Mafia - The free ride extreme Guide [Walkthrough]

Mafia - The free ride extreme Guide

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             FOR MAFIA (PC VERSION)
                 BY DENNY LUBINS
                   VERSION 1.6

Table Of Contents
II.What Is Free Ride Extreme?
III.The Cars
IV.Car Statistics
VI.Other Stuff
VII.Fun Stuff To Do With The Prototypes & Secrets/Easter Eggs
VIII.Credits & Disclaimer

Huge Thanks goto Radu Bebe for submitting this.
Hello everyone,this is a guide for the hidden mode in the PC game
Mafia called Free Ride Extreme.I decided too write this faq for
some good reason,1st is Free Ride Extreme is very frustrating and
hard,2nd is i thought you guys may be wanna see a faq for this
and i figured "What The Hell" so here it is.Please forgive any
grammar stuff,i only got 4 hours of sleep and got a cold :(
Anywho,i tried too explain location and a precise walkthrough,
it"s kinda hard too without visually showing you,so i"ll try and
explain the best i can.Remember as always any questions,comments,
additions,etc. please e-mail me at the address above and i"ll try
and answer ASAP.I will give full credit for any submissions,
anyways onto the walkthrough.
If i put your submittion in here wrong, or would like it remove,
feel free too send me an e-mail telling me too and will remove or
correct it in the next version. Also all submittions will be formated
in some cases, like for spelling errors, or words too better describe
certain actions or methods, this is so the readers don"t get confused
or anything else, but i will keep it too your original submittion
as much as possible and give you full credit for your submittion,thank
Also submittions for the Flower Power mission are closed, there are
currently 9 methods, sorry guys.
Version History
Version 1.6(3-30-03) - Sorry for the lack of updates guys, been kinda
busy. Anywho, got alot of more user submitted stuff, some new Easter
Eggs, Stategies, and other stuff, we even got a new easter egg that
will unlock all the Free Ride Extreme cars, AND YOU DON"T EVEN GOTTA
BEAT ALL THE MISSIONS!!!!, that"s in the Easter Eggs section.
Hope you enjoy. :)
Version 1.5(1-14-03) - Added some more user submitted stuff, and changed
some things that were incorrect in the guide found by users (thanks
goto everyone who"s helped out) nothing much more too add, if you
find anything wrong with the guide, feel free too send me an e-mail
correcting it, and i"ll give you credit for the change. Also i"ve
been thinking of making this guide bigger too include the normal
game walkthrough and other stuff, i"d appreciate any feedback on this
so send me an e-mail and tell me what you think, also thanks goto Radu
Bebe for locating an online map of lost heaven with the location off
all the Free Ride Extreme Missions, also combined the Fun stuff section
with the secrets & easter eggs section.
Version 1.4(12-18-02) - Added alot of User Submitted stuff, keep
em coming guys. Nothing really new too add otherwise, people have
been understanding the guide good, thanks go too all the support as
well, i"m working on finding a map online of Lost Heaven so i can
put a link too it in here, i"ll update as soon as i find it, put
a more in-depth installation for the cheat trainer, you can now
find this guide at http://DLH.Net, also added a new section called
"Secrets & Easter Eggs" containing hidden stuff found in the game,
oh and Merry Christmas too all :) .
Version 1.3(11-18-02) - Added ascii text (the best i could) and
added some content submitted too me by a few people, also added some
stuff here and there,had wrong e-mail at the top of the faq,sorry :).
Version 1.2(10-3-02) - Reformated the guide so it"s just under 79
characters,also added some things here and there,also added a new
section called "Fun Stuff To Do With The Prototypes" you may get
a kick out of.
Version 1.1(9-27-02) - Updated a few car explinations,updated some
of the walkthrough,added a new section called "Car Statistics" it
has all the speeds,horsepower,stuff like that.
Version 1.0(9-20-02) - Everything,a complete(for the mostpart)guide
for Free Ride Extreme.
ALERT!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

II.What Is Free Ride Extreme?
Okay,Free Ride Extreme is a mode unlocked when you complete the
normal game,you"ll see it grayed out in the main menu till you
do.Free Ride Extreme is a mission based Free Ride Game that has
no cops and exactly 19 missions for you too unlock hidden cars
for use in the normal Free Ride mode.Below is a list of all the
cars you can unlock as well as a brief explination as too
what it"s like,etc. all these cars can be found in the
Prototypes when you select your car in Free Ride,other than a
few cars(The Race Cars,and the Caesar 8C Mostro).

III.The Cars
Each of these can be unlocked by doing the missions in Free Ride
Extreme,these will also be unlocked in the Carcyclopedia.
What It"s Like - It looks like a space car (pretty much)it"s like a black
or gray and oval,the car body.Not really a very good car,i mean it goes
fast (like all Prototype cars) but it takes awhile too pick up speed,
this car DOES have a upside,it corners pretty good.
What It"s Like - Remember the ending movie? remember that car that
pulls up too that lawn and them guys get out and blast that guy
watering the lawn? Remember the red T-bird looking car they where
driving? Well,if you were like me and said "Oh,man,that car would
be sweet too drive,I wonder if you can?" Well,here ye are,this is the
car a nice looking car,looks like a 60 T-Bird,this car is fast,picks up
nicely,BUT it slides alot,too much sometimes.
What It"s Like - Well a hotrod,nuff said,lol It"s just a basic hot rod,got
the engine like one,sounds like one,fast like one it"s Red and got
flames on it"s sides,handles good though,a nice car.
Black Dragon 4WD
What It"s Like - It looks like a jacked up 60 Corvette(Black Of
Course)and a souped up engine,this thing hauls ass hands down
my favorite Prototype car.Picks up good,fast,but with speed comes
loss of control,not too bad with this car though,also makes dragon
like rev sounds when you first take off(Neat).
Mutagen FWD
What It"s Like - It"s one of them long Tudor Coupes,but it"s black,got
some lightning prongs on the hood,and lightning bolts on the sides.It
also sounds like a space ship when you accelerate.A fair car,good
speed,good handling,not the best though.
What It"s Like - Ahhhh,another Hot rod,but this is blue with red
flames on the sides,and big slicks for back tires,also got the ever
so famous hot rod engine,sounds like one,this thing is fast,really
fast,but the tires in back really make this thing slide,so drive
with caution.
What It"s Like - Well same thing as the Taxi,but this is a lighter
blue,handles the same,speed the same,but this says Masseur on the
back hood,and don"t have the taxi hardtop.
Masseur Taxi
What It"s Like - The Masseur but in taxi form,it"s got a taxi hartop,and
is purple,it looks like a truck jacked up,this thing is pretty fast,
handles good but the shocks are quite bouncy so be careful at high speeds
or you"ll spin out.
What It"s Like - Whoa! this thing is cool,it"s like a souped up go-
cart,it rides really low too the ground,got the hot rod features and big
tires in back this thing is very FAST,use extreme caution or you"ll
hit everything in site,i wrecked mine almost 5 minutes after i got it,
lol :D
Crazy Horse
What It"s Like - Exactly like the Demoniac,EXCEPT this thing does
wheelys when it takes off(Cool!!!)but makes the car very unstable,
this car is HARD too handle right,the speeds there but it"s just too
damn tippy,and the wheelys actually hurt more then they entertain,i can
see why it"s called Crazy Horse :)
Bob Mylan 4WD
What It"s Like - Well pretty bland none the less,looks like a fordor
coupe,but it"s white and got red flames on the sides,and devil horns
on the hood,this thing"s got great speed,takes awhile for it too get
up,but not too long,great handling,but it ain"t no work of art.
Disorder 4WD
What It"s Like - Identical to the flamer,too a T but this is kinda gold
with red flames on the sides.
Speedee 4WD
What It"s Like - Another Flamer Clone,except this has got big tires on
back,handles better then those other cars with big tires on the back.
Luciferion 4WD
What It"s Like - Okay,let"s sum this up,let"s say you took a Thor Sedan
and mixed it with the devil add a little tyme(lol)and BAM!!! you got this
car,as you no doubt guessed it"s red,looks like a demon car,fast,and
handles great,a nice mix from the norm.
Black Metal 4WD
What It"s Like - Oh yeah! this is what i like,this uses the same body
style as the Mutagen(pretty much)but the whole car is made of steel,
and yes it"s more durable,but an added bonus,this has a metal plow thing
on the front,which eliminates any front damage,and send cars when you hit
em,it"s also got a little gun turret on the top of the car(unsure if it
actually fires,i doubt it though)it"s slow though :( and has horrible
pickup especially after you stop or hit something,but it is bullet proof
and you won"t take crash or bullet damage as easy,handles great,next too
the Black Dragon,i choose this,also makes metal noises when
entering/exiting and driving as well.
Hillbilly 5.1 4WD
What It"s Like - The Same exact thing as the Bolt-Thrower but this is
Yellow and got rust on it.
Flower Power
What It"s Like - I think the body style is Bolt Model B Delivery,but
i"m not too sure,anyway,this is probably the lamest car(next too the
Manta)in Free Ride Extreme,sure it"s fast(term used loosly),and handles
good,but it"s just ugly,it"s red with psychadelic flowers on it(looks
like a hippie car)pretty bland.
Flame Spear 4WD
What It"s Like - Sweet,it"s the same body style as them racing cars,but
it"s formated too look like a rocket with the rocket engine as well,
sounds like your flying a jet,fast,handles great,nice alternative till
you unlock them race cars,still nice even then.
Manta-Taxi FWD
What It"s Like - Same thing as the manta-prototype but in taxi form.

Un-Protoype Cars
Caesar 8C Mostro
What It"s Like - Well take the normal Racing model and turn it into a
normal car,paint it brown and black,and turn the speed down too that
of the likes of them high class cars you get from Lucas Bertone in the
later portions of the game and you got a Caesar 8C Mostro.Nothing
special about this car,shoulda been offered in the normal game though.
Caesar 8C 2300 Racing
Brubaker 4WD
Trautenburg Racer 4WD
Carrozella C-Otto 4WD
What These Are Like - These are every model of racing cars used in
the mission "Fairplay" for your leisurely enjoyment,i just gotta say
if you were like me,and just now found this out(Well i found out by
doing the mission :) your probably saying 2 things 1."YES!!!!!!!!"
and 2. "Bout Damn Time" Enjoy.

Well those are all the cars you can unlock in Free Ride Extreme,a
very diverse bunch(Some not even worth the time)but after you unlock
the last one you"ll feel a sense of achievment and give yourself a pat
on the back.

IV.Car Statistics

In this section i will just list the car stats for the above cars takin
straight from in game,and i will try too explain what each stat means.
Weight - Obvious,this is what the whole car weighs in Kilograms.
Power - Is Horsepower(HP)measures how fast the car can accelerate
in speed from a stop or while driving,the higher the horsepower,
the faster you"ll pick up speed,they also listed a (KW) value i
think this stands for Kilowatts but i"m not too sure.
Max. Speed - The Vehicles top speed,also in Kilometers per hour as
Engine - What cylinder engine the car"s using,the amount of cylinders
is the number of pistons driving the crankshaft. The number of
cylinders in an engine is the number following the type of engine.
For example a V8 would have 8 cylinders. Although the amount of
cylinders can have and effect on the sound of the engine they
really are not directly related.
(Submitted by
Swept Volume - Swept volume is the size of the engine in cubic cm
used mainly for bike engines example 1000cc would be 1000 cubic cm.
(Submitted by
Gear Box - How Much Gears are on the transmission,for shifting
(Submitted By:Asi )
KW means kiloWatts, but the power doesn"t set the acceleration
at all. Actually the top speed, the power, and swept volume are in a
good relation like this:
1.)A car with big HP can easly climb bridges without slowing too
much (i think the Manta and Flower Power have prety big top speed
and HP but anyway it starts very slow, it does not accelerate fast)
2.)A car with big speed (i think you know what it means), but like
the Black Metal it has a lots of HP and very low speed, also it has
a great "swept volume" what does it mean???, simple it"s similar with
the capacity of the cylinders of the motor, if a car has big swept
volume than you can be sure that you can push a lot of other cars with
it like with the Black Metal and you do greater damage with it, and is
more stabile on the road (it doesn"t jumps if you hit a sign).
3.)The acceleration is related with HP as you said and also the swept
volume the type of motor is fancy stuff, it"s no difference, what
difference is between a Porche Twin turbo V6 and a Ferrari V8 or a
Renault V16 - almost none because it doesn"t matter how many cylinders
you have but how they are arranged the V16, that V16 is the worse,
while the V8 is the best...from theese three a car with a big swept
volume and big HP but ALSO big speed accelerates very fast (crazy horse
for example) it almost rises because of the acceleration that makes it
a bad car, not always the fastest, or the powerful, or both is the best,
it has to be a balance. So why the Black Metal it doesn"t have great
acceleration , because it has very little top speed (in real life the
top speed isn"t defined like here, in real life the top speed depends of
the type of gas (you can put Kerosene as well)in the engine, the
differentials... the whole car, but in this case it is gaved
numeric-pretty dumb. An acceptable car is one with average swept
volume, with very fast speed and above average HP.
(Submitted By:EauRouge
swept volume means the size of the engine, or the total size of all the
cylinder which is measured by ml(which we use to mesure water=1000ml/cc=1
liter) or cc. example, if the size one cylinder of the engine is 400ml/cc
(means that maximum of water the cylinder can carry is 400ml/0.4 litre),
and it has around 8 cylinder means that the swept volume is 400x8=3200cc.
one more thing, the cylinder / engine size did not actually determine the
power of the engine, because the power is effected by how much air+fuel
pressure the cylinder can handle, but since more air+fuel can be push into
the cylinder, the engine size did somehow effected the engine power.
Manta Prototype
Power:190HP (140KW)
Max. Speed:109mph (175km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4729CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Bolt Thrower
Power:225HP (167.8KW)
Max. Speed:112mph (180km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:5115CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Hot Rod
Power:271HP (200KW)
Max. Speed:156mph (250km/h)
Engine:Sixteen Cylinder
Swept Volume:6225CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Black Dragon 4WD
Power:245HP (180KW)
Max. Speed:125mph (200km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:3413CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Mutagen FWD
Power:380HP (280KW)
Max. Speed:125mph (200km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4729CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Power:217HP (160KW)
Max. Speed:130mph (210km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:2325CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Power:326HP (240KW)
Max. Speed:122mph (195km/h)
Engine:Twelve Cylinder
Swept Volume:6566CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Masseur Taxi
Power:326HP (240KW)
Max. Speed:122mph (195km/h)
Engine:Twelve Cylinder
Swept Volume:6566CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Power:300HP (221KW)
Max. Speed:124mph (199km/h)
Engine:Sixteen Cylinder
Swept Volume:6225CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Crazy Horse
Power:340HP (250KW)
Max. Speed:156+mph (250+km/h)
Engine:Sixteen Cylinder
Swept Volume:7777CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Bob Mylan 4WD
Power:271HP (200KW)
Max. Speed:109mph (175km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4530CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Disorder 4WD
Power:201HP (148KW)
Max. Speed:128mph (205km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4333CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Speedee 4WD
Power:326HP (240KW)
Max. Speed:134mph (215km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4400CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Luciferion FWD
Power:296HP (218KW)
Max. Speed:144mph (230km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4545CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Black Metal 4WD
Power:543HP (400KW)
Max. Speed:66mph (105km/h)
Engine:Sixteen Cylinder
Swept Volume:8010CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Hillbilly 5.1 FWD
Power:225HP (167.8KW)
Max. Speed:112mph (180km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:5115CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Flower Power
Power:175HP (128.8KW)
Max. Speed:115mph (185km/h)
Engine:Twelve Cylinder
Swept Volume:7666CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Flame Spear 4WD
Power:300HP (220KW)
Max. Speed:128mph (205km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4972CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Manta Taxi
Power:190HP (140KW)
Max. Speed:109mph (175km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4729CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Caesar 8C Mostro
Power:142HP (104.4KW)
Max. Speed:105mph (170km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:2336CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Caesar 8C 2300 Racing
Power:178HP (130.9KW)
Max. Speed:140mph (225km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:2336 CCM
Gear Box:4 Speed
Brubaker 4WD
Power:300HP (220KW)
Max. Speed:140mph (225km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:5047CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Trautenberg Racer 4WD
Power:150HP (110.4KW)
Max. Speed:138mph (220km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4250CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed
Carrozella C-Otto 4WD
Power:300HP (220KW)
Max. Speed:140mph (225km/h)
Engine:Eight Cylinder
Swept Volume:4972CCM
Gear Box:3 Speed

These Missions are far from easy,it takes alot of skill,patience and
luck too pass em,they where a little easy for me cause i"ve gotten
use too making good turns and shit from Gran Turismo 2 if you got
skills from that,then you shouldn"t have too much trouble.Okay,i"ll
try and explain these missions the best i can,some you may just have
too try and do your own thing,but i"ll give you a structure too go by,
also the locations may not be the best explained as well,but i will
try my best.Below is a difficulty scale i used too define
the difficulty of each subquest
1.Cake(These are rare,if any in Extreme)
5.Very Hard
Okay first you start Free Ride Extreme Mode in a house with a Colt
1911,go outside and open your garage doors(There will be a button
there)and once opened there will be a Thor 810 Sedan sitting there for
ya.Okay before you take off,go straight across the street and talk to
the guy waving his arms,he"ll tell you there is 19 men who look
identical too him scatered throughout the city who have subquests for
ya too unlock bonus cars.He"ll also tell you if you need a hint goto
the lighthouse(This is important remember this)These guys will look
identical too him,with the waving arms as well,just go up and talk too
any of them too get the mission started,the game is automatically saved
before and after a subquest.To get too the lighthouse go on the road
leading from Oakwood too Oak Hill(The One By the Tennis courts) and too
the right there will be a dirt road turn off,this leads too the
Also at your house in Free Ride Extreme their is a first aid box on
the wall and one of the doors will save your progress too. So go
here anytime for saving and first aid, i don"t know how much you
can use the first aid box though.
Remember:There is no specific order you must complete the
missions,so do whichever you want in any order.

Location:This guy is standing on top of the steps of City Hall(The
Building that looks like it"s from Rocky)in Downtown.
Mission:Kill all 3 Snipers with the sniper rifle.
Walkthrough:Okay you"ll see the manta right there right when you go
up too this guy,talk to him and start the mission,then haul ass too
get the sniper rifle leaning up against the right side of the car,and
grab cover.Now,you gotta be quick and precise in this mission,there"s
3 guys,one"s on a balcony on the bulding straight in front of you,one
on the roof of the building too the left,and one on the right,there very
easy too find.Okay switch too sniper scope as soon as you get some fair
cover and clear shots,and just move quick and peck em off,and there should
really be no troubles at all with this mission.
Car Unlocked:Manta-Prototype

Location:This Guy Is Standing In Front Of Morello"s Bar in New Ark.
Mission:Follow The Invisible Man Who"s Trying To Escape
Walkthrough:Okay this mission can be difficult till you figure his
patern out,there isn"t a time limit so breath easy,the easiest thing
too do is follow him,he is hard too see but with the right amount of
consintration and the right eye he can be easy too track,after awhile
of running he"ll pause for a breather and then take off running again,
after some running around Downtown you"ll end up waiting for the L-Train
at the New Ark station,and you"ll be waiting for a LONG time so take a
bathroom break,drink a pop,or smoke a cigarette,okay finally when the
L-Train comes your way get on,he"ll get off at the first stop and start
off again,keep following him and he"ll eventually end up in front
of a building and there ya go,your car will be parked right across the
Car Unlocked:Bolt-Thrower

Location:This Guy is in the China Town Square on the right.
Mission:Save the inocent Civilian from the Monster From the Deep
Walthrough:OKay,the second this mission starts grab the gun at the
guys feet,get in the car,and haul ass too that little square road at the
bottom tip of Downtown.The best route is take the Tunnel and dart all
the way down that 2 lane road on Central Island and dash over the bridge
at the bottom of Central Island then go strait down that road,then go
behind the building and too the railing and aim for the top of the pole
on the cliff too the left(You"ll see it)there should be a rope,keep
shooting till you see it fly up,and there ya go,be careful though,this
mission is timed,so make haste too get there on time.Also DO NOT shoot
the monster,it"s a waste of ammo,and it won"t do anything,once your done
goto the parking lot of the building you went behind and you"re
car will be right there.
Car Unlocked:Hotrod

Location:This Guy Is Right in front of that alley where you,paulie and
sam meet at after that cigar mission in the normal game.It is in Works
Mission:KIll Everyone In This Alley
Walkthrough:Okay once this mission begins goto the left and you
should see a Tommy Gun sitting right there pick it up,now use
creep moves too kill these guys cause they got tommy guns as well,
there"s 4 in the center of the alley all on the balcony"s and 2 in
the back of the alley 1 on the right and 1
on the left balcony,also there is 2 guys that run in with Shotguns
in the center part of the alley and 2 in the back so be on guard.
Remember too grab any weapons laying around after you kill these
guys.If you beat the original game(Which you had too)then this
mission should be cake,once done go to the back of the alley hang
a left and you"ll see your car.
Car Unlocked:Black Dragon 4WD

Location:See That T looking road in Work"s Quarter? This guy is on
the left side of the - part of the road.
Mission:Follow The UFO
Walkthrough:Okay to start this mission,drive too the other side of the
road your on and you"ll see an alien,approach it and it"ll get sucked up
into a flying suacer and take off,now follow the saucer,use the gun
view too look up at the sky so you can see it,then just follow it across
the city,there isn"t a time limit,and if you lose it,just remember too
listen for the UFO noises then you know it"s close by,eventually after
meeting with the UFO at different parts of the city,you"ll end up at the
lighthouse and you"ll see the alien again and your car,congrats you
just beat the mission.
This mission has a 15 Minute time limit, but don"t let it discourage you
it still plenty of time, thanks goto Radu Bebe for sending me this.
Car Unlocked:Mutagen FWD

Location:Okay get on the road that leads too the harbor in works
quarter head due east on this road and at the end of it,you"ll see a little
alley turn off the main road,go on this road and at the corner you"ll
see the guy.
Mission:Drive The Car Through The Specified Targets.
Walthrough:Okay,you"ll get too use the Flame Spear for this
mission,now this mission is pretty straight forward,the"ll be little
smoke cans layed out too indicate where too go,drive through them
too activate the next one,this mission is timed so be on your feet keep
your speed up,and DO NOT get lost,after a quick walktz through the
city driving through smoke canisters,you"ll end up in a parking lot on
Central Island with the flamer sitting Right there.
Car"s Unlocked:Flame Spear 4WD

Location:This Guy Is In Hoboken,get by the road leading too Oak
Hill from Hobuken,now take the road right across from it leading into
Hoboken,this guy will be on the left right past a brick wall.
Mission:Drive The Truck To The Specified Loaction,Be Careful Th
Truck Contains Nitro Glycerine And Any Crash Will Blow It Up.
Walkthrough:The Specified Location is showed on the map,so i"ll just
give you the jist of it.Now you can go at any speed,but watch your
driving DO NOT hit anything,or you"re a post toastie,also be careful
this is a timed mission,so haul ass and you should do fine,once you
get too your location the car will be right there.
Car Unlocked:Masseur

Location:This Guy is right in front of the building on that little square
road at the bottom of Downtown.
Mission:Drive The Truck Too The Specified Loaction,You Have 30
Seconds To Get Your Speed To 34mph Or Faster,After That Your
Speed Must Not Drop Below 34mph Or Your Toast.
Walkthrough:Ugh!,Very Hard.Okay This Mission is Tough,I hope
you got some sleep cause this one will take awhile,okay first right
when you start the mission get in the truck fast and take off,don"t waste
time,head down the road right in front of you all the way down,full
speed(DO NOT have the speedlimiter on for this mission)across the
bridge leading too Cantral Island,alright first turn(YAY!!!!)slow
down too about 60 or 50 and go left cut across the sidewalk of the
building and onto that road,Now 2 blocks on that road get your speed
up again and hang the 2nd Right from your first turn,be careful don"t
go faster than 50 or slower then 50 around this turn,if you see your
speed drop too 40 stop turning and go straight for a quick couple
seconds,then just keep lightly turning onto the street till your fully on
the street,watch your speed,this turn is Zoom down the
street,and take the cut off and through the  tunnel,go all the way down
that street and guess what? another turn hang a right,watching your
speed make sure you slow down before it,remember always take a
turn at either 50 or 60 do not accelerate on a turn till you know it"s
safe too do so(trust me you"ll know)okay keep on this road,and take
the last right,this turns kinda tricky so watch it,okay go down this
street and take the last right,then rejoyce the last turn,go straight
down and goto where the X is on your map,just run over it,don"t stop
or slow down,and bamn there ya go,your car"s right there,give your
self a pat on the back.
Car Unlocked:Masseur Taxi
Alternate Method
(Submitted By Maiken Liefeith
Now I think for better
drivers than me there are 2 choices: one to turn right after East
Marshall,going the second left on the wrong side of the road as I
did and change it once You cross the main road and going over the
pavement onto West Marshall and then turning straight left and right
or going tong to the end of it turning left and right, both times
using the pavement if necessary, or as You suggested using the
tunnel, but afterwards I found it impossible after 2 left turns to
make an immediate right turn. I simply stayed on that broad road
and followed it underneath West Marshall bridge and on and then
only had to turn to the left.
Location:This Guy Is Right Off That Main Road That Leads Around
Hoboken,by the train tracks by the tracks tunnel,over by that road that
leads too saleri"s warehouse.
Mission:The Car Is The Bomb,And The Plane Is The Detonator
follow it too get your car,DO NOT get more than 200m away or
you"ll go up in smoke.
Walkthrough:Ugh! another hard ass mission,This Took me awhile too
pass,like a day,lol.Anywho keep your speed up on this mission,and
watch them corners cause going fast will spin you out.Anyways do
not hit any cars or spin out,or even hit buildings,anything that slows
or stops you down by crashing will kill you.Okay stay either right
under,just behind,or in front of the plane try not too get too far
behind.OKay follow this road all the way straight till you get too a
turn take a left,be careful,i"ve spun out alot on this corner,okay follow
the road your now on and take the next right,you"ll be on the road that
leads over the guliano bridge,continue on it,you"ll be cooking by
now,okay about 1/2 way down the other side of the bridge let off the
accelerator and get ready to brake really fast too cut onto that road
that leads through the tunnel,careful this turn is what can make or
break everything.Zoom down that street,through the tunnel,and take
the last left and then turn on that street right after you make your
turn,it"ll be sharp right,i"d just cut through the grass and get on
it,follow that street till it ends,and there ya go,you"ll see your car,and
congratulations you did it.The main thing about this mission is if you
know where too go,do not worry about where the plane is,in fact don"t
even look at it,just focus on your driving.
Car Unlocked:Demoniac

Location:This guy is located in Hoboken in a parking lot standing
next too a race car.
Mission:Drive The Race Car To A Specific Location.
Walkthrough:Okay,drive the Race Car To The Specified
Location,seems easy don"t it? until you actually get in and drive the
car,the camera has a warp type of look when your driving,it"s
awsome,if someone can figure out how too get this view when
driving normal cars that would rock.Anywho,the faster you go the
more the warp look,it gets fairly hard too drive with this camera,but
with good perception you can tackle this no sweat,there is a time
limit,just drive normal,use the map if you get too thrown off,and be
careful,it"s real easy too hit stuff like this.
Car Unlocked:Crazy Horse

Location:This Guy Is standing at the end of a driveway that leads up
too a house on the hill in oak Hill.
Mission:Disarm All The Bombs
Walkthrough:This mission isn"t too hard as long as you got a fast car
and are a good driver.The"ll show you where each bomb is and it"ll
even be on the map(Wait till you get too the last one,lol)Anywho this
mission is timed so you"ll have too be quick,but shouldn"t be all that
hard,the first bomb is next too a pillar by the fence at the top of the
driveway.After the last bomb,you"ll see your car sitting right there.
Car Unlocked:Bob Mylan 4WD

Location:This guy is on a road off the main road leading through the
harbor in works quarter,he"ll be in a parking lot of sorts.
Mission:Drive The Car To A Specified Location
Difficulty:5(The Hardest One I Think)
Walkthrough:Argggg! I hate this mission,thee worst in the whole
game,i suggest you wait too do this puppy last,it"ll take you awhile
too complete.Okay at first you think,oh a simple drive this car here
mission right? WRONG! take off once,after about 2 seconds of
driving bombs will start going off right behind your car,these bombs
can hurt you,and will destroy your car if your not going fast
enough,and if that isn"t enough this mission is timed,here"s a little
speed meter too go by so you can prepare for the worst....
40 or below mph - The Bombs Will Cause Car Damage,it can take
about 5 of these blast before it"s toast.
50-60mph - You still take damage from the bombs,but your car won"t.
60 or above mph - Your smooth sailing here kid,the bombs will still
go off,but nothing will happen too your car or you.
Okay,this is tough,anyway once you get in your car,hang a left then
goto the end of the street and hang another left onto the main harbor
road,and haul ass all the way down it and take the last right into Little
Italy,careful,this turn can hurt if you foul up.Take this road all the
way down and hang the last right,this turn sucks,so try not too stay at
40mph too long during this turn okay keep on this road and take the
last right onto the road through the tunnel,watch this turn though,i"ve
spun out many of times on this.shoot straight through the tunnel and
onto the main central island road,now take the first left(Not the one
leading too the guliano bridge,and take the last right on this
road,watch it,these set of turns will damn near kill your car,take the
next right after that turn and you"ll see your car sitting in the parking
lot(Use your map too be safe),now if you did this mission without too
much damage,good job,but by the time i got too the last turn a bomb
nailed me dead on and i coasted into the parking lot,shear luck :)
Once this mission is done,go ahead and do a backflip,lol.
Car Unlocked:Disorder 4WD
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Maiken Liefeith
I simply took the harbour Road road down, turned the last
possible road down left towards the West Marshall bridge, crossed it,
took both turns on the left with 40 mph, went on straight and left
over the main road past the the theater to the end and turned right
onto the parking space neglecting the explosions beginning to make
damage. It worked well.
Location:This guy is located in Hoboken on a street with dirt on part
of the block.
Mission:Drive This Car To The Specified Location
Walkthrough:Okay this car is rigged,it runs outta gas real fast,so use
the map and plan out your route too where you can hit a gas station
about every 5 blocks or so,not real hard,there isn"t a time limit so rest
easy,eventually you"ll end up in a parking lot with your car sitting
right there.
Car Unlocked:Speedee 4WD
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Allan Press
you can make it to the first gas station no problem, but the others
are a pain.  To make things easier (if anything can be in thesee
mission!) get some speed going (about 40 or so) and drop the car into
Neutral as soon as it will let you.  Coast as far as you can because
the car doesn"t seem to use gas when u are in neutral.
Also, on straight roads you can push your car.  The best car to do
this with is the Ulver Airstream (ugly metallic green car).  Some cars
go VERY slow when using them to push, but this one gets some speed up.
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Alexei Stanger
To make this mission much easier you can use the clutch (X key) when
you’re going fast enough on flat or downhill roads, since the motor
isn’t engaged you can coast for a very long time while using almost
no fuel. Using this method you can reach every gas station with your
tank half full.
Location:Remember that one road in Little Italy where those thugs
jumped you in mission 2? well this guy is just down the road a
bit,you"ll see him sitting on a corner outside a store.
Mission:Answer All The Phones
Walkthrough:You don"t really need a walkthrough for this
mission,cause he tells you where too go,it"s identical too the difuse
bomb mission,except the locations won"t show up on the map,it"s still
timed,but you should be able too find the phones easy,there"s only
like 4 or so,if you can"t find em,just listen for them you"ll hear em
once your by them,a few are in tricky spots at the specified
locations.The last one by the church in Oakwood is in the cemetary
next too the church,now look on the ground,you"ll see it,it"s a
minature phone booth(Cool)after you answer this phone,it"ll say your
cars in the parking lot next too the Tennis Courts.This mission
reminds me of that one mission in GTA3 called "Payday For Ray".
Car Unlocked:Luciferion 4WD

Location:This Guy Is Standing Right Outside The Hospital in New
Mission:Drive The Car Too The Specified Location
Walkthrough:For This Mission you have too use the Bolt Ace
Coupe,now i know it sucks and is slow but you gotta use it,this
mission is tightly timed too,and as an added bonus,the programmers
rigged the car so if you go faster then 40mph it"ll start
stalling(cleaver,no?)The Best way too go,is right across that bridge
right in front of you,easy you say? About 1/2 way across the bridge
you"ll see a Zeppelin in the sky,keep right on driving,turn your
speedlimiter on so you don"t go over 40 and start stalling.Once you
get to the Zeppelin you"ll start seeing bombs going off all over in the
street drive over any of em and it"s all over,the best thing too do is
very quickly plan on where the bombs will hit and avoid em,thank
god the bombs only go off in one little section,it may take a few tries
too pass this mission,but you"ll get it down,after the bombs it"s smooth
sailing,go into the parking lot of the first builing on the otherside of
the bridge too the right and your car will be sitting there.
Car Unlocked:Black Metal 4WD

Location:This guy is standing on the side of the road at the end of the
guliano bridge in central island.
Mission:1.Run Around The Block
        2.Do 3 Knee Bends
        3.Grab The Box And Follow The Guy
Walkthrough:Okay,this guy will first tell you too run around the
block,this is the big circle that leads around,and under the guliano
bridge(you"ll see the whole block you gotta run on your map)this is
timed so no fancy stuff :) once you get back too him he"ll tell you too
do 3 Knee Bends,so croutch 3 times in a row,then he"ll tell you too
grab that box and follow him,so grab it and follow,he"ll eventually
lead you too that shop right outside the tunnel he"ll tell you too leave
the box,get in the car and get outta here,so go up too the box already
sitting there and hit the action button then there ya go,mission
Car Unlocked:Hillbilly 5.1 4WD
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Spin
The waving dude is standing with his
back to the wall of a building.  Don"t bother using
your map, you can take a shortcut and not have to
stick to the main roads.  If you"re looking directly
at the waving guy"s face, turn to the right and run
around the edge of the building he"s leaning up
against.  Continue making lefts around the perimeter
of the building and you"ll end up coming right back
into the parking lot from the other side.  As you
approach the guy he"ll tell you to do three knee
bends, so crouch 3 times.  Next he"ll tell you to grab
the box and follow him, so do so.  You"ll find that
since you ran such a nice short block, there"s PLENTY
of time to walk with the box.  Watch out when he
crosses streets against red traffic lights, if you get
hit by a car you"ll drop the box and it"ll disappear!
Once you follow him around a couple of streets he"ll
head down a set of stairs near the exit of the tunnel.
He"ll tell you to drop the box and take the car, but
DON"T DROP THE BOX MANUALLY - you won"t be able to
pick it back up and the mission will eventually time
out and fail!!  Walk up to where the other box is
sitting on the ground and you"ll get an exclamation
mark next to your health indicator.  Hit your "Action"
button and you"ll put the box down nicely.  That"s it,
the Hillbilly 5.1 is yours to take home!
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By David Cauthron
I just wanted to let you know that you have a problem in
the mission where you have to run around the block, do 3
knee bends, and carry the box.  Running around the block
does not consist of running under the bridge.  You only
have to run around the building he is standing in front
of.  This makes that mission a cake/easy mission instead
of a fair mission in the difficulty rating you are using.

Location:This guy is down the road too the left of the first guy you
meet across the street from where you start in Oakwood.
Mission:Kill Speedy Gonzalez
Walkthrough:Okay this mission is pretty easy,just follow speedy
Gonzalez,this guy is fast,so just keep on him,the best place too whack
him is on the guliano bridge cause it"s a straight shot,so just follow
him till you get here,and run him down,go back too the guy once
complete too get your car.Funny story,the first time i played this
mission i got him on the guliano bridge and flew past him
accidently,well he apparently he jerked too the left and ran right in
front of another car and was mushed,i still got credit for the kill,pretty
funny,lol :D
Car Unlocked:Flower Power
Alternative Method:
(Submitted by Matt Alexander
This is for the Flower Power car, but it involves the Manta Prototype
sub-quest. Do the Manta quest. Keep the mosin-Nagant. You should have 2
bullets left if you are a skilled marksman and can shoot those bastards
in 1 shot (Ridiculously easy). Now go to the corner closest to your house.
Ask the man waving his arms about the speedy gonzalez sub-quest. You see
him run off in a direction. Now, check your map (DEFAULT: TAB KEY) and you
should see that there is another path, and the blue "X" (speedy) stopped
moving. He wont move unless you follow him down that path! Go around to
the other side, go get a Thor (What I got, or a fast prototype) park your
car on the left side by the left-most Intersection. When you get out of
the car, turn around. If you see someone wigth flames around him and he
is wearing boxers, snipe him down! It won"t kill him but it helps. Then,
get into the car quick and take your own, fastest route to the bridge. If
you beat him there, stick close to him so cars spawn near him. 1 of the
times he was standing on a car for a second because he ran over a
spawnpoint. I had him dead in 3 tries. He seems like an NPC-driven car
magnet to me.
Alternative Method:
(Submitted by Donnie Amirault
For the speedy gonzales mission in FRE, instead of chasing him around.
Just let him stop at that first corner, then you go around the street to
the opposite corner of him. Just line him up and bang.
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Chris Colhoun
simply drive all the way round the block from your house in oakwood, so
that he is on your right when you get to the end of the street. Then,
simply turn right and accelerate straight towards him, a combination of
your speed and the speed he runs in to your car takes him out and the
"flower power" car is yours for the taking!
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Asi
Well after you do the mission with gangsters (to kill them in Works
Quarter) you get a Tommy Gun (with alot of ammo) and you speak with
that guy to do the mission. Speedy Gonzaleles is running, and passes
you, shoot him once cause he"ll stop and take another bullet... and
repeat till he"s killed.
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Ryan Healey
Just park your car in front of the first set of steps on the left of
the guy, and then speak 2 him. Speedy Gonzalez will be stuck. just pop
him off with ease.
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By Allen Press
After getting the mission Speedy takes off down the block you live on
and stops at the corner.  He wont move again until you get close.
Instead of following him, grab a car and go the other way around the
block.  Start driving towards him on the sidewalk.  He will run right
into your car.  Easy as cake.
Alternative Method:
(Submitted By duc thuan tran
just pick up any cars and park it close to the stairs of his house
(as close as possible) so he’ll have no place to run.

Location:This Guy is on a waterfront under the guliano bridge on the
downtown side,you"ll see a road leading down too the harbor and the
guy will be right around the corner.
Mission:Disarm all the bombs in the taxis by dumping them in the
Walkthrough:These aren"t marked on the map,but you"ll get a glimpse
of were they are,each one has a time limit as well,you"ll need another
car too push the taxis into the water,so after the first one which is
right next too you,find a location and set a car there then just take the
taxi"s there and use the car you dumped too get rid of them,i believe
there is 4 Taxi"s one"s right next too you,the second is in the
construction yard in Hoboken,the third is on the steps of city hall(i
believe)and the 4th is in the parking lot outside the harbor,now take
this taxi too an alley off too the right just before the turn into Little
Italy on the main Harbor road(you should know this road)take the taxi
there and you"ll see your car there,get in it and use it too push it off
into the water then there ya go,mission complete.
Car Unlocked:Manta Taxi FWD
Alternative Method:
(Submitted by Donnie Amirault
For the first taxi you can just slide it in at the start point by shifting
it into neutral(this method takes some getting used to, I just made sure
the car would slide on its own then hit the break and exit the car, upon
exiting it will continue sliding) then take your original car to Hoboken
in the contruction yard where you will find taxi number two.
You"ll need a fast car to get there, as you want to drive the second taxi
to the North East side of Central Island.  After getting off the bridge
take your first left then your next left.  The place to dump the taxi is
pretty much right in front of you on your right.(make sure you park the
car on the right hand side to slide it in, it will fetch up if it"s too
close to the left)
Then you could either walk or steal a car to get to taxi &ndash3(since you
have alot of time) which is located a few buildings south of where you
dumped taxi &ndash2, located on your right hand side as you go south. Just
dump this taxi where you dumped taxi &ndash2.
Now you"ll have to steal a car to get to taxi &ndash4 which is sitting in the
yard at the Court House on Central Island. Remember to always to the most
direct, fastest routes. Take this taxi to the warf on the South West
part of Central Island, set it close to the edge of the water then go
steal a car(preferably a thor sedan)to bump this one into the river.
Now drive your stolen car to the works quarter where taxi &ndash5 is sitting
(I"m not sure why but when I got here there were two taxi"s sitting side
by side. I merely chose the taxi closest to me as I entered the parking
Take this taxi to where the Manta Taxi is sitting and use the Manta Taxi
to push the taxi into the River.
An alternate way of doing it, which is probably alot easier for people
who aren"t great drivers is to take the second taxi to the first dump
point.  After dumping it, you"ll need to steal a car to get to the third
taxi on Central Island.
Works all the same, however, the first part is my prefered method,
specially if you have a fast car to get to the taxi in Hoboken. I had
a Flamer.
Alternative Method
(Submitted By Maiken Liefeith
First thing I believe that this is a thing You
should prepare in advance. You should place a good car near the
phonecell next to Corleones hotel where a tiny road goes down to
the river, perhaps even one next the opening in the fence under west
Marshall near the  place Carlo was shot, also leading down to the
river and then of course one with the nose towards the ramp on the
right of the waving man with the taxi mission. And then
before You start You also need to place a car there to dump the first
taxi into the river. When You have done all that, You might safely
take Your own good car there and start the mission.
The first car You need to dump the first taxi. You go off with
car No 2, take the second one, drive it back on the ramp down, go
into manuel driving and cut down to N (look on the tacho!), leave the
car and watch it rolling on into the water. Take the second fast car
and go over Guiliano Bridge, but then left,beneath the bridge through
the pedestrian passage and over the road. Leave the
car and run the corner to right and enter Your next taxi. Go left
with it and enter the slope opening on the right down to the river.
If the slope is enough
and You go on manuel and N  and jump out the bloody car will
drive into the river. But do not turn back to look. Try to reach Your
good car again. If everything is okay they will show Your next taxi
near the town hall and You win time.  Now You can dump the taxi
actually wherever You like. 4 opportunities I know: 1. same place as
the last taxi; 2: a bit further on the right but I guess
You need another car to push it  3. as explained before hand on
the road nearly opposite to Corleones Hotel with the phone booth in
front of it, leading down to the river (that’s the one I love, as I
was born In Hamburg and there are childhood memories in it) or if there
is enough time to use the slope under West Marshall bridge opening towards
the river, but there too You will be in dire
needs of a second car to push it. The problem is to leave that last
place fast.So better think about it beforehand and place a got car
there. Now You simply go to the last taxi, which is in the parking site
of the port of New Heaven (Remember the cigars of Mr Salieri?). The
german version is really mean, as sometimes I have noted playing games
in german version. It’ like the germans like suffering, well let them
suffer. So in my version there weren’t but one
taxi standing in the parking lot, but there were too. I did not
suffer, I took the first. Driving down the road there is a pathway in
the fence leading to the river just before West Marshall on the right.
But the slope and putting the car on manuel and N won’t be enough to
dump it. So either way You block the street
and seal one or You have placed a car beforehand You won’t get it in.
Location,this guy is standing at the end of a parking lot on the road
that leads too Oak Hill from Hoboken,he"ll be on the right.
Mission:Exchange all of these race cars in order too get your bonus
Walkthrough:Okay this guy will show you where the cars are,but i"ll
tell ya anyway.this mission is timed so be quick and precise. The first
race car is on the truck right in the parking lot where you meet the
guy,drive it off and head for the second car located in an alley on the
left side of the prison on the tip of central island,now once you get to
the car drive it off,get in your first car and back it onto the truck,get
into your new car and haul ass too the next one.The last car is on that
road leading from Little Italy too the main harbor road,it"ll be on the
left right after the first turn onto the harbor road in an alley and
behind a the swapping stuff then take your new car all the
way back too the start of the mission and park it on the truck
there,and there ya go,mission complete,your car will be sitting right
there in the parking lot.
Car"s Unlocked:Caesar 8C 2300 Racing
               Brubaker 4WD
               Trautenburg Racer 4WD
               Carrozella C-Otto 4WD
               Caesar 8C Mostro

VI.Other Stuff
Not really too much other stuff,but some tips,now if you aren"t too
familiar with how too make perfect runs and stuff,just new into the
driving/action scene then you may wanna practice a bit in Free Ride
Mode before you tackle the Extreme stuff,practice does make
perfect,but no matter what always follow these tips....
1.Do not hit other vehicles,buildings or other artifacts that will slow
you down or stop you,telephone booth"s,trash cans,boxes and people
are okay cause they won"t slow you down.
2.Be Careful around turns,you should only go around a turn at 50-
60mph otherwise you"ll stear too wide and hit something,also never
accelerate during a turn till you know when too do so(you"ll know)
3.Do not spin out,at higher speeds,the more you turn or jerk the
wheel,the more grip you"ll loose,so try not too turn too much going
fast,and if you start sliding turn away from the skid.
4.Plan and Execute,always plan out missions before you do em,find
the paths you wanna take speeds,and anything else,don"t jump into a
mission and expect too beat it 1st try,cause 80% of the time,you
won"t,the best way to do so is look at that map that you got when
you bought the game,or if you warezed it (Shame on you :) then just
use the in game map.
5.Have Fun,or try too,the whole point of the extra missions is too
have fun,it sucks getting frustrated,i know it"s hard,but try and have
6.Curbs And Bumps In The Road,watch out for these,hitting them at
high speeds will make your car bounce,also watch out for light posts
and walls and stuff,also be alert of them trolly"s,cause those will jack
knife you as well.

Okay,now i don"t normal promote cheating,but in some cases it can be
all there is too win.Now there is a cheat trainer you can get that can
help on alot of the Free Ride Extreme missions,if you never used a
trainer before it"s simple,just load the trainer before you start mafia
then in game you hit the buttons too activate the cheat,hit em again
too turn it off(read the trainers .nfo or .txt files for what the keys
do)you can get the trainer at the web address below
Extract the ZIP file into your Mafia program directory and just before
you enter the game double click on the exe too load the trainer, now in
game hit F12 too load the trainer menu or hit the below buttons too
activate the cheat hit the button again too de-activate the cheat...
  0.  F12   show/hide in-game trainer menu
  1.  F11   unlimited health
  2.  F10   unlimited teammate/passenger health
  3.   F9   unlimited ammo
  4.   F8   instant kills
  5.   F7   no damage recorded
  6.   F6   unlimited fuel
  7.   F4   unlimited time
  8.   F3   instant destruction
  9.   F2   no police
  10.   0   always win race
  11.   9   1 lap race
  12.   1   cycle weapon slot 1
  13.   2   cycle weapon slot 2
  14.   3   cycle weapon slot 3
  15.   4   cycle weapon slot 4
  16.   5   cycle weapon slot 5
  17.   6   cycle coat weapon
  18.   7   cycle item
  19.   8   unlimited cash
Sometimes this trainer can be buggy and not work, or may not work at
all on some peoples PC"s but try it anyway. Also by in-game i mean when
your in control of Tommy. Also &ndash"s 12-18 don"t work alot, i"ve only
got em too work once before, also i never tried &ndash"s 10 & 11.
Be careful though, i heard that the trainer can bug a few missions in
the regular game, also it can stop working every once and awhile a
simple computer restart will fix this.
Also,if you don"t like putting in your CD all the time,you can use a no
CD patch found on
This works with the normal retail version of Mafia,just read the nfo or
readme file in the ZIP archive for installation instructions.
Be careful the no-CD crack is buggy with some missions too,it
worked flawless for me,but for some it didn"t.
Also if your looking for Mods, Add-On"s and other stuff, including
the Mafia Editor "Capone" made by White Raven at this excellent Mafia
site, they keep up too date on all the new Mafia mods and work in
progress so swing by and see what"s happening in the Mafia world.

VII.Fun Stuff To Do With The Prototypes & Secrets/Easter Eggs
Okay after all the unlocking is finished and you got all the prototype
cars,here"s a few things you can do with them in Free Ride Mode too
get a kick outta or help in a few areas.
also in this section is here for them little secrets found in any and
all gametypes of Mafia, this will be more of a submittion section for
you the explorers who dig and look for them little extras in Mafia i
will also keep my eyes peeled for any and throw them in here. This
can include anything from secret areas too bilboards that have a naked
person or something, also i may add that i believe Free Ride Extreme
contains alot of secrets and hidden stuff,so if you wanted too look,
check there first.
Unlock All The Prototypes & Secret Doors :o
The door to unlock all the cars is blue its on
a house with a telephone box outside
this telephone box is the most north easteren
telephone in oakwood. if you go to the most nort
east point in oakwood and walk south its the first phone you come to.
this door only works in freeride extreme, all your cars will appear
in your garage at your house.
(Submitted By: Peter Leshnistkitsaski
In case you are confused, im talking about the big ol" devil face to
the south of salieri"s wearhouse. Go to the traintrack roadblock and
driver north. Take the first left and then second right. Soon after
taking this turn you will see an "ironmongers" store. Press the
doorway and you will see nothing happens. Return to the devil face
and jump past the roadblock. (park your car against the cliff"s
edge and jump on the hood repeatedly until Tommy climbs on.)
Carefully drop yourself past the roadblock and continue walking on
the right side until you reach the mysterious secret white invisible
door of mystery and mysteriousness. Click it and it will open. Now
after a quick walk up a tunnel you have arrived in the devil"s face.
(Submitted By: Radu Bebe
the door in FR which unlocks FRE! It"s a yellow door somewhere
in Hoboken, in a back alley, and it unlocks FRE without completing
the game, just by playing a small city game of Free Ride
Earn an easy $10,000
Cake choose any really fast car and drive too
the country side and just stick on the main road going over 70mph and
for each second you"ll get $100 now if you don"t smash your car up too
bad you should have near or exactly $10,000 when you drive back into the
Killing Gangsters,the easy way
Now sometimes them pesky street
walking gangsters can be troublesome cause it takes multiple hits
too kill them when your driving,so here"s what you do,pick a prototype
with really high horsepower and if you don"t get him the first hit or
you hit an object before you hit him,it"ll be easier too accelerate too
a higher speed too kill him.
Easy Taxi Missions
Almost any Prototype car(Taxi type) can make
the taxi missions a cake walk cause you can go really fast,just be
cautious when dri

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