Queer As Folk ~ 2.13 ~ "It's Because I'm Gay, Right?" ~ Episode Discussion *NEW*

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2.13 ~ "It's Because I'm Gay, Right?" ~ Episode Discussion

Michael wonders what his connection is to a celebrated Drag Queen who shares a past with Debbie; Justin decided to become a go-go dancer to pay his tuition.

Director: John Greyson
Writers: Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman & Efrem Seeger
Series Created by: Russell T. Davies
Original air date: April 14, 2002 (United States), April 15, 2002 (Canada)

Scenes ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...4uMbkMZpOWhpy4

Music from 213

Show Me Love - Valerie M - Woody's - Ted needs a big attraction

Dem Wicked Sounds - Axwell - Diner - Jennifer tells Justin the bad news

One Of The Girls - Divina Devore - Divina turns the boys down

This Is Our Sound - Ladytron - Jeep - Brian offers to help Justin

These Days - Ron Sexsmith - Diner - The boys discuss Debbie's flame

Caught Up - DJ Disciple (feat. Mia Cox) - Babylon - Justin's wants to do it alone

I'm A Sex Machine Orlando Careca Justin looks for a new job

Absolutely Not (Hex Hector Mix) - Deborah Cox - Babylon - The Angel Ball

Cheek to Cheek - Divina Devore - Babylon - The Angel Ball

Here Nor There - Andy Stochansky - Int. Brian's Loft - Justin can take care of himself

Gold In Them Hills - Ron Sexsmith (feat. Chris Martin from Coldplay) - End Credits

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