will be pointing at the 
platform with TV on it.
11-Put the rock on a rope hanging off the edge, with the rope 
to be cut by the laser.
12-The rock should land on a laser pointing to the left of where 
Radia started.
13-Put the rope of the catapult facing the zombie and 
in the laser"s path.
14-The rock should hit the see-saw with Dash, throwing him all the 
way to the orb.
15-Use the last 3 mirrors to guide the laser to the target lock.
Level Complete!

48. Charge in Charge
1-Turn Ogel"s laser to the right.
2-Put a laser to electricity generator in front.
3-Put the anti gravity device at the end of the path and plug 
it into the generator.
4-Put a jump tile in front of the anti-gravity device.
5-Go to Crunch.
6-He will jump over the anti-gravity device before it turns on.
7-Put a left turn up against the wall.
8-Turn left again at the edge.
9-Turn left to go behind the wall.
10-Turn left 2 more times to put him in an infinite loop.
11-Crunch is now acting as a decoy for the zombie.
12-Go to Dash.
13-When Dash gets to the anti-gravity device it will be on, 
and he will float up to the top of the giant Ice pillar.
14-Put the turbo tube at the edge to get him to the other pillar.
15-After walking off the edge Dash should turn on a generator connected 
to Charge"s elevator.
16-Put another generator on the other side and plug it into the exit lock.
17-Put a tile pointing a the generator so that Charge won"t fall off before 
power gets to the lock.
Level Complete!

49. Cam"s Challange
1-Put a jump tile in front of Dash after the pillars.
2-Place a tile pointing left in the area he will jump over.
3-Have Dash turn on a motor near the end of the path.
4-Connect the motor to a generator, and the generator to the 
anti-gravity device.
5-After Dash has used the tile he jumped over, turn right 
again to go towards the anti-gravity device.
6-Place a jump tile in front of the anti-gravity device.
7-Put a motor in place so that Dash will land ON it, with the wheel 
facing in the direction he came from.
8-Connect the motor to a laser pointing at the left side exit lock.
9-After stepping off the motor, jump over a tile pointing to the right 
and turn on a motor.
10-This motor should be connected to Cam"s ejector seat, 
which will get her to the orb.
11-After turning around and using the tile he jumped over 
have him turn on another motor.
12-Connect the motor to the belt box.
13-Connect the other wheel on the belt box to a laser pointing into the right 
side exit lock.
Level Complete!

50. Featuring Flex
1-Have flex turn right and hit the button on the left side of Dash"s 
diving board.
2-This should get dash to the lowest platform to the right of the exit.
3-Have him turn on a motor pointing to his right.
4-Plug it into an electric motor on the next ledge up.
5-Connect this to a rope tugger on the same ledge.
6-Put the 2 rope guides on the next two platforms.
7-Put a motor on the last ledge.
8-String a rope from the rope tugger, through the 2 guides to the the 
9-Connect the motor to the exit lock.
Level Complete!

51. Mission Control
1-Have Cam hit Dash"s diving board.
2-Have Dash land on a see-saw with ball, then drop to the platform 
below and stop.
3-The ball should fly over the lower platform and 
bounce off a trampoline on the next.
4-Put a turbo tube in the middle of the next ledge.
5-When the ball is shot out of the tube it should hit a motor.
6-Connect the motor to a belt box on the ledge above, and the belt box 
to a laser.
7-The laser should be pointing to the left of where Dash started.
8-On the second highest platform on the other side of the room the 
laser should cut the rope on Flex"s helmet hanger.
9-Flew should land on a see-saw below.
10-String a rope from the see saw, through a rope guide 
on the platform below, 
another platorm above this one to a motor.
11-Put a generator below and connect it to the motor.
12-Plug it into Charge"s elavator across the gap.
13-At the next ledge have Charge slide down to the huge platform.
14-Turn right to pull the lever and cancel the launch of Ogel"s Rocket.
Congratulations! You beat the game!

52. The Victory Party
Or the end credits. Everyone on the team is back at headquarters and doing 
their victory dances while the credits play.

Glossary A: Characters and items
In Lego Alpha team the items are already in the gameplay area, 
you just need to position them.
All the items "belong" to a certain team member, and are listed under 
their descriptions.
An enemy list is at the bottom.
                                          :i,.                . .             
                         ,.    YU&ndashMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW9i                
                         .     MMMMMMMMMMM@M@@MM@MM@@@MMMMM7.vivMb     
                               &ndashM@&ndash&ndash@@@@$BQB000BW0Q00QB&ndash@M1     .,      
             . ..              oM$Q0WWQWQEbQZ8EE0bE69b0BoMA               
         :;iic.c;;i.           vM@$W$&ndash&ndash@@@&ndash@&ndash&ndash@@@@$88bEBi&ndasht                
       .:i:;Ci,..,,i,           ZEEQ&ndashWE2Y:.,....:cQ&ndashE6BMI;c                    
      ;;ii7C;.......;.             .;,   i         QWbMi 8MMi              
     cU;:.,:iv,.......          v :Yc:.9@z:  ...   v&ndash&ndashM  MMM$         
     9&ndash. :YcY8t.....C7          6MM7Z@MM  ........ Y&ndash&ndashMQEMMM$                
      M1 ii,:00..vZ&ndashz..  ...   ..M0777@$.......... AB$MM8&ndashMM.          
      .@8i:,cEQ6EU;           .  Q0S7i............ XMM&ndashM@                    
        c0QZbEQ1.      .         .icci,,v.........:vi: .C;                     
           9b; .MMM              :72UAU$Mv.. .:iYc;      .  .1  .  
          8n;  ;MMM@         .  8MMMMMMMM0i2EC;I.Y      .i          
          M@EWMMMMMM7           iMMM$&ndash@$Q$E$M@C@n@c7tnbBQ.                    
          MMMMMMMMMMM            .iZ0666Q@B&ndash$@@WM&ndash@@@@S.                      
          MMMMM@@@MMMM@&ndashWoi.        .,AUS17;,.......:.                        
           MM@@@@@@MMMMMMMMMMMMM&ndashCY;vCYc:,. cBQ0QWB&ndash@MMMMMMMMM                
                          2M@0Q@MB&ndash IM@WWU0QB8E$M@@@@@@@@@@M@W0$@MMMMM        
                   .      AM@@@@M&ndash@zQM@@M@&ndash@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@M@WB@@MMMM      
                     .@M07. ic;i,.:UMMM@MB9MMMMMM@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@zC@M@MM       
                     cMUCXEbU0EXUz:iiE@M@@@&ndash&ndash&ndash&ndash&ndash&ndash@MQi...   .0$@MMM@Mi         
                      M$n7EEB@cYo8n1BMM@@@M@@@@@MMc  cE@$z     .WMMM          
                      ,$E7Y7@@9tYvc7@M@@@@@M@@@M@   :c1Q@M:    tMM2           
                         i1UM@@MM@MMMM@@@@@@@@@M,   ..v0bi ..  @@Q            
                         MMM@MMMMMMM@@@@@@@@@@@M;  .  :; .;;:.                
                         ;MM@@@@@@&ndash&ndash@@@$B$$&ndash&ndash$@MMb  . itt2tci,.               
         .                MMQSW@@@&ndash&ndash@@@@&ndash&ndash&ndash@&ndash&ndash@@MM@   .MWCt7vi. ci            
Dash is the team leader and the only team member left at the beginning of 
the game. Each Character has their own abilities, 
though they are not very noticable most of the time. Dash is 
the "Motion Expert". He can run and jump faster and higher than 
anyone else.
Below is a list of items classified as Dash"s equipment.
Direction Tile
The direction tile turns any of the team members in the direction it is 
pointing. This is what I am refering to when I say to "turn left". 
This is the only item in the first few levels, and the most common 
in the game. They are also refered to in this guide as directional tiles.
Jump Tile
The jump tile is one of your most useful tools. Which is probably why you 
will never have enough of them.
It is especially usefull for jumping over direction tiles. 
The Alpha team members are smart (Or Dumb) enough to jump 
wtihout the tile at edges, So when I say to jump in the guide, I mean to 
use a jump tile.
I"m going to assume that you now what stairs are.
There are two variations of stairs in this game. 
The most common are the  yellow stairs.
The other kind are black and cannot be moved. These can be very useful 
if a slide is just out of reach.
You will not see a lot of them after they are introduced.
I will also assume you know what a slide is.
The slide can be used to go over gaurds, cross gaps, and just 
about anything else a slide can do.
These are introduced early in the game, and 
almost dissapear until the last levels.
Once again, I will assume you know what this is.
The trampoline can be very useful when combined with the jump piece 
to get to otherwise unreachable spots.
Dash"s Diving Board
Every team member has an item that they are attatched to 
until it is activated by something related to their abilities.
(With the exception of Crunch, that could get violent) Dash"s diving board is 
in only a few levels, and first introduced in level 44.
There is a button on every side. Pressing one of the buttons activates it. 
He will take a few steps back, and leap off.
You can probably see why it isn"t used much. These items are 
the only times you can choose starting positions.

.     .                     .                   ...  .....                    
.                                .        ,7tc                  .             
  .                                 .    oMMMM@i                              
                                   ..  iEM@&ndash@@MMMb.                           
                              ....SMMMMMM@$QbAAbW@MMMM@.           .          
,                             ... &ndashMW1;:.......:i;7A&ndashMM.          ...         
. .        ..    .          ....  tU      ..         vM.                       
. ...............,..       .....   ., .i,.;i1M;ii7Z: .&ndash.             ,    .   
. ......... ..........,.......  .. :i.,::...;6,,,c@. .MY          .:i;:  :;.  
  .  .......       ...:........  ..v;:,,..:c..:iii:i .MY         ,ii::i..1:i. 
.  .   . ... .:   ,.  .. ....      ;v,:;,;ii..,,,..UM&ndash0.,        cc,,,::;Sc:i.
.  ...  .:i,C@MW7i,    .......... .7Xc77XttccCtYY;i2$2            ;...,,.:tv:i
, .....,i:::c0&ndash$M&ndash. ..............,Yb80bAUzUIUA9b0A1o,             c.i,...:7c;
. ....:i:,,.. Y@@MA  ..........  .,.itn:  ..   ..:77:            7MM;i,..,ivi 
. .. ,IA.....  cQ;             .A   i2.   ......7.   1C   ...,:tMMMW.;;v;..   
. ..,@MQ.....i;,   . .     .i7C$E   tMMBQbAU80&ndashMM.   0MMMMMMMMMMMMM@X::M@     
. .  iW@&ndash,.i777:   ..  .:i76BB&ndashMY   tMMMM@&ndash@@MMMM.   EMMMMMMMMMM@@MMM@MME     
.      oMMYY: :StYi..:Ytto0WEABMC   8MM7,7X2v:vzM    EMMMM@&ndash@@@@@@MMMM&ndash.      
        iY.Y,.7XCSoCto17zbZAzI&ndashMMCv$M@z vS7ti,;MM@,.8M@@@M@&ndash&ndash&ndash@@@@MMB.   .    
  .....    1z66InXC1cY7IbUzznb@MMv,@MU7:.:vS.,@MMM  &ndashM@MMM@&ndash@@@@@M$v   ...... 
. ...      .c8QbA2tCvcXnon1nzB@@t,,;@M@@WbZ$$MM@M8  iMMMMMMMMMMMMc       .... 
              :z009zX7tXtzII00i,,;;,:cY71tCXUM;   ..   .E7Y7cc;.              
.       ..   

[Rock] Rock'n'Roll Girls (10 CDs)